Nicaragua Children's Foundation

The Nicaragua Children's Foundation believes that: Every child has a right to an education and to the tools that will enable him/her to learn. Each one of us has the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others We take direction from the community in which we work to create and support projects that are appropriate for the people in the area. We are accountable to our supporters; all donations go to providing help to children in Nicaragua.
Sep 25, 2013

Our school for the disabled in Nicaragua


Thanks very much for your support! Fortunately, we have received funding from another source and are now able to go ahead with this project.

We appreciate your donation very much. Maybe one day you'll find yourself in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; if you do, make sure to drop in to Veronica's Spanish School. Veronica will be happy to take you over to Los Pipitos, the school for the disabled so that you can see for yourself what a happy place it is. You may even get a chance to meet one of the mothers who will soon be starting their own businesses, thanks to donors like you.

Thanks again!

Sep 17, 2013

Great news!

Thanks to a very generous donor from Alberta, Canada, we are now able to build an annex on Los Pipitos! The annex will be for preschoolers so that they can have their own space to play and learn. While the area for Los Pipitos is not huge, we are confident that we can find the space to make this happen. The donation is large enough that we will be able to build a beautiful space with all the necessary educational materials.

The donor is Elsie Elder. She made the contribution on behalf of her daughter, Elizabeth Rose, who died not long ago. Elizabeth was disabled and struggled for many years to live a normal life. Elsie said that she knew that Elizabeth would have been honoured to be part of this project.

Thanks again to all our donors for helping us with Los Pipitos!

May 8, 2013

Updates for Los Pipitos

We visited Los Pipitos again in March of this year and were really impressed by all the improvements and updates to the school. We have two teachers now and both work very hard each and every day (Thank you, Liliam and Sebastien!)

On our visit, we brought with us a few people from another organization. They, too, were really amazed by Los Pipitos. One of them, a speech therapist from Alberta, decided she wanted to become involved. On her return home to Canada, she arranged for an IPad to be filled with apps to help some of the students work on their speaking skills. Thanks to a rather roundabout route involving several Canadians, the IPad is now at Los Pipitos and is being used daily!

We will also be hiring an assistant teacher soon! Stay tuned for more updates from Los Pipitos...