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Apr 9, 2018

The Little By Little Campaign Helps A Lot

Ash Before and After
Ash Before and After

Dear DAR Supporters! 

Meet Ash. Ash was found with a rope tied around his neck. 

The rope must have been put on him when he was much smaller, because by the time we found him, we had to cut it off and it had caused the huge open wound shown in the photograph above. 

We are not sure why, but many local villagers tie ropes and strings around dogs necks and tails when they are puppies. Sometimes, it is for superstitious reasons—one being that by tying a rope or string, it will make the dog a better protector for you home and family, or that a dog will not pee or poop in your house. 

We are working in the communities to teach people this is not humane and simply not true. Most of the time it causes issues similar to Ash's. 

Luckily, after 3 weeks at DAR, Ash is now happy and almost healed.  And this is thanks to you.

DAR would not exist without you, our dear supporters and friends. Thank you for all your generous donations throughout the years. It cost us $7,800 (5,600 GBP), per month to run the rescue. This week, we hope you join us as we raise funds for DAR with the help of the Global Giving Little by Little campaign. 


Today, April 9th through April 13th,Global Giving will match donations up to $50 at 50% while funds remain!

 And guess what, $50 is all it costs to take a dog like Ash from rescue to recovery.  So donate this week, and share this message with all of your animal loving friends. Ash and thes stray dogs of Dharamsala will be forever grateful. 


It is not often that one finds an animal-centered NGO/NPO which is completely focused on treating each animal with love, dignity and a wealth of experience and knowledge. Do go there / support - your faith in human nature will be restored and you'll want to take all the special permanent and temporary beautiful doggie souls home. It's a guarantee! All made possible by a heart-warming, passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable team. ~ Irma Wouters, Google review
Ash and Volunteer
Ash and Volunteer


Jan 25, 2018

Guess What These Pups Have in Common.

DAR rescue pups
DAR rescue pups

Is it that they are all adorable? 

Is it that they are all at Dharamsala Animal Rescue? 

How about, they all have been rescued off the streets of Dharamsala. 


Well, all of the above are true, however, it is not what I am referring to. All of these pups took a ride in DAR's jeep.

Yes, sounds like a boring topic, but DAR's jeep is actually one of our most crucial players. In fact, we refer to her as "the Jaguar." She may not be quite as pretty as a Jaguar, but we treat her like gold. She goes out two to four times a week to catch and carry street dogs to our clinic who need to be sterilized and vaccinated. She keeps them safe inside her cabin. 

She also goes out on emergency calls several times a week. She gives some comfort to the animals that have just been hit by cars, are suffering from disease, and cozies dumped pups like the mom they no longer have. 

We wash her many times a week, get her painted when needed. Fix the many bumps and bruises she aquires traveling on the twisty gnarly mountain roads of Dharamsala. 

We have had her since 2012—she is almost 6 years old—and is now in need of a facelift to keep her going. We told her she did not have to be so vain, but now we realize she is not whining without cause. The floor bed of her cabin will literally fall out if we do not fix her. There is rust everywhere. She will no longer be able to hold our babies safely from the street to the shelter. 

The Jaguar needs your help. Her facelift will cost $750 (530 GBP). Can you help return her to her former glory? 

We would be so thankful. Please see attached photos. 

The Jaguar
The Jaguar
Her cab floor
Her cab floor
Butt Lift Needed
Butt Lift Needed
Inside cab
Inside cab


Dec 28, 2017

Rambo's New Year's Wish

Rambo and Uncle Golly
Rambo and Uncle Golly

Dear DAR Friends, 

We hope all of you had a great Christmas and got what you wished for!

We are also hoping you can help with Rambo's wishlist. He is only 4 months old and got his Christmas wish of finding an adoptive home. He is on his way to California as I write this. 

He also wrote a letter to Santa hoping to get help for his Uncle Gollum. Gollum came to DAR with a huge wound and no fur, which makes winters in the Himalayas hard on him.  

             Dear Santa, 

            This is my first X-Mas and I would like to wish 

            for my Golem Uncle. Please give him nice fur so that 

           he can keep warm himself. 

           WOOF WOOF - Rambo

Rambo did not realize that Santa may never get his letter so I decided to send it to all of you, to see if we could still make his wish come true for New Years. 

We are doing are best to help heal Gollum as well as care for the 15 other dogs that live at DAR permanently because they cannot live on the street due to a medical condition or a disability....and no one will adopt them. We also have 25 to 30 rescue patients and 50 dogs for sterilization in and out of our clinic monthly. As there is no such thing as central heating in India, we need blankets and blowers to help keep all of our patients warm and cozy. 

If you can donate to help us keep our pups warm and with full bellies this winter, along with funds for medicine then Rambo will know his Uncle Gollum is being taken care while he is in his new home in the USA. 

Here is a list of things we need: 

4 Heaters (blowers) $55 each 

Blankets, as many as possible: $15

Sponsorship for Gollum and his friends  - $10 per month (includes medicine, food, love) 

Thank you so much for supporting us through the year. 

Happy New Year to you and yours. 


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