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Jul 25, 2018

A brain is a terrible thing to waste

From the moment we are conceived our brains are growing a a faster rate unitl five or six. With a world of technology and knowledge of early brain science one would think that we could begin teaching every baby to read, do math, learn music and encyclopedic knowledge. 

However there are forces in the universe particularly in this country that hide behind the statement age appropriate. While in Philadelphia there is an organization that teaches parents how to teach babies all of this wonderful stuff.

In addition I am pioneering the power and importance of touch in Early Childhood development. All of the things we propose were tried on my own son Bryan. By the time he was one he could count to one hundred in English and Spanish, and read more than one thousand words.

By the time he was two he had learned not only his alphabet but keys on a keyboard. He could turn a computer on, type on the keyboard and teach himself anything he wanted to learn. We started with reader rabbit, math rabbit, and language express. from there he went through all of their learning programs and more.

He had a massage from either his mother or me every day for the first three years and was breast fed for three years.

Despite the fact that I am not a college graduate, and his mother passed away when he was 10, he graduated 2nd in his class from high school, he was one of the first 400 kids accepted early into Georgetown. After Georgetown he worked for for five years. He was an online news editor, he took over their social media, he created a blog Sports in Education. By the time he was 23 he had written so many articles on concussions in sports hit was published as an eBook.

Now he is a senior copy editor for Bleacher report and his wife is in her 2nd year of residency at Vanderbilt. 

However throughout our nation over half the kids can not read, write aor do math proficiently.

We have the technology to replace the Hubbell telescope yet we can not adequately teach kids to read Something is missing we are making a difference both by distributing low cost refurbished computers to families in need but by giving teens an opportunity to learn about technology and making a difference,. 

We have the technology to insure that every baby is receiving a 21st century early childhood education whether they are in day care, preschool, or head start as a nation we need the will..


Your support fuels our way.

Mar 8, 2018

Learning Through Technology

Dear Friend:

Please consider making a contribuition to TeamChildren and help us expand the difference we are making in the academic, economic, and social futers of children here in our region and around the world

Our new book "Hands on Parenting a practical guide to massage for happier, healthier, smarter kids" is now on amazon 

Our effectivness and accomplishments with minimal funding and a staff orf mostly volunteers are amazing.


We helped transfrom one of the most impoverished and drug ridden neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

We created a 21st century early learning program in a large Hispanic preschool program

We have distributed over 16,000 low cost refurbished computers reaching over 75,000 kids..

While having access to a computer is common for most children and just about every business, there are far too many children in our region that do not have adequate access to a simple computer at home or in school. In Philadelphia schools there are far too many classrooms without working computers.

With over $500 worth of learning software installed on each computer we introduce children and their parents to a new world of learning. From software that can teach toddlers reading, math and music to programs that will help college students excel. Children can learn anything they want right at home with the click of a mouse. has with minimal funding and mostly volunteer staff, distributed over 15,000 low cost high quality refurbished computers to families, schools and organizations around the region. Now, more than 75,000 kids have improved their academic, economic and social futures.

The first family we gave a computer to lived in one of the most dangerous neighborgoods 9th and Indiana in Philadelphia. They had six children on of them Hector with his parents only having a grade school education, the likelihood of Hector graduating in the top 10% of his class and receiving a bachelors degree from Millersville University in 2016, was slim to none. But he beat the odds. His family received the first computer we distributed. made a difference.

 How you can help.

Donate Equipment: Thanks to recent donations of equipment from Wawa, SEI, Johnson Matthey Acme, Lockheed Martin and many more companies and individual, we are able to distribute another 500 computers.  We are always searching for more donations of equipment.

Volunteers are at the heart of our success: From senior citizens to teens in high school.  We are always looking for new volunteers especially in the area of administration, marketing/pr, fundraising, data management, and computer repair. If you have a skill we can use your help

Contribute financially. What we have learned over the years is every financial contribution whether big or small helps a kid right here in our region.Please donate today

For more information, contact:

960 Rittenhouse Road

Audubon, PA 19403


Phone: 610.666.1795



Feb 26, 2018

Make a head start educational difference now!

In the beginning of distributing 16,000 computers
In the beginning of distributing 16,000 computers

75% of the kids in elemenarty school in Philadelphia can not read, write, or do math proficently. This epedemic is rampat through out our nation.

The top 25 % of kids in India is greater than the entier population of the United states. 

Depite the noise and fluff we are creating an economic, social, and educational crisis for our nation and the world.

Help us crack the code off silence on this epidemic. 

This challenge begins at home and must end there..

We have distributed over 16,000 low cost refurbished loaded with pricelss learning software. 

We are now committed to reaching out around the world 


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