May 3, 2019

Happy 17th Birthday to ALTSO!

Wanda, 17 - Indonesia
Wanda, 17 - Indonesia

Last week we celebrated ALTSO's 17th Birthday! We celebrated mobility, and the 17,824 CoolKids treated with orthopedic care, and all that mobility offers - hope, dignity and independence.

In celebration of ALTSO’s #Rocking17, we would like to introduce you to CoolKid Wanda. 

At the age of only 4, Wanda lost her leg in the 2006 Indonesian earthquake. Now 17 years old, Wanda rocks the Joshi and is a senior in high-school where she studies leather-craft. She hopes to one day be an independent business woman. 

But like any 17 year old, Wanda spends her time rocking out with her favorite artists. Wanda LOVES k-pop and hopes to travel to Korea one day to see her favorite band BTS perform. 

Do you remember what it was like to be 17? Who were you rocking out with then? We invite you to think back on your own #Rocking17 - whether you were rocking with Led Zeppelin, Biggie Smalls, or Justin Bieber! 

Celebrate with us by joining ALTSO’s CoolKid Club and donating $17/month, or making a one time $17 donation to ensure CoolKids like Wanda can walk, rock & roll and become self-sufficient adults at age 21. 

Just like our CoolKids, we’re 17 and just getting started. 

Thank you for your continued support!

-The ALTSO Team


Feb 4, 2019

Meet CoolKid Asih!

Asih - 2018
Asih - 2018

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 70 million people worldwide are in need of wheelchairs. In the developing world, people often rely on hospital-style wheelchairs - designed for temporary use. For wheelchair users, who spend a minimum of 8 - 10 hours in their chair each day, a properly fitting wheelchair is essential to avoiding secondary health complications - not to mention the effects it has on their quality of life!

Meet Asih - a patient of ALTSO's for the last seven years. As we continue to watch her grow and achieve her dreams, we continued to wonder how we could make her life - and the lives of so many ALTSO CoolKids - even better.

After speaking with patients like Asih and researching for months, we came up with a plan. In order to provide high-quality, appropriate fitted wheelchairs for our CoolKids, ALTSO began a partnership with Consolidating Logistics for Assistive Technology Supply and Provision (CLASP) - a USAID-funded project implemented by UCP Wheels for Humanity.

Launched in 2018, this partnership now allows our CoolKids to have access to even higher quality, adjustable wheelchairs suited for their individual needs and the environments in which they live.

Asih is just one of our patients who love their new chairs. She continues to mature into a talented, intelligent and independent young woman, ready to take on the world. Now, with the high-quality care wheelchair donors like you have helped to provide, Asih aspires to continue her education to become a university lecturer.

No matter what her dreams are, we are confident that she can achieve them. This is why ALTSO will continue to provide Asih, and all of our CoolKids, with the free, high-quality care they need and deserve through the age of 21. This ensures that each patient has the time they need to earn high education, vocational training and other important pre-employment skills while still under ALTSO care.

In her new, high-quality wheelchair, Asih is a role model that will empower generations to come!

Nov 7, 2018

Now We're Rolling: ALTSO's New Wheelchairs

Asih - Java, Indonesia 2018
Asih - Java, Indonesia 2018

Mobility, just like ALTSO's CoolKids, comes in all different shapes and sizes. A new addition to ALTSO's key provisions this comes in the form of a wheelchair - but not just any wheelchair.

These chairs are certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), made of high-quality materials, and are especially unique because they are properly fitted to specifically suit each individual’s needs, and geographical location.

For ALTSO's CoolKids living in the developing world, many do not have access to paved roads or walkways, meaning they must ride in the dust and dirt on a daily basis to get to school and around their communities. The wheelchairs we are providing, for only $500 each (compared to tens of thousands in the developed world) are sturdy enough to provide a comfortable ride for the patient while also being made of materials that will not wear or corrode in these conditions. This has been something we have dreamed of for our patients and are thrilled to be in the process of distributing more than 100 new chairs this month!

Over the past seven years we have watched Asih, a patient from our Indonesian program, grow into a mature young woman, ready to take on the world. We have been providing care and wheelchairs to her since she joined the program, but this new wheelchair has changed her outlook for the better.

Talented, intelligent and independent are just a few words that describe her vibrant personality and huge heart. Asih aspires to become a university lecturer, but is still deciding on what specialty she will take on. One thing's for sure, Asih is a role model that will empower generations to come. 

It is stories of hope and inspiration like Asih's that drive the ALTSO team to keep pushing forward to find new innovations, better quality products and more meaningful impact to each and every patient we treat.

We cannot wait to provide more wheelchairs, Joshi prosthetic limbs, Breeze Foot prosthetics and mobility aids to children in still in need around the world with your continued support. Thank you for your support and please consider making a donation of a new wheelchair for $500 today!

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