Mar 30, 2021

Self Care Training to Leprosy Affected Persons

Self Care Training to Leprosy Affected Persons

About the Organisation: Sugam Jagriti is a registered Social humanitarian organisation working with the aim "To establish a self reliant and equal society with the value of peace, equity, Justice and homogeneity''. Sugam Jagriti work for the betterment of poor people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.

 Sugam Jagriti is Registered Under Societies Registration Act 21/1860, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) by Ministry of Home Affairs, Income Tax Exemption u/s 12A & 80G.

The organization focus on developing resource pool from the same community through developing their skills and capability in various community issues, so that they can be a resource for the community. Communities co-invest with them and donors by for the programmes, deciding and implementing them. They involve Community Based Organizations (CBOs), PRI, corporates and individuals throughout the world as partners and supporters of integrated development in Bihar.

We are actively working for increase self confidence, betterment & Dignity to Leprosy affected persons through Self Care Training, Awareness Generation, Health Checkup.

Self Care Training, Treatment & Health checkup to Leprosy affected Person

A success Story

Mr. Narendra Prasad (Name Changed)  age 57 Years, belongs from village - Mozafra, block of Islampur, Nalanda district , Bihar. He belongs to a poorest of the poor household and family bread depends on the daily wage of parents . He is a leprosy patient and live a very miserable life due to lack of family motivation and support . He has also not get any support from community due to deep rooted myths and misconception concerning leprosy at the community and treated as a secondary person due to social myths . At community it is believed as touchable and incurable disease due to lack of community sensitization and awareness . During field visit at the village the organization staffs observed him as help less , than further decided for support. With the support of Organization he has been provided Self Care Training and health Checkup and also trained on life style as life skill. In the mean time for proper and permanent cure organization staffs brought him to the Primary Health Centre and provided complete proper treatment . After that he is being provided continuous health check up and treatment. After continuous health check up and proper medicine he is able to lead a proper life with improved confidence and status. In the same time Organization staffs did community mobilization on leprosy disease which has minimized the myths and misconception in the community. Now the community has respect for leprosy patient and prefer proper treatment rather than discrimination . They have believe that after proper treatment leprosy disease can be control. After health treatment & Self Care Training health status of Mr. Narendra Prasad has also improved .Now family members are also providing support and confidence . Now he is living a respected life.

Self Care Training is a very important tools for Leprosy affected person. We are regular orgnising self care Training program among Leprosy affected Person.  Leprosy Affected persons benefited by Self Care Training. 

The beneficiary, family and community extended thanks to the Donor, Sugam jagriti and GlobalGiving Foundation for Health checkup , Treatment & Self Care Training support .

Mar 22, 2021

Educational support to a Challenged Child

Educational support to a Disable Child

Educational support to a Physically challenged Child

About Organization
SUGAM JAGRITI is a Non Government Organization registered under Society Registration Act XXI, 1860 Govt. of Bihar, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976, and Income Tax Exemption section 12A & 80 G . A socially devoted group of activists led the foundation of the Organization, to address the issues of poorest of the poor and ultra poor at rural as well as urban area. The Organization aims “To establish a self reliant and equal society with the value of peace, equity, Justice and homogeneity’’. Since inception the Organization has prime focus on bringing social change through bringing challenged group i.e. disabled, in the mainstream of society through converging them with govt. social security and entitlement schemes. The Organization is also working on moral boosting of disabled and developing their self confidence. In the working area the Organization identify and find out the disabled particularly children. Further we do mobilization and counselling to challenged group, family as well as community, mainstream them with education, provide vocational training , so that their livelihood may be ensured. The Organization also emphasizes on convergence of challenged group i.e. disability, with govt. social security and entitlement schemes.

Case Study 

Anita Kumari , (Name Changed) D/O Kamta Ram , Village Barai  Block , Islampur district belongs from a poorest of the poor family and Govt. has also identified the family as BPL family. There are 6 members in the family and parents fulfil the emergency need of family through labour work. While they don’t get employment in whole year. They only get employment for 4-5 months , hence face lots problems in fulfilling two square meal of the family. But  parents have skewed eye on her due to disability . They have thinking that She can’t do anything in future due to disability .Her health care and education was even not a dream for her. She was careless and just passing the time for the sake of life. SUGAM JAGRITI team members identified her while doing village visit .Further Organization staffs contacted with parents and discussed about her education, health and complete well being for a meaningful future . The Organization provided her school dress, copy, pen, book and stationary with the support of The GlobalGiving foundation and regularly counselled her as well as family. In the same time the Organization discussed her education opportunity and finally enrolled her at the Govt. school. Organization staffs did continuous follow up and now she is continuously going to school. Now  she is enjoying education facilities like other children with no difference . Now Organization is making effort for her convergence with disability entitlement i.e. disability pension, scheme after disability certificate . 
At present she is attending school in regular basis. Now the family members are happy and say " We are really thankful to GlobalGiving foundation, Donors & Sugam Jagriti for the kind of effort they have put into my child's education".

Mar 22, 2021

Mainstreaming out of School Child

Mainstreaming Out of School Child

SUGAM JAGRITI has been initiated with mission To Create Awareness in the social life to establish exploitation less, Injustice less, Classless, uniform and self reliant society. Objective of the Programme: The main objective of this programme is to reach up to the Children of labourers and challenged children and help them in association with formal education and there after making them skilled and self sufficient. Child labourers as well as challenged children on different types of labour work all require a strong base in education and access to quality education. In case of school dropouts parents and children need to be continuously counseled and encouraged to go back to school. The education programs designed at SUGAM JAGRITI recognize this need and aim to bridge this gap.

 Story of Change

Rani Kumari (Name Changed) age : 9 years, d/o Rajendra Das living at Village: Gulzarbag, P.S: Islampur, Dist. Nalanda. Parents are landless and fulfil two square meal of the family by labour work. They were not aware of importance of education. They had engaged her children in labour work in whole day. Their thinking was, there is no benefits of children education and if, they engage children in labour work she can earn for the family.

Than Rajani Kumari the staff of Sugam Jagriti sensitized and counselled her parents and compelled them to send Rani Kumari to school. After repeated counselling parents finally understand the importance of children education. The Sugam Jagriti staffs organized meeting in the village and sensitized her parents and rest villagers on importance of education. The staffs also sensitized her parents and villagers on primitive age education style and teacher and students relations. Finally parents enrolled Rani Kumari name in nearest school.

Now Rani’s parents are sensitive to children education. Their attitude and behaviour towards children education has changed favourably. . They have great faith on children education and now they are also sensitizing the neighbours on importance of children education and sensing the children to school regularly. We have provided educational Materials, School Bag etc. and enrolled them in school.

We are really thankful to Donor, GlobalGiving & Sugam Jagriti for the kind of effort they have put into my child's education".

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