Nov 29, 2017

Sponsorship Report: Antonia's Story

Antonia with Debora (co-founder IHF)
Antonia with Debora (co-founder IHF)

The end of the year approaches and our hearts are full of gratitude for such an amazing ride. There are many stories of success from the 80 children and families that are a part of our sponsorship program that we can share but today we are going to do something different.

We are often asked how we find people to help. One way is by referral and here is a story from our sponsorship program that is currently very relevant.

Amongst all the families and kids with whom we have been working for years there are those who tell their neighbors in need about us. Because of that we have new additions to our school who are not yet sponsored. Today we would like to share one of these stories.

We would like to introduce you to Antonia:

Antonia is 13 years old and lives in San Mateo Milpas Alpas, a small village located about 5 miles where our school is in Antigua. She has many siblings but lives only with one of them at her grandparent’s home. The home is also shared by one of her uncles who is only 13.

Her parents separated a long time ago and the father didn´t care anymore about their children. The case of Antonia is particularly special as she suffers from epilepsy. She needs to have her medicines on a regular basis or she can suffer from an attack. The mother did not want to deal with her and sent her to her parents home along with one of her other sons.

Now she lives with her brother Pedro, her grandparents and her young uncle. The grandfather is old and sick and therefore doesn´t work. The grandmother is in charge of the whole household and works in whatever she can: making tortillas, washing clothes, working on the seasonal harvests and so on.

She earns barely enough to feed the family and she can´t afford Antonia´s medicines.

As with the 80 children we already support at our school we would love to be able to find a sponsor for Antonia so we can at least make sure she can have her medicines and not risk an attack.

Thank you so very much to all of you for your amazing hearts, continuous support and compassion towards these wonderful children.

And, of course Happy Holidays and New Year.

Much love from your family in Guatemala: The Integral Heart team and families.

And with Mick the other co-founder
And with Mick the other co-founder
Pedro is in red.
Pedro is in red.
Nov 29, 2017

Learning And Loving Through Playing

Because we believe that the future of our sponsored children can only be brighter through education, at the end of each year we create special cultural and educational events for our students.

This year we had two different events; the first with a local anthropologist who not only worked in the excavations of ancient Mayan sites but also as a forensic anthropologist unearthing and identifying the bodies of people who went missing during the recent Guatemalan civil war. This was a very interesting talk due to the fact that the philosophy students spent all year long investigating in their own recent history.

During this last week of classes we also rescued six puppies from a certain death by poisoning, and we had to bottle feed a fun task shared by all the adults and children. This resulted in a very touching and beautiful interaction between the staff, the little ones and these most vulnerable beings who needed our help.

This brings us to the second workshop on our responsibility towards animals given by two NGO´s, one Guatemalan, Castraciones Guaus & Miaus, and another from Costa Rica, ANPA. In this workshop we all participated, from the founders to the babies, and had a great, fun time learning about nature, respect to all beings, ecology, and care by playing games and sharing many laughs.

We believe that between all of us we can make a better world, therefore, thank you very much for making this possible and being such an integral part of making of this planet a much better place to live.

Happy Holidays to all of you. You are always in our hearts. Much love from all of your Guatemalan family.

Oct 31, 2017

Work and Play - Day of the Child 2017

Warm greetings from Guatemala,

The rainy season has passed without much trouble this year so we are grateful for that!

We are also grateful to you for all your support of our work thus far this year. We are still a little short on our budget and we are confident that coming into this giving season we can all close this gap together.

October 1st was “El Día del Niño” (The Day of the Child) in Guatemala therefore we decided at La Academia to celebrate with all our little ones. Normally the schedule if full of classes for the kids and teenagers and this day was a very welcome break to just play!!

So all involved in our family, including staff, volunteer students-in-practice, teachers and even the dogs, listened the inner voice of the little child, and everyone participated and had fun.

They had a special meal prepared with love and flavor by our chef Moma Sonia, cake, candy, sodas, music, piñatas, games, little gifts and even a clown. During the whole day our children could do what they do best; simply be children, enjoying themselves and not having to worry about anything.

We would like to appreciate you again for helping make this space open to creativity, innocence and safety.

Mick and Debora (co-founders)
And the staff and children of
The Integral Heart Family in Antigua Guatemala.

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