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May 6, 2019

Another Happy Ending...

"Uncle" Bucky & Kenai
"Uncle" Bucky & Kenai

"Uncle" Bucky is very loving and patient with little Kenai.

Kenai, an orphan black bear cub, was brought to Keepers of the Wild by Arizona Game and Fish last year. We were his last hope, he would have been euthanized if we were unable to take him.

As a young cub, Kenai required specialized care. After spending several months in a temporary enclosure, Kenai had matured enough to be introduced to his new black bear family. The introduction process was slow but Kenai was well received by the other bears. Kenai interacts with all the bears but seems to especially enjoy his play time with Bucky.

His new black bear family had spent most of their lives performing and posing for photos- confined in chains and small spaces to provide "entertainment" for people.

It sure is rewarding to witness these rescued animals experience a happy life after enduring so much suffering. Your support is what makes that possible.

As you know, food and care expenses of all rescued animals are an on-going expense and this fundraisier will remain active on GlobalGiving. We are so thankful for your continued support to provide the best for these deserving animals.



Paws + Claws is a one-day matching campaign designed to celebrate animal welfare projects by matching donations up to $500 at 30% with $15,000 in matching funds and $5,000 in bonus prizes. 

Use the following link to support our project on May 22,  from 9:00 a.m. - 11:59 a.m. ET. 

 *Donations must be given on May 22nd to be eligible for matching!


Paws+Claws Matching Gift Campaign
Paws+Claws Matching Gift Campaign
Rescued Animals At Keepers of the Wild
Rescued Animals At Keepers of the Wild
Feb 6, 2019

How your donations make a difference

Thank you so much for helping us raise much needed funds for the care needs of the rescued animals at Keepers of the Wild! There were over 4,400 competing fundraising projects hosted on the Global Giving Platform on Giving Tuesday. With your help Keepers of the Wild finished in 8th place and raised a total of $19,483 for the animals! WOW!! THANK YOU! We appreciate you all so much and could not care for these wonderful animals without your help! 

Your donations make it possible for us to continue to intervene on behalf of the animals and provide them with the care they deserve. The sixteen new animals that call Keepers of the Wild their forever home came from various sources and conditions. We are thankful to be able to provide them the type of home they deserve. We often hear of animals that may need a new home. Many people contact us when they know of an animal that is in a difficult situation. Sometimes we receive calls from the owners of the animals, sometimes from a friend or relative, sometimes from a concerned citizen, sometimes from another sanctuary and sometimes from an animal regulatory agency. 
Jonathan Kraft (Founder & Executive Director) examines many factors when approached to take the responsibility to care for an individual animal (or group) for the remainder of their life. Some things to consider include: species; habitat requirements; current medical issues / location / transportation requirements; licensing & permits to transport; veterinary care; long term financial support to provide the type of individual care the animal deserves. Each circumstance is individual and carefully considered. There are times when a rescue is simple and quickly performed. There are other times where a variety of complications and issues arise requiring months of planning. 
I would like you to meet some of the animals that you helped us rescue and provide care for.


Hoover: Former Pet
Lil Bit: Unauthorized Pet
Hef: Downsizing Sanctuary
Holly: Downsizing Sanctuary
Bridgette: Downsizing Sanctuary
Kendra: Downsizing Sanctuary
Crystal: Downsizing Sanctuary
Mazi: Former Pet
Cleo: Former Pet 
Bowie: Former Pet
Kenai: Orphaned Wildlife
Andy: Traveling Entertainment
Cindi: Traveling Entertainment
Bucky: Traveling Entertainment
Brock: Traveling Entertainment
Barney: Traveling Entertainment
Because of our terrific supporters we will continue to provide excellent care to all of the animals at Keepers of the Wild. Thank you!
Nov 12, 2018

Big Cat Trio Rescue

2018 #GivingTuesday Matching Campaign (11/27/18)
2018 #GivingTuesday Matching Campaign (11/27/18)

We have rescued a total of sixteen animals so far this year- including six bears and three big cats! The new bears alone will raise our food bill by over $70,000 this year. That's not including any other animals or care expenses.

Please remember the animals this #GivingTuesday on November 27, 2018. We will be participating in the #GivingTuesday Matching Campaign. Your donation will go further to help more animals.


Keepers of the Wild rescued three big cats from a remote Nevada location last month. The African Lion (Mazi), Bengal Tiger (Bowie) and African Leopard (Cleo) had been kept as pets in a rural home backyard for the past ten years. Their owners had faced much opposition from neighbors and the county animal control agency regarding the keeping of these animals.
Almost two years ago, these three big cats (along with other animals) were confiscated by the animal control due to concerns over substandard care. They had been keeping the animals as pets with authorization made possible through a conditional use permit. Eventually the animals were returned to their owners with continued oversight and inspections. The neighbors persisted in making complaints and circulated a petition to have the conditional use permit revoked. The owners eventually decided to re-home the animals and contacted Keepers of the Wild.

The expert team from Keepers arrived on the property to remove the animals. Mazi and Bowie willingly entered their respective transport cages and were moved to the air-conditioned rescue vehicles. Leopards tend to be more challenging to work with and Cleo took quite some time before she was willing to move into the transport.

On arrival at Keepers, the animals were immediately released into spacious den enclosures. Bowie and Cleo were evaluated the next morning and after having a restful night were determined to be ready for unrestricted access to their large natural habitats. Their two separate habitats had recently been renovated to accommodate the individual species. Mazi the lion was placed in one of our temporary quarantine holding pens while his habitat renovations were completed. Mazi enjoys joining his voice by roaring with our other lions Kemalu and Decara!
Exotic animal ownership continues to be a controversial issue. Each state has the right to enact laws regarding the possession of the various species of wild and exotic pets. Some counties in Nevada such as Nye, have laws which are more lenient than many other states. There are many individuals that keep exotic big cats as pets. 

Jonathan Kraft, Founder and Executive Director of Keepers of the Wild said: "We are pleased to accept the responsibility of caring for these three big cats. Although their former owners loved them, they were unable to provide the type of care given to the animals that live at Keepers of the Wild." All three of the animals now have a considerable amount of space in comparison to what they had been used to. Animal Care Staff members will be providing the three big cats a variety of environmental enrichment opportunities.

The "Big Cat Trio" are all enjoying their habitats!
All three of the Big Cat Trio are getting used to their new life at Keepers of the Wild. They are enjoying the large natural habitats and spending their days relaxing in a variety of locations
Cleo has quickly responded to the kindness shown her by both her male and female Keepers. We are so pleased with having the opportunity to take care of these very special individuals.
Your support made these rescues possible! THANK YOU!
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