May 30, 2014

Lewis Cassidy's story of success - thanks to your support

Lewis’s life was rapidly spiralling out of control until his youth worker referred him to The Trust. Lewis enrolled on the Team programme and now works as an apprentice electro-mechanical engineer.

Lewis’s life was rapidly spiralling out of control. Misusing a variety of substances, he was unable to attend college or gain employment and his general health was in serious jeopardy.

Through good relations he had formed with a local youth worker, Lewis was referred to The Prince’s Trust Team programme, a scheme helping young people gain key workplace skills and confidence, delivered by St Helens College.

As the course progressed, the support he received made him realise that there were people who cared which provided the motivation to change his circumstances for the better.

Lewis, 20, was given practical help that forced him to challenge his lifestyle. He was also in contact with the drugs and alcohol team to ensure he adhered to set plans.

While building his confidence, Lewis acquired many new skills on the programme. Physical activities taught him the value of teamwork and improved his leadership ability. He also learned how hard work could bring real benefits to communities.

A notable personal achievement was his increasing maturity and the pride he took from positive actions. He was a source of encouragement and inspiration to his fellow Team members.

Free from his addictions, Lewis is currently employed as an apprentice Electro-Mechanical engineer. With the intention of giving something back, he is also a regular volunteer with a youth organisation, having gained two industry qualifications. He has now become a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and has already started to inspire numerous other young people.

"At one time I could not see a future beyond my addictions. The Prince’s Trust have done so much more than just change my lifestyle, they have changed me as a person".


Mar 5, 2014

Martin's story of success, thanks to your support

After leaving school, Martin, 26, found himself in debt and in trouble with the police. He now works with Northamptonshire County Council to help adults find work experience.

As early as eight years old, Martin had thoughts of suicide.

Born in Holland, childhood was spent between numerous countries before he eventually settled in the UK aged 11. This unstable life caused anxiety, and a difficult home life led to a speech impediment from a young age.

Bullying was a constant factor in Martin's life, and as his problems escalated, his thoughts became darker.

Martin's school life was tumultuous. Getting into fights, he began drinking and misusing drugs and was often excluded from lessons. When his mother died shortly after arriving in the UK, Martin’s life went further out of control.

In spite of this, he left school with three GCSEs. But with only irregular employment, and substance misuse still a factor in his life, Martin found himself with mounting debt and in trouble with the police. Having moved away from home, his family life was non-existent, and he hit his lowest point.

He came across The Prince’s Trust Team programme by chance. The course provides young people with key workplace skills and helps them gain confidence. Martin’s progress on the scheme was evident from the very beginning. With new resilience he overcame his communication barriers and often took the lead on community projects. Never once becoming aggressive, he was a model pupil.

Since joining the course, Martin has transformed into a ‘phenomenal young man’ according to his Team leader. His dedication has seen him become a volunteer with The Trust, and such is his success that he has been asked to head up a new Tools for Self Reliance project for Northamptonshire County Council, a scheme that helps adults find work experience.

Martin’s journey was long and harrowing, but now he has a worthwhile career and is looking forward to the future.  He says..."My life changed for the better while on the Team programme. I’m now embarking on a journey to help make my county more sustainable, and it is all thanks to The Prince’s Trust."


Dec 2, 2013

Jack's story of success, thanks to your support

Angry and disillusioned with school, Jack, 15, from Bristol, felt his future was slipping away. But after taking part in The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge programme, Jack re-entered education and is now looking forward to a promising career as a mechanic.

Frustrated by his dyslexia and disruptive in lessons, Jack was excluded from class and sent to a segregated unit within his school, where he spent the next three years.

“I wanted to do well, but it felt like everyone was against me, like I wasn’t worth believing in. I didn’t want to end up on the rubbish heap, but felt my future was slipping away - that I’d drop out of school with no qualifications and no prospects and possibly turn to crime.”

But then Jack started to attend Fairbridge, a Prince’s Trust programme aimed at empowering young people to turn their lives around. Beneath all his anger, his programme tutors saw how bright Jack was, but helping him see the potential they knew he had was a challenge.

Sometimes Jack engaged, and sometimes his anger got the better of him. But whenever he did well, his tutors commended and encouraged him.

“Mostly I didn’t want to hear or believe their praise; but part of me did. Then one day it all made sense. Everything they’d said. I went to bed one night and when I woke up, I knew I had to stop wasting my time and make the most of my education.”

He threw himself into Fairbridge and was one of the first young people on his programme to complete his Prince’s Trust qualification. Jack is now on the Connexions Choices programme of full time education and has a place at college for the next academic year on a mechanics course, a profession he wants to pursue as a career.

"Thanks to The Prince’s Trust, I’ve got something I never thought I’d have: a real future, and it feels great."

Thank you for supporting young people like Jack by donating to this project for The Prince's Trust.


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