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Feb 12, 2016

The Future of Connectivity in Petit Trou, Haiti

Connecting St. Paul’s School

In Petit Trou, Haiti electricity and the Internet is very hard to come by. Right now, the only source of connection is through a phone data plan, which is not sufficient for classroom learning.

In the fall of 2015, with the help of a Microsoft team member, the Colorado Haiti Project began working towards computer literacy and connectivity. While we have yet to receive Internet access, we have started teaching up-to-date computer skills including typing, Microsoft Office and even an English Language program to students starting in 4th grade.  The students start each day with their typing practice. Right now they are all working on autobiographies in Word and a classroom PowerPoint.

This January, the teachers at St. Paul’s each purchased a computer through a matching fund from the Colorado Haiti Project. They expressed their concerns over the last year about feeling behind in their own computer knowledge and felt they would be better able to support their students with improved computer skills and Internet access. When they received their new computers, the teachers attended a four-day training seminar and learned about the same programs their students are using. They can connect to the Internet by traveling to a nearby community to further their work. The teachers plan to use the computers to research, track classroom activities, write up lesson plans and to help others to learn computer literacy.

Our hope is to have Internet access for the school during the 2016-2017 school year. In the meantime, the campus is preparing to take full advantage of the computer literacy courses, learning from their connected teachers and getting in lots of typing practice!

Thank you for you continued interest and support in our programs and we look forward to sharing our progress with you! 


Nov 17, 2015

Agricultural Education Takes a Big Step Forward for Secondary Students in Rural Haiti.

This fall, agricultural education took a big step forward in the secondary school of St. Paul's in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti. With the help of our new educator, Kenel Pierre, and visiting middle school teacher, Michael Jansa, classes began and both students and parents are involved.

Each middle school student receives one hour a week of ag. ed. and participates in weekly Saturday morning garden club. The students have begun their own garden and compost pile.  Soon to come will be chicken coops and a small nursery to start different varieties of trees.  In spring, the teaching team has an ambitious goal to start a goat project.

Kenel brings a different insight to teaching after spending a year in the US getting his master garden certificate.  During his time in the US, he worked in a Portland, OR middle school specializing in experiential learning.  This exposure has help Kenel bring hands-on learning to the students at St. Paul's. Everyone has their hands in the dirt or wrapped around the handle of a shovel!

During Kenel's first week on campus, he held a parents' meeting to talk to the families about what the students would be learning and doing in their agriculture classes.  Approximately 100 people showed up for the meeting!  And Kenel received valuable input from them on what was most needed for the students to help with the family's gardens.

We have also had the priviledge of expertise from an agricultural consultant, Agronom Emerson, with much experience and training in Haiti. He was with Kenel and Michael during their first week of classes and will continue to check in throught out the year to ensure a consistently high quality program.

We are thrilled that the 7th, 8th and 9th grade students have agricultural education as part of the curriculum now.  In a rural, agrarian community, it serves the whole family to have a child learning the newest and best practices in agriculture.

PS- Younger students have been spotted and accepted into Saturday morning Ag. Club.  I guess the WHOLE family is excited about ag. ed.!

Aug 18, 2015

Summer 2015 "Ti Biznis" to End the School Year

Helping with "Product Development"
Helping with "Product Development"

The school year at St. Paul’s ended with a three-day workshop for the 10th graders. A group of college students traveled to Petit Trou and worked with the students to reinforce lessons learned through the school year on entrepreneurship.

Haiti’s economy is based on a small and medium business model accounting for over 80% of all employment. Over the last year, St. Paul’s School began an entrepreneurship class for secondary school students teaching the basics of marketing, quality, savings and budgeting. 57 students were involved in the program.

The three-day workshop which was nicknamed Ti Biznis (Little Business) was the culmination of their year long study. It was an opportunity to practice creating a small business using hands-on learning with play money and simple crafted products. The students took out loans, designed their products, had a sale, paid back their loans and determined their profit.   The class will continue this fall as a regular part of the secondary school curriculum.

Student Quotes Translated:

Stanley “I liked making the products. I liked Ti Biznis because it was a different way of learning.”

Marie Wislene Elizabeth “ I learned how to price a product. To look at the cost of materials and the expenses for the product first and then knowing that, you can add your profit to find your final price.”

Marc Daiver “In Ti Biznis, I liked all things. The products we made were beautiful, I liked the sale when we sold our products and I liked that we made a profit.”

Shelda “In my business I liked selling my product, buying other products, all that I learned.”

In line at the "bank"
In line at the "bank"
Serious work on their "products"
Serious work on their "products"


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