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Dec 28, 2017

Rambo's New Year's Wish

Rambo and Uncle Golly
Rambo and Uncle Golly

Dear DAR Friends, 

We hope all of you had a great Christmas and got what you wished for!

We are also hoping you can help with Rambo's wishlist. He is only 4 months old and got his Christmas wish of finding an adoptive home. He is on his way to California as I write this. 

He also wrote a letter to Santa hoping to get help for his Uncle Gollum. Gollum came to DAR with a huge wound and no fur, which makes winters in the Himalayas hard on him.  

             Dear Santa, 

            This is my first X-Mas and I would like to wish 

            for my Golem Uncle. Please give him nice fur so that 

           he can keep warm himself. 

           WOOF WOOF - Rambo

Rambo did not realize that Santa may never get his letter so I decided to send it to all of you, to see if we could still make his wish come true for New Years. 

We are doing are best to help heal Gollum as well as care for the 15 other dogs that live at DAR permanently because they cannot live on the street due to a medical condition or a disability....and no one will adopt them. We also have 25 to 30 rescue patients and 50 dogs for sterilization in and out of our clinic monthly. As there is no such thing as central heating in India, we need blankets and blowers to help keep all of our patients warm and cozy. 

If you can donate to help us keep our pups warm and with full bellies this winter, along with funds for medicine then Rambo will know his Uncle Gollum is being taken care while he is in his new home in the USA. 

Here is a list of things we need: 

4 Heaters (blowers) $55 each 

Blankets, as many as possible: $15

Sponsorship for Gollum and his friends  - $10 per month (includes medicine, food, love) 

Thank you so much for supporting us through the year. 

Happy New Year to you and yours. 


Nov 28, 2017

Rambo, Pirate, and Peach Need your Help.


Dear DAR Friends, 


As #GivingTuesday nears, we thought we would share with you three of our dogs you really need your gifts. 

The Story of Rambo: 

Rambo was hit by a car along with his sister. His sister was lucky and only had a small fracture. Rambo, had severe nerve damage to his front leg. Our vet knew that if the leg was left alone, that it would become infected and Rambo could die. An emergency amputation was performed and now Rambo is learning to walk on his three legs. We have noticed that he is much happier with three legs as his pain has now subsided. 

He is such a sweetie and we are hoping to find a permanent home for him in either the USA or Canada as we know that no one in India will adopt him. Until that time, we need to cover his costs for his surgery and for his ongoing care at DAR until we find him a forever home. His surgery (including a neuter) and medicine cost $100. His monthly costs for food and care are approximately $25. 

The Story of Pirate: 

 Our staff found Pirate on the road with one eye closed and goop coming out of both eyes. He was diagnosed with distichia,  an eyelash disorder that is found in dogs. It is in-growth of the eyelashes; distichiasis is an eyelash that grows from an abnormal spot on the eyelid and it's very painful and causes ulcers on the eyes. 

We cannot believe how friendly and sweet this guy is considering the amount of pain he must be in. Unfortunately, one of is eyes is permanently damaged but we will do surgery to save the one good eye. 

If you can help Pirate by covering the cost of his surgery ($100) and his food, care and medicine until he recovers (approximately $30 per month) he will be forever grateful. 

Depending on Pirate's recovery will determine if we can put him back on the street or not. We are hoping we can find a loving home for this guy, but it will be many want a one eyed adult dog. 

The Story of Peach: 

Luckily for Peach, DAR staff member Shabnam, saw her on the side of the road about an hour from Dharamsala. When she recused Peach, she had no fur on her body at all. No one near her would touch her thinking that she was contagious. As soon as Shabnam approached her she started wagging her tail and went along with her willingly. 

We believe Peach is a dumped pet. She looks like some sort of bull terrier or at least a mix, not a typical desi dog. She was diagnosed with demodex mange, which is the result of a poor immune system. Most likely her owners dumped her when she started losing fur instead of taking her to the vet. 

She is slowly starting to look better and is friendlier than ever! Costs to cover two months of treatment is $85. We really hope to find a good home for her but until that time she will live at DAR. Her continued costs will be $35 per month. 


Now that you have heard the stories of Rambo, Pirate, and Peach we hope that you can make their #GivingTuesday dreams come true. Any amount we raise over what is needed for these pups, will be giving to the dogs we rescue daily to ensure they have everything they need to recover... and hopefully find forever homes. 



Sep 27, 2017

Ganju Needs Your Help


Hi DAR friends, 


It has been a busy few months...monsoon season in Dharamsala (mid-July to mid September) is always a time when we see many cases of demodex mange. 

If you don't know what demodex mange is, I am sure you have seen it in of dogs that have lost most of their fur, possibly full of scabs, and looking like they have not eaten in a long time. 

Basically, looking exactly like Ganju. What causes this you ask? A supressed immune system...or the result of living on the street without proper nutrition and no shelter from the monsoon rains.

We diagnose and confirm the condiiton with a skin scrape to see what kind of mites are causing the problem. We also need to test for secondary infections 

Ganju, and dogs like Ganju, can take up to 6 months to recover. First, we have to help them put on weight very slowly...feedling them 5 times a day with a high animal protein diet to help them boost their immunity. Of course there is also medicine involved and lots and lots of love. 

Luckily, Ganju is a very friendly boy and not afraid of humans, unlike many of the dogs that arrive at DAR. Even when they do arrive scared and cautious, in a few days they all lean in to human affection. All they want is love : ) 

If you can donate to help Ganju, and some of his friends (Deva and Tashi) please DONATE HERE. 



On a good note, GlobalGiving is hosting its final Matching Day of 2017 on October 5th. WOOHOO! DAR is hoping to raise $7,000 to help us get through the end of the year. Our monthly operating costs are approximately $7000 so this will be a HUGE help for DAR. This amount includes all the money we need for 30 spay/neuters per month including rabies vaccinations, 30 inpatients, 300 Mobile Clinic patients, and salaries for our amazing local staff of 14 people. (Yes, a little goes a long way in Dharamsala).

Here are the details:

  • Bonus Day begins at 9:00:01 EDT  (click on the link to see time in your area) on Thursday, October 5th, 2017, and ends at 23:59:59 EDT on October 5th, 2017.
  • There is $50,000 in Matching Funds available and they will be available ALL DAY LONG. They will not run out. Yay. 
  • Cap on donations per donor is $1000

If you have any questions, please reply to this email. We could not do what we do without you AND Global Giving. 



Dharamsala Animal Rescue is SO excited to now be partners with Wooftrax. Guess what this means? You can raise funds for us by just WALKING! yes.. that's right. All you have to do is the following:

1. Download the app here:
2. Enter you name Email and Choose us as the organization you are walking for. You can find us under "California". 
3. Enter a dog you want to walk for. It can be your dog, a friends dog, a DAR dog, etc. 

The more people walking for us, the more funds we raise! Please let me know if you have any questions! Woof!



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