One Village At A Time

One Village At A Time (OVAAT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) whose mission is to create small, sustainable programs for AIDS orphans and their villages in Nambale and Siaya, Kenya, with the final goal being that each village is able to create its own resources for feeding, clothing, and educating itself. Our Sustainable School Feeding Program helps three schools and their communities become self-sustaining. We impact about 7,500 people. One Village initiated its program in the Busia District of Nambale because of its extreme poverty: 70% of its residents in the district live on less than $1 a day. The impact of the AIDS pandemic in Kenya has been catastrophic....
Guyana is our next stop.
Rupununi Road, Guyana
From report: Hello, Guyana!
(4.75915, -58.93066)
Malanga, Kenya
Kisumu - Busia Rd, Kenya
(.13396, 34.41698)
Nina School in Siaya, Kenya
Stima Rd, Siaya, Kenya
(.05954, 34.28695)
One Village supports 4 schools in Nambale, a disconnected rural town with little electricity, water or roads.
Busia-Mumias Rd, Nambale, Kenya
(.44857, 34.25266)
One Village supports a school that supports hearing and deaf students in Siaya, one of the poorest regions in Kenya.
C28, Siaya, Kenya
(.08067, 34.28041)
Our work in Kenya has been very meaningful.
A 2, Kenya
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(.63376, 37.74902)