Sep 19, 2014

Hot off the press! 2013 Annual Report

Murakoze cyane (thank you so much) for your personal commitment to making a difference!

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot

As you enter the Village gates, you are greeted with one of the Village mottos, "If you see far, you will go far." With the help of the ASYV family, every child has the opportunity to see far - to sit somewhere, look far in the distance over the Land of a Thousand Hills, and say, "There's no limit to where I am going.

Our ability to move our vision forward is critical to the millions of vulnerable and marginalized youth in Rwanda - kids for whom Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is a last chance. Thanks to YOU, our Village and kids are thriving. 

2013 was another meaningful year for ASYV, full of progrss and hope. The progress we've made so far is a testament to where we are going. Click on the pdf below to view the Annual Report.  


Jul 31, 2014

what support means to us

A Note From Our Village Director --

If I could describe this term in one word it would be, intense. The second term is the longest of the year, spanning about 14 weeks. These weeks are packed with a variety of different activities for both students and staff. We had three major projects this term - the Stand Up & Be Counted fundraisers that took place in New York City, Boston, and here in the Village for our rst-ever Stand Up & Be Counted Rwanda. We knew these events would be different than in past years because of the loss of our dear friend, founder, and Grandmother to the kids, Anne Heyman. We prepared a larger group of kids than in past years to attend the events in the United States. As a result of these kids’ hard work and with the support of our contributors we were able to raise over one million dollars. These back-to-back events were amazing successes!              

We also hosted our own Stand Up Rwanda on July 10th. We reached our goal for raising close to $100,000 dollars. I am so humbled by our community of supporters who saw Agahozo-Shalom as a place worth investing in. Stand Up & Be Counted Rwanda was amazing because we knew it was something that Anne really hoped to bring to fruition. She always articulated the importance of reaching out to the Rwandan community and Rwandan nationals to raise awareness about the ASYV. Anne wanted to give the Rwandan people the opportunity to invest in the future of Rwanda through supporting the youth of ASYV. We believe that $100,000 was a solid target and we are proud that we achieved this goal. On top of all of this, Rwanda’s First Lady, Her Excellency Jeannette Kagame, was the guest of honor at the event. This is a demonstration of the very strong support we are receiving from the First Lady as well as from the President of Rwanda, Mr. Paul Kagame, who was the keynote speaker at the graduation of our Urumuli Grade in 2013.   

Additionally, we are proud that some of Anne’s other dreams have been realized through new business initiatives taking root in Rwanda. The rst of which is the solar project that lies just behind the Liquidnet Family High School, within the property limit of the ASYV. The project brought 250 jobs to local Rwamagana residents who work on the site, including some ASYV graduates. The solar plant will provide about 8.5 megawatts, which is approximately 8% of the energy in Rwanda. This shows the great impact that ASYV is having on the surrounding community and the ripple effect that reaches far beyond our gates. The second is the creation of See Far Enterprises, a Business Product Outsourcing company in partnership with UST Global. ASYV graduates will comprise 50% of See Far’s incoming workforce. They will work for this company to hone their professional skills and emerge as valuable and experienced laborers.

The goal for next term is to focus on making sure that we complete the year successfully. More specically, I am talking about the kids’ academic performances. We are preparing our Senior 6 students (12th grade) to take the national exam, and we hope they will perform as strongly as the previous graduates. We want all of our students to nish their year with academic marks that show their improvement. Next term will be a much calmer term in comparison to this past one. We want to consolidate and digest everything that has taken place in the past 14 weeks. The rst term was marked by the death of our dear founder and the second term was overtaken by the commencement of some major projects. Next term we will refocus our efforts on why we’re here - the kids and their education.   


JC Nkulikiyimfura


May 14, 2014

Keeping the Legacy Alive

This year started off on a great note! We had a wonderful graduation for our Imbuto Grade and were blessed to have our
founder and mother Anne Heyman in our presence. As is true for all of Anne’s visits, her time with us was incredibly
enlightening and inspiring. Anne reminded us of how unique the Village is in its existence and expressed her pride in all of ASYV’s accomplishments in such a short period of time. In memory of Anne’s relentless drive we are motivated to push forward with our future initiatives. Her confidence and determination encourages us to reach our goals for 2014 to
make our Village a place that is more holistic in the healing of our kids.

The day of Anne’s passing, January 31st, 2014, was devastating for Agahozo-Shalom as well as for the country of Rwanda. Yet, in the midst of despair, we saw great resilience. We are inspired in Anne’s passing to ensure that her dreams for ASYV live on. This sentiment is confirmed by her husband Seth Merrin as well as our dedicated Board of Directors. We are continually amazed and blessed by the support we receive from her husband and children. The students of ASYV are deeply appreciative of their devotion. Their commitment to the Village has given ASYV students and staff the strength they need to stand strong.

Anne was an angel on earth and we feel lucky to have felt her impact. While it is difficult to move past Anne’s departure, we are doing our best to restore the rhythm of life within ASYV. In honor of Anne, we must put the pieces back together and strive forward for her and for the children. The foundation that Anne laid for Agahozo-Shalom is so strong that we can already see tangible results. In our continued collaboration with the Rwandan Government, Liquidnet Family High School is now recognized as a government-subsidized institution. Outside of our gates, Anne has single handedly helped to bring together the biggest solar field in the region, which will bring up to 8.5 mega watts to Rwanda’s national energy grid - close to 10% of the national electricity consumption. The impact of Anne’s work is not only evident within the Village, but also throughout the nation of Rwanda. We continue to hear amazing things about our students postgraduation. They are considered leaders within their communities. Many of our graduates have joined the Ingando and Urugerero  rograms, which are national youth programs that facilitate volunteer services within local communities.This indicates that our students are taking to heart the value of Tikkun Olam, which Anne strived to instill in each student at Agahozo-Shalom. This is one of the best achievements we could hope for our graduates.

ASYV will go on innovating its enrichment programs as exemplified through the introduction of our own national Stand Up & Be Counted Event that will take place in the Village on July 10, 2014. This is the first Stand Up event we will have in Rwanda, and it will require the collaboration of every staff, student, and department. We are looking forward to sharing the diverse accomplishments of our community with all of our local partners and supporters.

ASYV will go on innovating its enrichment programs as exemplified through the introduction of our own national Stand Up Event that will take place in the Village this summer. This is the first Stand-Up event we will have at ASYV and it will require the collaboration of every staff member, student, and department. We are looking forward to sharing the
diverse accomplishments of our community with all of our local partners and supporters.

I told the ASYV students that the best way to sustain Anne’s legacy is to become the best person that each of them can be. I encouraged them to set their minds to achieve great things and live a life of fulfillment in the spirit of Tikkun Olam. To our educators, I quoted Anne in saying: “Education is the gift that keeps on giving.” With that in mind, I want them to continue giving that gift to our students so they can reach their full potential.

This is the message that must transcend from us to the the ASYV children and from the ASYV children to the rest of the world. Agahozo-Shalom kids will pay it forward! They will give 100% in all things that they do. In order for them to achieve this goal we must ensure the quality of our programs and build on the achievements that Agahozo-Shalom has already realized. This is only the beginning for Agahozo-Shalom, and with Anne’s vision, I know we will
continue to achieve great success and make the educational philosophy of ASYV a model for education known across the world.


Jean-Claude Nkulikiyimfura
Village Director


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