Center for Digital Inclusion

The Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI) is a global NGO that implements educational programs designed to expose disadvantaged groups and impoverished communities to new technologies. We promote social inclusion of vulnerable populations by using education and technology to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship, strengthen communities and empower them to transform their realities. Today, CDI has operations in 10 countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, US and UK.
Community Development Through IT Training In Rio
CEAC@DIGITAL is an internet and graphics service center in Morro dos Macacos, a Rio de Janeiro slum. The center provides job skills and income earning opportunities for residents of all ages. project reportread updates from the field
Linking people after the earthquake in Chile
The Mobile Telecenter is giving access to and training on ICT skills to families, NGOs and small businesses that are struggling to get back on their feet several months after an earthquake hit Chile. project reportread updates from the field
Displaced Residents in Chile Learn IT Skills
CDI-Chile is helping with disaster relief for evacuated Chaiten volcano victims through IT training and engagement via virtual and real community building which will lead to recovery and reconnection