Oct 2, 2020

Thank You For Helping Our Young People

Your support couldn’t be more needed right now, as our phone and online teams continue to hear from young people who have lost their jobs, who see no prospect of getting a job, and whose plans for the future have collapsed.

For 24-year-old Shannon, emigrating from South Africa to England in February 2020 should have been the start of an exciting new chapter. Now living in Eastleigh, Shannon finished studying at the end of 2019, and emigrated in February this year. Her original plan was to try and start her own business dog-walking, but the pandemic meant she had to prioritise finding work.

“I was looking for a job, applying to lots of places but having no luck whatsoever. I was getting the interviews but never getting the job. A friend’s dad sent me the link to The Prince’s Trust Get Started with Health and Social Care course. I thought, I’ve got nothing to lose, I’ll see what they can offer on the 3 day programme and take it from there.”

“I was just looking for anything. I studied Psychology, and I wanted to use that in some way. It wasn’t a fun time, as I didn’t know a lot of people in the UK except my partner who I came over with, and family who I’m staying with at the moment. I was quite disappointed that my original plan didn’t work out, but now I’ve got a job it feels a little bit more stable. I feel like I have a purpose now, it feels really meaningful.”

Right now, Shannon is focussed on working as hard as she can and is loving what she is doing. She is so happy that she took part in the course as she is now in a job she loves.

Shannon says, “I found it really helpful on the course to look at how I could use something really small as an example to show my skills and experience. There was also not a focus on over-selling myself. I liked that we just went straight to an interview so they could see me and not just a piece of paper. I really appreciated that we were connected to an actual person!”

“I didn’t go into the course with a lot of expectations as I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I really enjoyed it. I got to see that I’m not alone in this, and there were lots of people around my age going through the same thing, getting the same feedback that they don’t have enough experience.”

At the end of the course, Shannon was invited to three interviews, and all three requested second interviews. Impressing all the employers, Shannon then got offers of employment from all three jobs, and she was able to choose which role felt best suited to her. It boosted her confidence hugely, to have not just one, but three employers, recognise her skills and want to employ her.

Shannon is now working as a support worker for Leonard Cheshire Fryers House, working with adults with physical disabilities. She helps with personal care and their day-to-day activities, as well as giving them companionship, as the pandemic has left them very isolated. In the future, she would love to use her Psychology degree to help with mental health support in some way.

Reflecting on the Get Started with Health and Social Care course, Shannon said, “I definitely think that The Prince’s Trust helped build my confidence. I was really starting to lose hope that I was going to get a job, and that confidence helped me in my interviews to be more positive. I would tell other young people just to give it your all – you don’t have anything to lose. The Prince’s Trust are there to help you, and if you just take their advice it really does work out for you.”

In these challenging times for everyone, thank you so much for thinking of what young people are going through, and supporting them as they try to navigate their lives and begin their careers amidst this crisis.

Apr 7, 2020

Changing Young Lives

With your support we can help many more young people. Like Shirley who was unemployed for three years after losing confidence in her abilities.

Although she always wanted to get back into work, Shirley knew it wouldn’t be easy finding childcare for her three children and she didn’t know where to start.

The Get into Healthcare programme with The Prince's Trust helped Shirley to realise her potential and she is now keen to pursue a career with the NHS.

Shirley said: “Before the programme with The Prince’s Trust, I was a full-time mum with three children. I had lost my confidence and so I found it difficult to even consider applying for jobs."

“I felt that there were many barriers preventing me from getting back into work including the cost of childcare.”

“I have always wanted to get back into work, but I just didn’t feel I was able to and kept thinking it was just too much for me, both financially and emotionally.”

“I have experience working in nursery and primary schools and have always been interested in a role in healthcare. When I realised that The Prince’s Trust could help me with childcare, one of my main obstacles when trying to find work, I knew that this could be my chance.”

“I attended a few engagement days in October before my course began in January 2020. Although I was a bit nervous on the first day, I found the experience really positive and was looking forward to starting my course full-time.”

After completing the programme, Shirley was offered and accepted a full-time six-month contract after existing NHS staff were moved into other positions, which meant more roles opened up for the young people at the end of the course.

“The programme has changed my life completely. I’ve regained my confidence with all the help and guidance that I’ve received from The Prince’s Trust. My plan now is to apply for a permanent job within the NHS.”

So thank you for helping our young people, it makes the world of difference!

Jan 7, 2020

Help Young People Live, Learn and Earn

With your support we can help many more young people like Amy build their confidence to live, learn and earn.

Amy decided to make some positive changes in her life and knew that she needed to start engaging with the outside world. She went to her local Jobcentre, where they recommended contacting The Prince’s Trust.

"The way I feel about life now is completely different to before. Not only do I feel healthier and happier, I feel more resilient and enjoy being with surrounded by people as a volunteer in my local community."

"Being my mum’s carer as a teenager was tough and I felt isolated, which only got worse when she passed away. This led to self-harming and suicide attempts because I didn’t see any future for myself."

"But I knew I had to engage with the outside world if I wanted things to improve. I took part in Fairbridge which gave me the chance to make small steps of progress. I then took part in Team which really signalled the start of my improved mental health. I could feel myself becoming more confident and resilient, but it was during the Get into Health and Social Care with Keane that I realised that the skills I had learned as my mum’s carer could be used in a work environment."

"I was able to use all this in a really positive way to help others. I started working part-time but my dad suffered a major stroke, so I’ve taken time away to become his main carer. Although this has been hard, I feel better equipped to deal with the responsibility and I know that once he recovers, I’m in a much better place to get another job."

“The Prince’s Trust has helped me to develop the resilience to face life’s challenges and given me a support network I know I can always go back to. I don’t feel alone this time.”

Amy is now volunteering at her local Housing Association and is part of the young group helping to host events for the local public. This new environment is having a hugely positive impact on her life. She also won a Prince's Trust Award in Scotland in 2019.

So thank you for helping young people like Amy, you are truly amazing!

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