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Gift an education...Make a life !
Isha Vidhya's English-medium schools provide high quality school education to rural children in India who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The schools adopt a nurturing, holistic approach to education, helping children learn joyfully. 61% of the children get full scholarships while rest pay a subsidized fee. Your donation goes towards critical infrastructure like learning material (including STEM), classrooms, school bus, etc. for 9 Isha Vidhya rural schools & Govt. Schools Support Program.
Rescue 615 sex workers & at-risk children in India
This project in rural India works with Childline to provide emergency rescue operations and aftercare for 615 at-risk women and girls - sold into sex work, affected by HIV/AIDS and fleeing violence - each year. 'Snehalaya' meaning 'Home of Love' offers a safe exit point and full aftercare - shelter, free legal/medical/psychiatric support, education and rehabilitation ensuring sustained social change. Your donation gives an emergency safety net and long-term support to vulnerable women and girls.
Spay and Neuter 2000 Cats and Dogs in Chennai
This project will spay/neuter 2000 cats and dogs in Chennai and surrounding areas. Every year, hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies that are born in Chennai and surrounding areas die in accidents or succumb to starvation or deadly diseases. Spaying/ neutering homeless cats and dogs helps prevent these unwanted births and promotes the health of adult cats and dogs.
Save the Cassowary from Extinction in Australia
The Endangered Southern Cassowary is a 'keystone' species crucial for rainforest ecology. Only 1000 remain in the wild due to habitat destruction caused by residential development. Rainforest Rescue is working to save the Cassowary through buying back high conservation rainforest as well as restoring rainforest habitat and creating wildlife corridors through the planting of trees which will provide habitat, food, and a safe passage for generations of Cassowaries to come.
Expanding Access to Water and Sanitation in Fiji
In many parts of rural Fiji, access to safe drinking water is limited and water shortages can pose a real threat to daily life and the health of the communities. We aim to increase resilience in communities with limited access to fresh water for domestic use, by enhancing rainwater harvesting facilities, capacity and infrastructure, whilst ensuring best basic hygiene & sanitation practices.
Challenge Camp: a Good Life for Children
Low self-confidence and low self-awareness are two developmental problems of underprivileged children. These children are easily influenced by the environment and cause in behavioral deviations. The Mustard Seed Mission hosts Challenge Camp for underprivileged children. In the camp, we bring children to sink in a good community so that they can learn from good role models. They will also know an assumption that even they are not perfect, they still have good things inside of them.
Give Books to Children in the Philippines
CANVAS publishes its award-winning children's stories and donates them books to benefit children in public schools and poor communities throughout the Philippines. We hope to give away one million books to one million children in the next 5-10 years.
Help Women in Remote Regions have Healthy Babies
Around 300,000 women die annually in childbirth - 99% of these live in developing countries. Millions incur injury or infection. But 6 basic items can help to dramatically reduce that number.
Orangutan Rescue: On the frontline in Sumatra
Sumatran orangutans are Critically Endangered, with only around 14,600 left in the wild. The greatest threat to their survival is the loss of their rain forest home - forest destruction for farmlands in Sumatra is happening on a massive scale. As a result, orangutans often become stranded in patches of forest surrounded by plantations. They are at risk of starvation, hunting and poaching. We rescue orangutans and work with farmers to help them protect their crops without harming wildlife.
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
According to statistics, China has 20% of the world's blind population. The least fortunate among the blind are the blind orphans. Launched in 2003, Bethel is a not-for-profit organization which focuses on empowering the visually impaired Chinese orphan community by providing foster care, education, therapy, and livelihood opportunities. Bethel's school provides our blind and visually impaired orphans the education necessary so that one day they can lead a fulfilling, independent life.
Protect forest & 100 families in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is home to pristine forests, and unparalleled biodiversity. 760 species of birds exist only there. In Suowi Valley, a no-man's-land at the junction of 3 provinces, the Ankave depend on the forest for their survival. These indigenous people have no access to modern amenities; common infections kill. Help us provide efficient cookstoves and hygiene systems to 100 families, protecting them from respiratory illness and protecting the forest that nurtures them from deforestation.
Shelter for child survivors of abuse in Malaysia
The Child Care Centre is a support facility for the children of our former Refuge residents who are domestic violence survivors. They have difficulty in finding reliable childcare while they restablish their careers. We help to place their children in the CCC temporarily upon the mother's request. We ensure they get access to education and empower them to become resilient survivors. They are given specialised care by a social worker and child-minders. We sheltered a total of 37 children in 2015.
Rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs in Hong Kong
Every year in Hong Kong, thousands of abandoned or unwanted dogs are left at the death rows in government kennels. Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many of these dogs as we can. There are currently over 600 dogs waiting for homes in our facilities, all of them promised to be taken care of for life even if they can't be adopted.
Health Education for Low-Income Women in Bali
We strive to increase knowledge, awareness and access to sexual and reproductive health services for the low-income women of Bali's traditional market communities through our Education Program and Medical Program. Our current model of providing health education and donation-based services to traditional market communities has been very successful in the capital Denpasar and Sanur. We now also deliver services to traditional market communities around Bali through our Mobile Clinic program.
Life-Changing Heart Surgeries for Kids in Vietnam
Children's heart disease is the most common birth defect globally, and 90% of children born in developing countries have limited access to the care they need to lead normal, healthy lives. Labored breathing and lack of energy keep these children from attending school and just being kids. MEDRIX bridges this disconnect by sponsoring life-changing heart surgeries in Vietnam and supporting families awaiting surgery at Hue Central Hospital by providing food, transportation, and lodging.
Care beyond cure for Cancer Patients in Hyderabad
Palliative Care seeks to improve the quality of life of people with advanced life threatening illness. It involves physical, psychosocial support to the patient and the family to cope with illness and bereavement. Every year: - ~200,000 people in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh are diagnosed with cancer -70% are diagnosed with advanced cancer and need pain relief and palliative care -Less than 1% has access to any palliative care or a pain relief program We are here to make a difference.
Train healthcare personnel to save a baby's life
Three in one thousand babies born in Yunnan Province, China are born with a kind of fatal heart disease that is curable only if diagnosed in the newborn period. Due to underinvestment in healthcare in Western China, almost all of these newborn babies die before one month of age. With your support of our project to train local doctors and nurses in modern screening and diagnostic techniques, together we can save these children.
Biodiversity Restoration Along the Tsurumi River
by TR Net
Green belt 1km along the left bank of the Tsurumi River, Tsunashima, Yokohma, Japan has been invaded by foreign plants causing pollen allergies, degrading the amenity of the otherwise popular area . We plan to restore the vegetation to the one composed of a native grass, Ogi that produces a safer and biodiversity rich area. To attain this we need financial support for three year's work of rearing Ogi displacing invading plants .This will benefit thousands of citizens and native biodiversity.
Baseball Project for Natural Disaster Survivors
The Hands On Tokyo Baseball Project for Natural Disaster Survivors will unite three middle school boy baseball teams from Tohoku, Tokyo, and Kumamoto. The boys will divide their time equally between baseball and fostering meaningful dialogue about natural disasters with the goal of empowering young people to become strong contributors and leaders in their local communities. It is also an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity to practice baseball with professional baseball players.
Community Revitalization Project in Kumamoto
The project will help revitalize the 20 communities of Nishihara Village in Kumamoto. Still busy restoring their damaged properties, 60% of the farming population could no longer work in their paddy and vegetable fields for their daily needs. In line with the government`s goal of restoring the communities, OISCA is dispatching agricultural experts and mobilizing volunteers to optimize the agricultural production as well as helping in the marketing of the village`s agricultural crops.
Support Mental Health and Wellness in Taiwan
We are a Taipei based non-profit organization founded in 1987 that provides vital services to the international community including: counseling, free after hours crisis intervention, cross cultural training, classes & events and publications. All members of the community are welcome at The Center, regardless of race, nationality or religion.
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