Apr 3, 2017

Sunshine and Boris Need Your Help.

Sunshine Before and and now
Sunshine Before and and now

Dear DAR Friends, 

We had a very unusual month with a new kind of "rescue." 

We were alerted by a volunteer at another animal rescue that two of the dogs, where he was volunteering, were going to be put back on the street while still in terrible condition. 

We were like, "huh?"

He sent us photos of the two dogs, they were both unbelievable skinny, one was so week she could not use her hind legs. 

The volunteer asked if we would take the dogs, our answer was "Hell Yes." 

We came to find out that the other rescue promoted veganism (that's fine) but also only fed their rescue dogs a vegan diet consisting of small portions of lentis, rice, and milk. One dog, Boris, had been there for 4 months and was skinnier than when he arrived. 

The volunteer got the approval from the other organizations owner to bring the dogs to us instead of putting them back on the street. We could not believe what we saw when they got here. Yes, we see animals like this when we rescue them from the street, but not from another rescue! 

We immediately did health checks and blood tests, and realized the only issues were that they were emaciated and dehydrated. As to not shock their systems, we fed each of them 6 small meals a day, high protein combined with rice. 

In just over a month, the two of them have gained a much needed 11 pounds each and still have a long way to go.  

Sunshine, who could not use her hind legs when she got here, is now running and jumping. Boris is enjoying daily hikes with our bigger dogs and both are on their way to good health. 

Because this situation brought up ethical and moral conflicts for some vegans (we feed our dogs chicken, eggs, curd, as well soya chunks and rice), I decided to do some research. 

I first reach reached out to a vegan friend who runs a shelter in southern India. She clearly stated, that it is not okay to give a dog with a compromised immue system a vegan diet. 

I then reached out to the big guns at Peta India. While they said feeding a dog with a compromised immune system is okay (obviously this is their mission) but they did clearly state they it had to be done responsibly. Here is what they suggested: 

  1. At least 1/2 half of the meal needs to be good protein.
  2. Supplements of Taurine, L-Carnitine & B12 should be added to the meal (this is for healthy dogs as well).

Taurine and L-Carnitine are amino acids found in meat. They are not founds in plants. Deficiencies can be potentially serious, so a supplement is an important preventative measure.

For B12 you can add Nutritional Yeast to the diet, if not, then a supplement is needed.

Finally, a dog's protein requirements are greater than us humans. Don't impose something on them that seems right to you but is detrimental to their health.

As the majority of the dogs we rescue are in need of a proper diet, we will continue feeding as we do, with extra feeding for cases like Boris and Sunshine. 

With that said, if you can donate to help keep the food coming, Global Giving is running its Little by Little Campaign during the week of April 3rd to April 7th During the week: 

  • GlobalGiving will be matching donations up to $50 at 50% while the $50,000 in matching funds remain.
  • At the end of the week, there will be $3,000 in bonus prizes for the top five fundraising projects.
  • There will also be a 200% match for new recurring donations started during this week!

So please, DONATE TODAY or this week,  and help us on our mission in making Dharamsala a safe and happy place for animals. 

Want to adopt a DAR dog? We send dogs to USA and Canada. Interested? Please email us at darescue@gmail.com

See the YouTube link below to learn about Mutki, a cute pup who is looking for her forever home. 

Boris Before and Now
Boris Before and Now


Jan 31, 2017

Lucky Jimmy

Jimmy with her winter sweater.
Jimmy with her winter sweater.

Dear DAR Friends, 

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I wanted to share the heartwarming story about Jimmy, 

Jimmy, lived in the main market of Dharamsala her whole life. She was treated kindly and always had chicken for dinner provided by the local chicken shop. 

Many people in town know her because she is so very friendly and sweet. 

Six months ago, we started getting calls from locals saying she was not looking very good. We went to visit her and noticed her coat was looking horrible and that she was very skinny.

We were confused at her condition as people were telling us they fed her and she was still friendly. We decided to bring her into to DAR to do some tests. We also observed that could not seem to relieve herself not matter how long she was in the "squat" position. 

After x-rays, blood tests, and various consultations, she was diagnosed with canine spondylosis, basically a spinal issue that occurs in elderly dogs cause. It was causing her lots of pain and putting pressure on her abdomen and making it hard for her to poo. 

Her treatement consisted of pain killers, lots of enemas, a liquid diet, and of course lots of love. We knew that she would never be able to live on the street again due to her condition, which required daily care, medication, and observation. 

We put some posts on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to take an elderly street dog with medical condition into their home, something we can barely get for healthy puppies!. 

We had not only one, but two offers! We could not believe it! 

The best offer came from a lovely Australian Tibetan Buddhist nun, named Lozang Khadro. Khadro is in Dharamsala studying Buddhism and wanted to give back to the community. Not only does Jimmy now live a wondeful life in her first home ever, but Khadro volunteers at DAR every Saturday to help even more animals.

A dream come true!

Not every dog at DAR is so lucky. We have many dogs that end up living here forever due to the fact that no one wants to adopt them. We have Snowy and Marvin with a chronic skin conditions, Muffin with only one leg that works properly so she bounces from place to place, and Cookie, Coconut, and Khalu all on three legs. 

DAR provides all our permanent residents daily hikes, special diets for chronic conditions, grooming and lots of hugs and pets to make sure they know that DAR is their home....however, we need help funding this. 

If you can help us provide sponsorship for each permanent resident that lives at DAR, we can guarantee their continued quality of life. Any excess funds will go to help our long term recovery patients who are suffering from broken bones, mange, rickets, malnutrition or any other health issue needed 24/7 care at our clinic.

As Valentine's Day is approaching, we can't think of a better gift for your loved ones than sponsoring a DAR dog in their name. 

You can learn more about our Sponsoship Program though our MicroProject on GlobalGiving by clicking HERE. 

If you would like to send someone a Valentine, please do the following: 

  • Enter a donation amount
  • Click donate
  • On the landing page, under the donation amount, there is the option, “Make your donation in honor of someone” 
  • Click on that and you will option to send a photo of one of dogs to your loved one. 



Happy Valentine's Day from Jimmy and all of us at DAR. 

Jimmy in her new home.
Jimmy in her new home.
Cookie our 3-legged leader.
Cookie our 3-legged leader.
Sandy-our 16 year old that keeps on going!
Sandy-our 16 year old that keeps on going!
Coconut - 3-legged wild girl.
Coconut - 3-legged wild girl.


Dec 19, 2016

Meet Snowy.. just in time for the Holidays


Dear DAR Supporters. 

I can't think of a better story to tell today then the story of Snowy.. wishing in the Holdiay season. 

Snowy was born on the streets of Dharamsala with a view of the snowy Himlayas, as dogs here are. Snowy was luckier than most because she given loving care from birth by a local Tibetan women. She had a nice calm and quiet place to sleep, and many friends. Her sweet friendly disposition shows she was loved. 

Unfortunately, Snowy has chronic skin problems that led to demodectic mange, a condition caused by low immunity. For 2 years in a row, during monsoon season, Snowy would come to DAR red, scabby, losing fur, skinny, and itchy. It would take two months of medicine and a high protein diet (the mange mites feed on carbs) to get her back to her beautiful self. 

When the same thing happened year 3, we decided to make Snowy one of our permanent residents so we keep a close eye on her diet and overall health. DAR has 14 permanent residents that we keep because no one will adopt them and they cannot survive on the street. 

Snowy has thrived at DAR. She has become a true femme fatale. She is such a sweetheart that everyone, dogs included, fall in love with her. However, if you step on her foot by accident or another dog growls, she will have an utter tantrum.. howl, moan.. which of course, just gets her more attention : ) 

How do we afford to keep Snowy and her friends at DAR in good health while providing lots of love you ask? We offer Sponsorships! For just $100 per year, you help us help Snowy...then you receive a Welcome Note, and 3 Updates per year on how she is doing.. on New Year's, Valentine's Day and Summer.

 Can you think of a better gift for you dog loving friends and family? 

How does it work?

  • Click the $100 option on our GlobalGiving page
  • Then we email you for details on who the gift is for
  • DONE

Click the link below to see just how happy Snowy is at DAR.

If you have any questions, please just reply to this email and I will get back to you. 

Thanks for helping us keep Snowy warm and loved. 

Happy Holidays, 


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