Sep 16, 2019

Karm Marg, Newsletter, April to June 2019

Vijay and Pinda
Vijay and Pinda

Story of the quarter

A new child with special need arrived at Karm Marg for a short stay, we found him on the street alone, no one knows from where he came or who left him. He has one big lump on his head which required immediate medical attention.  From the day one Vijay, our special need young boy start taking care of him and given him a name Pinda.

Pinda stayed with us for three months and all these months He was taken care of by Vijay. Its show how they understand each other feeling and need and share so much love and care for each other.

We shifted Pinda to another home as he required specific medical care which we are not capable of doing.  

Highlight of the Quarter

Hamaari Chaap! An art exhibition Organised by Artreach India in association with Kiran Nadar Museum as a culmination of their yearlong project with 20 child artists from Karm Marg!

A teaching fellowship program for the year 2018-19 to teach and give exposure to various forms of art so these artists can see art as a profession and can choose to study art. At the end of the program, they put up an art exhibition to showcase the art and painting done by these artists. This show was highly appreciated by the visitors. Our children were also given a chance to interact with the visitors and show them they're paintings.

After visiting the exhibition, one of our dearest and big supporter Preeti Agarwal Mehta express her feeling on FaceBook

When I saw the paintings and the kids yesterday, what struck me the most was the effect of their proximity to nature, the excitement of learning something new and the innate need to express their emotions. I could barely contain my tears at how all these things came together for the outside world to get a glimpse of yesterday. Emotions ran high...the excitement, the pride, the sense of accomplishment and the sheer joy of years of passion and hard work presented in this beautiful way. The kids confidently explain to the visitors about their work and the ecstasy of having their work being appreciated and even bought by viewers.

Thanks a lot, Artreach India and Megna Madan for all the effort and hard work you put it in the children. 

This journey will also be showcased on the Al Jazeera TV channel. Children were so happy to see themselves on the big screen.

To watch full program pls click on the link below

Thanks a lot for all your help and Support

And we are doing our work because of you all who have been backing us. To continue it and to change many more innocent lives, we need your support. Every little bit counts and we are banking on your support.

Success full project

Anyone who visits Karm Marg will never forget our very special and very spoilt children (now adult) Raju and Mahua. They are the first ones who welcome each and every visitor with their big smile and warm hugs. Four of our community members including Raju and Mahua communicate only through hand gestures. So it was decided that everyone in our community would learn communication skill to be able to 'converse' with them, including of course Raju and Mahua.

Last Year in June, We initiated weekly communications training workshops to help facilitate this process with the help of Ms. Oshin Dhawan, a Specialist Communication Trainer. It has been a wonderful experience to see how all the children, youth and staff of Karm Marg are now learning and expressing their feeling using sign language. It has helped open up communication channels not only with our special needs youth but also between us too. It has made us realize how not being able to speak a language doesn’t have to be a barrier in communication and has also made us realize that the onus to make communication equally available to everyone lies with the majority. That they/we have to learn new skills to communicate so that everyone understands each other.

Oshin_dhawan we all love you and going to miss you a lot.

New Start-Up

We felt the need to start a bakery unit under our skill training and income generation program for young adults. Our children and young adults have expressed a keen interest in picking up these skills also due to the new possibilities and opportunities that have come up in our area.

We have seen the increased demand for good quality bakery and confectionery items, as our village and its surrounding areas are getting rapidly urbanized. More and more city people are migrating to this area. There is huge potential for consumption and marketing of quality bakery products. It will be a good source of income for the youth and help them attain self-sufficiency. We also want to engage our differently-abled youth in this unit so they will also be partially self-sufficient

Our Friend Jiten Suchede, Founder of Jugmug Thela helped us to start this project by helping us on planning, logistics and budgeting part as well organized two-month training for our young adult in June. He voluntarily spares his one of the staff Payal who also alumni of Karm Marg now working in Jugmug bakery unit, given two-month training to our young adult who was interested in this field.

We had started with bread and biscuits and slowly will increase our variety as per the demand and promotion.

We will need to build a production area and hire an instructor to start this project. StepStone from UK, agreed to give us the funds to build the room and to pay the trainer/instructor for six to eight months.


Performing art and Yoga teaching

Our children’s theatre and dance groups perform and participate in various platforms on sensitive topics. They performed at the “This is me” event organized by ‘The Angel Network’ at DLF Saket mall to celebrate uniqueness as well as oneness and to honor our diversity and freedom to choose. Dance shows at various places like the cultural event at central park Connaught Place organized by the Delhi Govt and yoga on yoga day at Indian Army camp in Jalandhar.
Somfy Foundation invited our young yoga trainer to take a one-day yoga class for all their staff under their CSR project.


Other updates

Yearly Staff and Board meeting held in this quarter to review the last finical year budget and current year budget, planning for the next year, staff salary increment, future planning and fundraising policy.


 Update from Jugaad

Shabila our Stitching unit in-charge taken initiative to find out the new cluster and start giving training to new women group under our Jugaad project, stitching unit. Through this, we want to engage more women and make them empowers and economically more independent and strong.

Time of the year, when we don’t have many orders to produce, We engage our team to develop new design and do the production for stocking some well selling item before we get busy and festive time arrived which is the best time for us to sell our product.

We started with the Rakhi new design development for the Rakhi festival and start doing the production. Promotion through social media to reach the right client is also major work we involved in this quarter to sell our product.

young artist busy for the exhibition
young artist busy for the exhibition
Children work at art exhibition
Children work at art exhibition
Oshin Dhawan, Raju & other Student
Oshin Dhawan, Raju & other Student
Children at Cultural event
Children at Cultural event
Pooja, the artist Showing her Painting
Pooja, the artist Showing her Painting
Learning baking skill
Learning baking skill
Yoga at Somfy Foundation
Yoga at Somfy Foundation
Rakhi Band For Rakhi Festival
Rakhi Band For Rakhi Festival


Jun 18, 2019

Karm Marg Quarterly Newsletter - Jan to March 2019

Karm Marg Quarterly Newsletter – Jan to March 2019S

Story of the quarter

It is always a big challenge for us when our young adults come of age to introduce them to the idea of leaving Karm Marg and starting anew. It is quite hard for us to help them realize the notion of living independently and stepping up to take responsibility for their own livelihood.

Three years back we faced a similar problem when four of our boys named Vipin, Jitender, Iqbal and Basant all 18+ of age, were not interested in participating our in house skill training programs and already established income generating programs under Jugaad, They were confused, lazy and hesitant about taking responsibility for their own future. We had offered them a number of opportunities and career counseling sessions but it didn’t seem to help them. At the time one of Karm Marg’s old friends Ayesha who runs an animal care shelter named Neighbourhood Woof who run ABC (Animal Birth Control) & ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccine) program for stray dogs in Delhi, came forward to help us. She took them under her wing and gave all four the option to come and help her at the shelter. She started giving them the necessary training as well as guiding and counseling them about living independently and earning to sustain their own livelihood. We soon noticed that they were all keen about working in animal care and are now full-time workers at her shelter in New Delhi and their transition to living independently has now gone smoothly.

It happened due to Ayesha’s help and also because of the bonding that the children of Karm Marg have with animals. At Karm Marg’s home, we have 10-12 dogs at a given time and a number of other animals that were either rescued from somewhere or were in urgent need of medical help. Living in close proximity with the animals teaches the kids to respect nature and to live with them in harmony, Having animals at our home also helps the children, some of whom suffer from depression or acute behavioral problems, find love and trust.

Volunteer Pablo

Jan 19th was the end of Pablo’s volunteer program at our home. He joined us in the month of October under a three-month residential volunteer program to teach English to all our kids and some of the staff. At the end of his stay, many children had improved their knowledge of the English language which had been enhanced by his teaching. He was one of the most beloved volunteers to have come to Karm Marg and had stolen every child’s heart. He was very dedicated to his task and ready to help where ever needed.

The final result for School examinations

March is the month for school examinations for our Children and we’re always nervous with anticipation. The results were out at the end of the month except for 10th and 12th   standards. Some kids scored high marks in their classes which are as follows.

Devraj scored 3rd and was promoted to 2nd standard
Khushi scored 1st, Neha 2nd and Simran 3rd and were all promoted to 3rd standard
Nargish scored 1st and was promoted to 5th standard

We also celebrated the festival of Holi in the month of March with our alumni, friends and supporters of Karm Marg. As is the case with every Holi at Karm Marg this one was no different, which is to mean it was full of high energy, fun and filled with joy.

Thanks, Note

It was an overwhelming and indescribable experience for us when Ms. Gitte Gilstrup and her husband from Albatross travel – A Denmark based Travel Company, visited Karm Marg to meet our children and donated clothes and shoes to all the kids in the loving memory of their only child who had sadly passed away. It was a sad yet very moving moment for everyone present. Thanks, Ms. Gitte for choosing to share those moments with us and spending the time with the kids who were very touched with what you did to honor your daughter.

Albatross Travel Company had also generously donated personal gifts for each staff member and children on Christmas day and a music system for Karm Marg.

Trustee of Our long term supporters and funders SCOMI (Step Children of Mother India) – Netherlands, Alfonsus Theodorus and Lambert visited Karm Marg, their aim was to visit our home and spend some time with the children and staff members directly and interact with the management to understand how we spent the last funding and how it benefited the children. They also engaged in a dialogue for our future needs and how we can work together on it.
In this way, we engage with our donors directly and help them witness the relationship between a donor and the NGO. We are thankful to SCOMI for partnering with us and becoming a part of the Karm Marg family

Thanks a lot also to Ms. Shagun Arora from Arora foundation and Akshay Mohan Sethi for your funds and contribution for the betterment of the children.

Hotel Taj Vivanta, Faridabad, organized lunch on 1st Jan on the occasion of New Year under their CSR project. Prepared and served by their HR team. The food was delicious and the menu comprised of many dishes which the kids were happy to enjoy.

Our dear friend and supporter Preeti Aggarwal Mehta celebrated her birthday by throwing a picnic for our kids at the famous Lodhi Gardens in Delhi with delicious food items and lots of dance and music.

Thanks to everyone else who helped us through donating in cash or kind. Every amount makes a big difference to cater to the needs of every kid and helps make their lives better.

Upcoming project

Baking skill unit - Our goal is to start a bakery unit under our skill training program Jugaad for young adults to give them more options to explore and improve their skills as well as baking becoming an alternative career option for them should they choose to.

We have observed for some time now that the young adults we have, mainly boys, are not interested in stitching and paper bag making anymore which is a major skill training program under our training unit Jugaad. Our young adults have also expressed a keen interest in picking up skills that enable them to run their own shops and have seen the food business especially baking thrive which appeals to them greatly.

We have seen an increased demand for good quality bakery and confectionery items as our village and its surrounding areas are getting rapidly urbanized. More and more city people are migrating to this area. There is a huge potential for consumption and marketing of quality bakery products. It will be a good source of income for the youth and helps them attain self-sufficiency. We also want to engage our differently abled youth in this unit so they will also be partially self-sufficient

We will start with bread and biscuits and slowly increase our variety as per the demand and promotion. For this, we will need to build a production area and infrastructure for the unit and hire an instructor to start this project.

Salary Increment – Starting off the new financial year from April onwards we need to increase the salary of our staff for which we need to generate funds. This year we have to increase the salary by 20% as last year we were unable to provide any increment due to a shortage of funds.

Jugaad – a skill training unit income generation program

This quarter was packed with exhibitions and completing orders for our clients. The yearly exhibition of Kala Ghoda held in Mumbai is a major outing for us in terms of sales and visibility and a place where we get to showcase our products. It went quite well this year. Through it we generate quite a good amount and it helps us with meeting and making contact with potential buyers. We were also able to obtain more orders which made our women workers very happy as it generates more income for them.

 Shabila our stitching unit trainer and product development in charge have started a new program to work with women who have migrated from other states and live in nearby slums and villages in order to expand our stitching unit workforce and generate income for these marginalized women.

 As the number of women working with us has increased, we need to find more orders for them accordingly to be able to generate their income regularly. It is proving to be quite a task as securing regular work in today’s economy is a tough thing to achieve.

Apr 8, 2019

Karm Marg Update

Dear Global Team,
Greetings from Karm Marg !!

We had tried many time to submit the report by online but we can upload the pics.
Here are the report and pics attach with this mail as well below is the report point.

Topic - Karm Marg Quarterly Newsletter October - December 2018

 This quarter of October-December was full of excitement for Karm Marg with a whole lot of new learning and we were kept very busy due to the festive season which arrived in the winters. We have much to share in this newsletter.

Story of the quarter
Babli received a scholarship from the Shivananda Yoga Institute as a yoga instructor and teacher tanning. It is a three-month residential training program which started in November and they selected her after seeing her dedication and potential in the field of Yoga. Babli is elated as her childhood dream has come true and it’s a very big achievement for her. She has been dreaming of becoming a Yoga practitioner since she was a teenager and has been very dedicated and passionate about working in this field. She’ll soon be a fully trained Instructor and teacher.

Our volunteers have always been a very special part of our family and it has been our good fortune that every volunteer that visits Karm Marg falls in love with it instantly and takes the place to heart. Pablo from Germany joined us in October for a three-month residential volunteering program who was one such volunteer that Karm Marg has benefited from recently. During his stay, he taught spoken and written English to 35 Children and 4 of our staff members. He was very punctual and dedicated towards his tasks and we have clearly seen the improvement amongst our children. He is such a loving and caring person and became a favorite of all the kids and we will all dearly miss Pablo very much.

Arran & Louise who came to Karm Marg, in 2000 as volunteers and stayed for three months, visited us once again to meet the children of Karm Marg with their kids and parents. It was overwhelming in a good way to reconnect with them after such a long time. Both of them with their son performed a show about street performance arts which every kid enjoyed and some also participated in the show. We felt so blessed to see their affection towards the children of KM.

To dance on the music of hit Bollywood songs is a thing most loved by the children of KM and they received a big gift and surprise in the form of an even bigger music system form our long term donor and supporter Albatross Travel DK along with a party on Christmas eve. Also, every staff member received a travel bag, which was a thoughtful present as it is a very useful item for them. We’d like to thank Albatross and Mountain adventure for their continuous support and love towards KM.

An old friend and a long term supporter, Nelleke, from Capsicum shop, Amsterdam paid us a visit to celebrate the festival of Diwali with us. She donated a printer to KM which was much needed. It has solved many problems for us and is proving to be useful for both the kids and staff members. Thanks a lot, Nelleke for the thoughtful contribution and we all love you so much.

Manish and Sapna threw a pre-Diwali dance party at KM for the kids which included lots of delicious food. They are supporting KM under the CSR project of their company, Market Xcel. The children had a blast and danced till late in the evening and finished it off with the food that was served.

Highlight of the quarter
In October we participated in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to generate funds and promote KM. This was our second time participating and collecting funds through an online portal. It went well and we were able to generate around 5 lakhs from it.

From 26th to 29th December, Karm Marg organized a Kabaad se Jugaad workshop (Waste management, recycling and zero waste lifestyle) along with two other organizations who are working closely with kids and youth on the issue of waste management and recycling. Eco-Hut from Udaipur and Creativity Adda from Delhi joined us on this venture which was a residential workshop for 54 kids including 25 from Karm Marg that participated in the workshop. For the past 2 years, we have organized Kabaad se Jugaad workshops to spread awareness amongst people, mainly the youth about waste management and to give them exposure about minimizing our needs and not producing tons of waste.

Tanushree, a writer and an assistant professor, organized a winter carnival for the children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. She took this initiative four years ago to spread some happiness amongst the kids and we invited children from other NGO’s so they could also be a part of this amazing carnival and have fun.

This quarter was full of festivities as we celebrated Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, New Year and some more regional festivals.

As winter arrived and the festival season started taking hold, we got busier in our production and marketing for our products.

We participated in many exhibitions to sell and promote our products as this is the time to engage and find new buyers and receive big orders that can sufficiently support our youth and our women group. Right now Jugaad is working with 16 adolescents as well as 58 women for their financial sustainability.

Jugaad also collaborated with business groups under their CSR project to place an order for festive gifting. This is a way of supporting our women cell by buying Jugaad products for festive giftings as well as promoting Karm Marg’s work as we are reaching more people through this method and our network grows ever more.

We also participated in different private school festivals and annual day fairs to spread awareness about the environment and how to creatively use waste to convert it into a useful product.

Shikjha, an intern, joined Jugaad in the month of October for a three-month training program. During her training she explored designing, product development, stitching and converting waste into a sellable product.

Looking forward, thanks 

Veena Lal
+91 9899392567
Karm Marg / Jugaad
off phone - +91 9717323301
skype - veenachandu

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