Mar 11, 2015

Ensuring Quality Education Through Online School

Training on Digital Conduction of Classes by JAAGO Trainer:

Ms. Shaila Ahmed, freelancer expert in Education has conducted an one hour session on how to make digital question papers online and she has given hands on training and shared wonderful tips and ideas for the teachers so that, they can implement in their assessment process.

Hopefully teachers have absorbed the methods effectively.

Session held on 8th January, 2015

Induction for New Teachers:

Mr. Imran Khurshid has conducted induction training for teachers where contents like learning needs, lesson plans, class activities, introducing our schools, child psychology, teaching techniques, feedback, material generation, etc. has been facilitated to them. There was a whole package of the knowledge teachers must gather before getting into class.

Photos aren’t available now. Trainer probably has them.

Session was held 10th January, 2015

External Training by Educationists of IER on Training of Trainers (TOT):

A whole-day long workshop entitled as “TOT” was held to introduce JAAGO Foundation School teachers on advanced teaching methodology and how to become an effective trainer. The objective of the workshop was to orientate and equip the teachers about Children’s psychology and classroom activities. The areas generally covered by the workshop are:

-       Understanding students' psychology(relevant theories) and counseling ( its importance and process)

-       Teaching methods and techniques

-       Use of teaching aids (Preprimary  & Primary)

-       Learner assessment and test development (Bloom's Taxonomy), and

-       Teaching methods and techniques (Preprimary  & Primary)


Two prominent education experts – Associate Professor Md. Abdus Salam, from Institute of Education & Research (IER) from University of Dhaka were invited to conduct the workshop for Online Teachers. After such an extensive training the teachers are more confident about all the teachingmethodologies and child psychology that they can apply for bringing about development in the Online teaching process.

Session held on 17th January, 2015


A Thank You Note!

We graciously thank all our sponsors for the wonderful difference they have made into the life of hundreds deprived children. Your contribution means a lot to us. Every penny you donate will change the course of a life merged in dire poverty. Thank you so much again for supporting us in our cause!

Mar 10, 2015

Achieving another milestone

JAAGO Online Schools: 5 New Schools Launched in December 2014

 The JAAGO Foundation has successfully inaugurated 5 new online schools in the month of December 2014. After the remarkable success of our online schooling program which was initiated in 2011 with our Gazipur branch; the JAAGO foundation now has 10 existing online schools nationwide. The online schooling program was introduced as a solution to the lack of educators outside the major cities to provide students with the JAAGO standard of education. These five new schools have been established in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Teknaf, Habiganj and Laxsmipur. The school in Teknaf is located towards the end of Bangladesh, along the borders where there are no options for schooling. In Habiganj the school is situated in a tea estate to cater to the education needs of the children of the workers who are mostly of tribal ethnicity. Like the motive behind every JAAGO online school these too where established in order to facilitate the locals in remote areas of the country with quality education. 40 children were taken in as the first batch for each of these schools.

New bags New Hope

There is something about a new school bag at the start of the academic year. It is an instant boost of enthusiasm to give one’s best and ace those courses! For a JAAGO student who lives a life that seldom can offer such simple luxury; a brand new school bag is a bundle of hopes and dreams. Courtesy of KrisEnergyall JAAGO students now own school bags that they bring to school.

Treehouse for JAAGO

 Dhaka Tribune, apopular local English daily has taken the initiative to provide students of the JAAGO Foundation with their weekly supplement. “Treehouse” is a fun way to introduce young minds to a diverse range of topics. The weekly contains a commendable range of pictures, rhymes, puzzles, comics, drawing and articles that could capture a child’s attention. The habit of newspaper reading also is an effective way to enhance the students’ command over English. We appreciate Dhaka Tribune’s partnership with JAAGO in ensuring the development of reading habits outside school material.

21ST February: International Mother’s Language Day observed

 The JAAGO Foundation has always firmly believed in inculcating a deep sense of nationalism amongst its students. A thorough knowledge of Bangladesh’s history is an essential part of JAAGO’s schooling program. That kept in mind, like every year International Mother’s Language Day was observed nationwide in all the 13 JAAGO schools. The students paid their respects to the national flag. A session of paying their tributes to the language martyrs with flowers at the “ShaheedMinar” was conducted within the school premises. The traditional “Ekushey” book fair was organized and every student went back home with a handful of good reads! An art competition was also organized to stir the students’ imaginations in depicting the series of events that took place in 1952.


Thank you

Last but not least we want to thank you, our sponsors and supporters, affectionate for walking the long way of building an illiteracy free Bangladesh with ‘Access to Quality Education for ALL’ with us.Under our ‘Sponsor a Child’ program you can make a monthly contribution of only a minimum amount of USD $20 and so will be the educational expenses of your sponsored child and be part of the JAAGO family. Thank you once again for being there!




Mar 10, 2015

Hard-work Pays off

Heroes behind the Scene: Ms. Ayesha Rahman

 Ms. Rahman is one of the many essential pillars of the JAAGO schooling program. She is the senior education coordinator of the JAAGO School in Banani. A highly qualified professional, Ms. Rahman holds a prestigious Master’s degree in Human Resource alongside a six years teaching experience. Ms. Rahman treasures the time she spends with her students at JAAGO. She feels she can reach her true professional and humanitarian potential with her work at the school. In her words, the children give her a sense of mental peace which to her is the best work satisfaction in the world. It is only because of JAAGO members like her that our initiatives have come where they are today.

JAAGO students strikes 100% again

 The second batch of 22 JAAGO students sitting for the PSC Examinations has lived up to the reputation of their seniors. They have achieved 100% passing rate in the examinations with flying colors and done JAAGO proud once again 

Badminton Tournament: Game on point

Bangladesh always had a long standing love story with Badminton. Lanes can be seen adorned with badminton nets during the month of winter. Badminton is every Bengali’s favorite past time when the temperature drops. This year even after winter bid its farewell Badminton season decided to stay back a bit longer at JAAGO. A week long practice session was followed by the actual tournament where four semifinalist teams participated. The adrenaline ran high amongst the participants and the audience where always kept at the edge of their seats! A hearty round of applause to the participating teams for their efforts.

Victory Day Celebrations at JAAGO: A timeless tale of gallantry retold

16th December is a day of immense pride for every Bangladeshi. The JAAGO Foundation and its students are no different. Every year the students organize an elaborate series of events to commemorate this day. This year the students indulged their audience in a dance drama that depicted the liberation war with a surprising flair. The audience sang along to the chorus’s beautiful songs of freedom. A poetry recitation was staged along with an art competition. The students brought out a rally to mark the occasion. A price distribution ceremony was held to acknowledge the students’ efforts.Freedom fighter and ex director, Ansar VDP Mr. Md. Abdul Hannan graced the JAAGO School at Banani to share stories of war with the students.

A Thank You Note!

We graciously thank all our sponsors for the wonderful difference they have made into the life of hundreds deprived children. Your contribution means a lot to us. Every penny you donate will change the course of a life merged in dire poverty. By contributing only a minimum amount of USD $20 per month under JAAGO’s ‘Sponsor a Child’ program, you can also be a part of our family. Your donation will bear the educational expenditures of one particular child. If you intend to become a donor, please hop in to our ‘Sponsor a Child’ page and then visit our ‘GlobalGiving Project Report’ page to start donation! Every child is precious and with your help we can make a difference in their life together. Thank you so much again for supporting us in our cause!

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