Jul 18, 2017

A Simple Step towards Socially Disadvantaged Group

Anudip Team at ICT4D Conference
Anudip Team at ICT4D Conference

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is yet again time for us to share few new and exciting developments at Anudip but before that we would like to introduce one of our ex-students, Asharam. A resident of an insurgent area in Jharkhand state of India, Asharam had to quit studies after school due to financial constraints and need for economic stability. Lack of skills and poor knowledge of job and opportunities did little to boost his confidence. During Anudip’s mobilization activities Asharam was introduced to benefits of developing and enhancing ones skills to increase his/her employability prospects through our digital livelihoods programs; that are specially designed keeping in mind the students learning abilities and employers needs.

With dedication and focus Ashram completed Anudip’s digital skills training program and got placement at IT-ITeS services company as ITeS executive. Today not only is he supporting his family and their basic needs but is also seen as a role model among his peers.

Like Asharam, we hope to reach more such students in need; and will bring more such stories in our next report.


The last three months have not only been eventful for the team but a huge learning experience too. Sharing the excerpts:

Anudip, a part of ICT4D conference:

Held for the first time in India, the recent 2017 ICT4D Conference bought together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community to explore how innovation in technology is increasing the impact of development work and making a measurable difference in the lives of millions of people.

Anudip was one of the organizing partners for the ICT4D conference 2017. ICT4D 2017 gathered 34 exhibitors from around the world to demonstrate a wide range of technology solutions and services, designs and ideas from multiple sectors.  Anudip’s exhibits attracted hundreds of enthusiasts to learn about technology for digital livelihoods and world-class digital services.

Quality Control Initiative:

Anudip’s very recent initiative for ensuring quality and efficiency in the complete Student Life Cycle Management is Quality Control Process that would be helpful for developing online Quality Control (QC) platform; improve and design QC formats. QC components are being developed around the student life cycle management system for ensuring quality training and placement to the target audience.

New Courseware:

Anudip has taken up new challenges in terms of reaching out a large number of marginalized youth from disadvantaged communities. Retail Management, Microfinance and e-commerce have been included as new courseware for empowering the youth towards scalable livelihood opportunities. Sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion are the two different dimensions which Anudip is trying to attain through these new courses.

New Collaborations:

Anudip has collaborated with Tata Consultancy Services for their Affirmative Action Program for marginalized youth from schedule caste and schedule tribe communities. This program would provide these youth with job specific skills to enhance their employability skills through ANudip’s placement cell.

Similarly Anudip and Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Limited (CESC Ltd.), have come together to work and support differently-abled persons through Anudip’s Specially-Abled Vocational Education (SAVE) program.

i-Initiate has joined hands together with Anudip for implementing skill development program for the marginalized SC and ST youth of West Bengal. This collaboration not only has given Anudip a chance to extend its technology-enabled programs to the specific target audience but also work towards more structured program objectives. Anudip looks forward to meeting their expectations and deliverables.

Thank you again for your support and faith in Anudip. We pledge to continue this positive journey together to help young men and women in need.

Asharam at his office in West Bengal
Asharam at his office in West Bengal
Apr 17, 2017

Breaking the Poverty Cycle for Unemployed Youth

Dear Friends,

To deliver on its vision of Livelihood Initiatives through Knowledge, Anudip has established skill development centers in over 120 villages and urban slums to provide digital livelihood skills to unemployed young people for new economy jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. With the help of our current and new partnerships Anudip has trained over 60,000 marginalized youth with 72% placement success.


New Partnership & Expansion

We welcome new association with Tech Mahindra and NVIDIA Foundation with whom we will conduct our technology-driven program, Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants (DIYA) in two states of India; Odisha and Telangana respectively. Under this programme, equal opportunities will be provided in digital skills and placement in e-commerce, net-banking, manufacturing, front and back office positions and other IT/ITeS jobs.


Media Coverage

Cisco, a global leader in IT and networking, and a long-time supporter of Anudip, has not only recognized our efforts towards marginalized communities but also published an article on its CSR blog. The article showcases Anudip’s journey in successfully employing technology to empower talented youth from marginalized communities. The article seamlessly promulgates some life-changing testimonials from few of its beneficiaries.

The Better India, one of the emerging and award-winning positive news sites which only publishes narratives about unsung heroes, change makers, innovations, educators, women empowerment, history and social development; covered Anudip and its founders. The article diligently archives how Anudip is providing skills training to underprivileged women and young people, helping them earn sustainable incomes.


New Strategy

Anudip in collaboration with one of its trusted partner, ITC, organized DISHA (meaning “direction” in Sanskrit) – a multi company recruitment drive on March 2017 in rural West Bengal. This unique endeavor, jointly hosted by Anudip and ITC’s CSR initiative, assembled a large number of Anudip students from two regions to connect them with reputed employers for offering jobs across various verticals. During the last quarter of 2016-17, Anudip has organized two similar kind of job fiesta for connecting potential Anudip graduates with the prominent employers. Anudip is very hopeful such collaborations would continue to introduce Anudip graduates to a bright future in the corporates which would indirectly help them to be self-dependent and acquire a source of sustainable livelihoods.

We hope to achieve new milestones and keep sharing those with you regularly. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us and believing in our mission.


Best Wishes,

Anudip Team

Jan 17, 2017

Empowering Poor Youth With Digital Livelihood

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very happy and prospering new year ahead!

It gives us immense pleasure to share these new developments of last three months; not only did Anudip expand its program operations to another state but was able to gain additional support from its corporate social responsibility (CSR) partner too.

In late 2016, Anudip received additional support towards it Specially-Abled Vocational Education (SAVE) program under Skills to Succeed global corporate citizenship initiative, which aims to equip approximately 3 million youth by 2020. This fund donation will be utilized to provide skills training and placement services to persons with physical and visual constraints.

Anudip was also able to expand its program operations to Odisha state with SAVE training center. This center has been opened keeping in mind the high number of unemployed but educated disabled people residing in Odisha. With the objective of reaching 100,000 lives by 2021, Anudip will soon expand its operations to new states such as Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana by early 2017. Unemployed poor youth will be trained in digital livelihood and placed across sectors such as IT-ITeS, Retail and Micro-finance.

Anudip has always given emphasis in placing its candidates in economy jobs and tried to provide them a sustainable livelihood. In order to meet the industry trend and placing its students in more specific sectors, Anudip will be including retail and micro-finance as its two newest training sectors. Current market trend demands more sector specific employees. By keeping this in mind, Anudip will be introducing these two sectors in early 2017.

The need for strong governance along with company expansion goes hand-in-hand. With this objective Anudip family proudly welcomes Sumantra Banerjee, formerly Managing Director of Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) to its Board. To manage Anudip’s rapid growth, Prasenjit Kundu, with more than two decades of experience in the skilling and manufacturing sector, has joined Anudip as Executive Director.

These last few months have added a new dimension to Anudip and its family. We hope to impact a large number of marginalized youth and help them lead a life with dignity.


Best Wishes,

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