Mar 17, 2021

2021: Here we go!


 Welcome to 2021. So far, it has not looked that much different than 2020, but we do have some good news!

After a year of not being able to run our sterilization program due covid restrictions as well as the following ongoing issues: 


  • The turnover of vets is horrendous in India. Vets only stay until they get government jobs (1-year max) or their family needs them home which is common in the culture. 
  • The local government refuses to help even though we have given them proposals for the past 7 years to provide us space for sterilization camps, and/or for funding and we are always denied.
  • Due to Covid, we cannot get foreign vets to come help.

We are finally in a position to ramp our program back up. By April, we should be sterilizing approximately 60 dogs per month and, if all goes well with visas to India, a camp for October/November this year. FINGERS CROSSED - because the only true way to stop the human/dog conflict and the continuous suffering of the dogs in Dharamsala is through spay/neuter programs. 



We are pretty excited to let you know that we are seeing more people adopt local street dogs to be their pets. Above, are Apple and Arib, both adopted this year to loving local homes. 

We are also partnering with a local family who feeds 250 street dogs (and some cows, mules, etc) each day. We provide one weeks worth of food and coordinate rescues, and treatments. The amount of feeders has grown in Dharamsala exponentially, improving the human/street dog conflict. 

We are hoping to expand this program by working more closely with more people who feed and care for street dogs in their villages. Stay tuned. 


MEET RYLIE - A 4 Month Old Pup Stuck in Tar

When we rescued Rylie she was traumatized. 

We found her stuck in a puddle of hardened tar. We had no idea how long she had been there, nor did we know how many people passed her by before calling us.

We had no idea how many days it had been since she had food or water - she was weak and scared. Our staff members, Shivu and Tamanna, spent hours removing the tar- softening it with vegetable oil and carefully working it out of her fur. 

It is cases like these that truly break us. But because of your support, we can continue to rescue to help save lives. 

We cannot thank you enough for all of you support. As you know, we are always needing to raise funds. We did not reach our goal last week during the Little by Little Matching Week of $6500, yet we came close!


If you can help us reach our goal, please consider donating HERE. 


With gratitude, 


Deb Jarrett, Founder & Executive Director


PS: Did you know the best way to support DAR is to become a monthly donor? Sustaining donors help us never have to say "no" to a rescue. 


Nov 16, 2020

2020: We could have not done it Without You

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali
Dear *{{First Name}}*, 


Happy Diwali! I cannot believe we are in the the last couple of months of 2020. 

It's been craziest year on record for most of us, and our team in India has not slowed down for a second. 

September 28th we launched our 10-day mass rabies vaccination camp. We partnered with another NGO, local feeders and caretakers, and had amazing volunteers to help us vaccinate 2376 street dogs and pets combined,

In this video, you will notice that many of the dogs were wagging their tails to see us and get vaccinated. This is the result of over a decade of work in the community, running our programs, and educating people to learn that street dogs show love if you give love. 



Watch the video to meet some of the dogs your donations helped in October. 

We are also happy to announce that our new vet, Dr Prince, is now ready and trained to get our catch and release spay/neuter program up and running again! We are aiming for 40 per month.

Covid 19 really affected our ability to run this program with our vets both stuck outside of Dharamsala indefinitely. The only true way to prevent more rescues is through sterilization and education.  

Even without having an onsite vet from March through July, we were able to accomplish the following thanks to your donations. 

Rescued: 397 animals

Administered 6007 treatments

Spay/neutered 135 dogs 

Vaccinated 1665 dogs for rabies

Found Homes for 16 dogs 

Treated 113 Pets

Meals Fed: 2000 (approximately) to street dogs during lockdown


Our Needs for 2021  

Our appeal to you for 2021 is to consider becoming a monthly donor (if you are not already). Unfortunately, our major donor had to cut back their monthly giving by $1700. We now need to build this back up in order to continue our work. 

We have created a Micro project where you can read more. Just click HERE. 

We know this year has caused economic hardships for many people. We really truly are grateful for all of you. 

As alwasy, feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts. 

Stay safe, sane, and healthy.  


With gratitude, 


Deb Jarrett, Founder & Executive Director

Meet Skinny
Meet Skinny
Meet Sharon
Meet Sharon
Meet Scottie
Meet Scottie
Meet Dorjee
Meet Dorjee
Meet Leia
Meet Leia


Jul 17, 2020

How our Small Charity Keeps on Ticking!

Once paralyzed from a car accident, Swift is not just walking again but running.
Swift – paralyzed from a car accident

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 Hi ,

 Because of people like you! 

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who participated on July 15th for the Bonus Day! I know that these are hard times economically, and the amount of giving is overwhelming. 

We have a goal of $8100 to pay our staff for the next 3 months. We raised  $4523 plus $800 in matching funds - equalling $5323. 

By helping us pay our staff, you help us make sure we can help dogs like Paltu. Paltu came to us with severe mange, and with two month of treatment, a good diet, and lots of love and fun, he has fully recovered. 

Due to Covid 19, we still do not have an on-site vet. We are relying on our vets via video assessments for treatments, scheduling surgeries at the vet college 1.5 hours away, and having a new vet come in for spay/neuter surgeries on Saturdays so we can release our recovered inpatients. 

This means we are heavily relying on our top Vet Assistant and staff member who has been with DAR since day 1 - Sanjay. You can view his incredible work in a new video HERE. 

You can see more success stories and learn how Dharamsala Animal Rescue is making a more humane and sustainable life for the street dogs of Dharamsala by joining us on social media.

Visit us on Facebook

Follow us on Instagram

And if you have not donated yet, please help us raise $2777 more to keep our staff paid so they can keep helping animals. 




With gratitude,

Deb Jarrett, Founder & Executive Director

P.S. Become a sustaining donor – Donate monthly and help more pups like Paltu. 

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