The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing millions of people to the brink of famine in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen.

COVID-19 Causing Famine:
What's Happening and How to Help

After leaving more than 1.3 million people dead worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic is also pushing millions of people to the brink of famine.

COVID-19 has worsened dire situations related to food access in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen. These countries were already facing conflict, mass displacement, and climate and economic crises that left people without reliable access to nutritious food.

Several of GlobalGiving’s local nonprofit partners are responding to the crises in these regions. Please make a donation to one of the vetted, community-led projects below to help people facing famine.

Projects responding in countries facing famine

Protecting 1469 Yemeni children from malnutrition
Yemeni people face the risk of malnutrition, especially pregnant and lactating women and girls and children under 5 years old. This project will reduce levels of malnutrition by 2020 through community-oriented strategy .Supporting proper nutrition, health care, teaching women and raising community awareness are vital pillars in the project that will reduce excess morbidity and mortality caused by malnutrition amongst 285 of children under 5 years of age and 639 of pregnant and lactating women.
Rehabilitate 150 Poor Street Children in Yemen
This project aims to provide a social and psychological rehabilitation for 150 poor street children in Sana'a. SYS Organization will enroll street children in reputable schools around the city, sponsor their school fees, provide uniforms, shoes, school supplies, gifts, and nutritious packed meals for a full year. Moreover, SYS Organization aims to increase awareness of Parents, society, and official bodies and educate them about the SDGs.
Humanitarian Relief for Yemen
Yemen is experiencing the largest Humanitarian crisis in the world with 24 of 30 million population in need of aid. 18 million are food insecure & 14 million are at risk of famine, 5 million are children < 5 years. Yemen is also experiencing the largest cholera outbreak with about 2 million suspected cases. Out of 7 million school-aged children, > 2 million children are already out of school. This project will help provide relief to families in Yemen with food, water filters and school supplies
Empowering vulnerable women and girls  program
Yemen is the poorest Arab country and after the 2011 upheavals it is facing great challenges beside and the current war. Due to poverty, a weak civil society, and an outdated pedagogical approach women with girls are often left on their own to facing the life and they are deprived of the right to live a decent life. This programme seeks to instill vision in the women and young girls it serves by providing training in essential life skills, health, and social issues. Additionally.
Train and operate 300 displaced women in Yemen
Millions of displaced people in Yemen have been left without work due to the war, providing little humanitarian assistance. The project aims to support families of displaced people on handicrafts and household industries, providing them with an income source and shifting from relying on relief assistance to productive families. The project is concerned with women in particular, through the selection of displaced families who lost their dependents.
Help for refugees in Burkina Faso
A camp for refugees and displaced persons is founded on the suburbs of Ouagdougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. There are 450 of people with children. They came from the north of the country escaping from terrorist attacks. To live, they need everything: food, hygiene measures, clothes, education of their children. We have to help them. The fundraised money will be passed to missionaries, who will buy for them the necessary products and pay for education of the children.
Fight famine with farming in South Sudan
Famine and severe hunger are ravaging South Sudan. Almost six million people face food insecurity. They don't know where their next meal will come from. We are working to help families in Old Fangak, that are in desperate need of food, start small gardens and farms so that they can feed themselves while increasing the the amount of food available to the community. This program will teach farming techniques, providing seeds and small tools, and micro loans for water pumps all to fight famine.
Empower 103 Households for their Livelihoods
The community skills development organization, a national organization of South Sudan located in Yambio plans some strategies to support single mothers in Yambio. The total number of our target population is 17,000 Households in Gbudwe state. Community Skill Development was established in the year 2008 by a volunteer group headed by Father Ignatius Mborihenga. CSD is a national organization registered by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation commission.
End malaria, malnutrition, save a child in Nigeria
This project will provide free prompt malaria diagnosis and treatment, give a nutrition specific interventions to 1000 poor economic background children in 2 years, in Itamerin and neighboring communities, Akinyele local government Oyo state. Also, help early diagnosis and treatment of Hypertension in women within the location.
Gift Water...Give Life
HEALTH they say is WEALTH. Matele and Peter Kajola oniji Idose village, Imeko, Ogun state Nigeria are known to be hardworking farmers with vigor and resilience. Sadly, these 2 villages have not only been faced with safety concerns and endangered health, but also a perturb source of livelihood due to lack of clean water. Annegift Foundation is now helping over 5000 people in these villages to access drinkable water and not only reduce threat of infection but also improve their source of living.
ATP Community Medical Outreaches for Nigerian Kids
Ask The Paediatricians Foundation promotes good health and well-being of indigent children in Nigeria through our periodic community medical outreaches. We do two main outreaches annually targeted at indigent children in under-served communities throughout the country with no regular access to healthcare services. The Outreaches feature health talks, mass deworming, nutritional assessments, healthy lunch-packs, free medical & dental consultations, basic lab tests, essential drugs and clothes.
Potable Water supply to 13000 villagers in Nigeria
A 40 feet (ft) high scaffolding would be built at the artesian water source in order to carry 10,000Litres of water reservoir from where water would be distributed through pipes to six (6) neighbouring communities total 5kM distance. This project will provide regular potable water for about 13,000 rural dwellers in seven (7) communities in total. Serving about 6000 people in its primary community and another 7000 residents through its water extension from the source to neighbouring communities.
Healthcare Access to Indigent Women in Nigeria
Availability and accessibility of healthcare to indigent women of Anambra State -Nigeria, who cannot pay for the care they need in a COVID-19 climate and a country with under-resourced healthcare system. ASA Women USA supports the strengthening of health system from a gender perspective in order to respond to the pandemic as well as avoid interruption of other health services and the establishment of Cancer diagnostic & research Centre for long term economic impact in Anambra State-Nigeria
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