Mariposa Center For Girls
The Mariposa Center for Girls is a first-rate facility that inspires achievement. We are transforming the property into a beautiful campus where girls come to engage in sports, receive academic tutoring, have access to libraries and computers, receive job and life skills training and health and wellness care. It is a place where girl champions can share knowledge on how empowering girls will lift entire families out of generational poverty.
Family Planning for Guatemalans Living in Poverty
Provides poor, rural and indigenous Guatemalans with access to short and long-term family planning methods. Family planning allows couples to freely determine the number and spacing of their children.
Free Yezidi Foundation Women's Center
The FYF Women's Center will open in late 2015. The Women's Center will be a safe space for Yezidi women, some of whom have endured unspeakable trauma. The Center will be run and operated by young Yezidi activists, and will provide a safe and nurturing environment with enriching and educational activities. In this context, FYF will also provide a pathway for post-trauma treatment by local practitioners trained by FYF's international post-trauma experts.
Education and Empowerment for Refugee Girls
by RefuSHE
The Girls' Empowerment Project is an oasis of peace and hope where adolescent refugee girls, who arrive in Nairobi without their families, regain their health, join a community of support, and gain life-long tools leading them to self-sufficiency. The female refugees we serve become agents for hope and change.
UNFPA: Clean Delivery Kits in Emergency Situations
For as little as $15 you can help UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, get 3 emergency clean birthing kits, including a bar of soap, clear plastic sheet, razor blade, an umbilical cord tie, cloth and latex gloves into the hands of pregnant mothers and health care workers as they safely deliver babies in crisis situations.
Yezidi women's center - programs for 2019
The Free Yezidi Foundation has established a women's center in an IDP camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Now that the center is established, FYF seeks funding for programs to be delivered throughout 2019 for female Yezidi survivors. Because Yezidis have suffered horrendous cruelty during the ISIS attacks, safe spaces are essential to provide an opportunity for healing and post-trauma recovery.
Free Yezidi Foundation Children's Center
The Free Yezidi Foundation Children's Center is designed to provide assistance to all Yezidi children suffering the traumatic after-effects of the ISIS attack against Yezidi populations in 2014. The Center will cater especially to those children whose parents were killed during the attacks, but will also provide services to children with access to the Center. The Center will provide enriching activities, basic needs such as shoes and food, and a pathway to post-trauma treatment if necessary.
Prevent and Detect Cervical Cancer in Guatemala
Cervical cancer is the most fatal cancer among Guatemalan women. WINGS saves lives by providing screenings and treatment to women living in impoverished and isolated communities.
Support 20 Female Entrepreneurs
Providing 20 female entrepreneurs from marginalized communities in Palestine with training in the business and personal skills required to launch and sustain a commercial enterprise will empower themselves and their families to break the cycle of poverty, further advancing the role of women in their communities.
Chicuchas Wasi(CW) School for Girls provides free primary education to underserved, indigenous girls. Our all female TEACHERS are specially prepared; to teach quality academics and Spanish to native Quechua speakers, make home visits to identify the home reality of the students and any family disfunction. CW provides education, personal development and empowerment needed for a secure future of economic independence, self esteem, confidence and become future leaders for gender equality.
Yezidi children's center - programs for 2019
The Free Yezidi Foundation has established a children's center in an IDP camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Now that the center is established, FYF seeks funding for programs to be delivered throughout 2019 for Yezidi survivor children. Because Yezidis have suffered horrendous cruelty during the ISIS attacks, it is essential to provide children with an opportunity for healing and post-trauma recovery. It is equally important that they receive education, nurturing, and care at this age.
Leadership Training for Girls in Maasai Kenya
Girls in Maasai Kenya are at risk of child marriage and FGM. KCE, a primary girls boarding school for grades 4-8, combats these practices. Students are empowered and motivated to achieve their full potential. The leadership camp pairs KCE girls with girls from neighboring public schools. Along with health education, girls learn leadership concepts such as speaking up, and empowerment. The program also includes weekend trainings at neighboring schools for adolescent girls and boys.
Support girls' primary education in Maasai Kenya
The Kakenya Center for Excellence offers a high-quality education for underprivileged Maasai girls in grades 4-8. Test scores and self-esteem have risen dramatically since its inception in 2009. A nurturing boarding school with a broad academic and extracurricular curriculum, we provide a safe place for 370 girls to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to prepare students for their grade 8 exams so they can be accepted to high-quality secondary schools.
Rescue and Empower Sex Trafficking Victims
The project trains and prepares survivors of sex trafficking to execute proactive, on-the-ground interventions initiating the rescue and recovery of individuals in situations of exploitation and human trafficking.
Rescue trafficked women & children in India
This project rescues women and children from the dangers of Mumbai's red-light districts and relocates them to a safe home, where they will receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, counseling and education.
Champion Her Right to an Education
ZanaAfrica Foundation provides adolescent girls in East Africa with the resources they need to live more healthy and informed lives. We are showing girls they are powerful agents of change in their own lives through supporting them in mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach includes sanitary pads and underwear that girls need and want, standardized and aspirational health education, and safe spaces and mentors for girls in their communities.
Books for Afghan Women and Children
More than 7 million Afghans have no access to reading books in school and are learning to read from textbooks only. The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) purchases and publishes books for libraries for the 25,000 students in AIL Learning Centers and the schools that it supports and supplies books to a public library in Herat. Students who have a variety of reading material are more able to apply what they have learned and to expand their minds through reading diverse subject matter.
Trigger the girl effect with education
Around the world, millions of primary-aged children are out of school - and girls are are far more likely than boys to never set foot in a classroom. To address this, BRAC is training local women as teachers and opening pre-primary and primary schools for children from poor families, especially girls. Building on over 40 years of experience in Bangladesh, BRAC has now expanded its education work to Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
Empower Abused and Trafficked Vietnamese Women
Hagar Vietnam provides holistic recovery services to empower 20 Vietnamese women who have been trafficked for sex or abused by violent husbands.
Help Child Marriage Survivors Tell Their Stories
Too Young To Wed's unique photography workshops bring former child brides and girls at-risk of child marriage together to overcome their trauma and learn visual storytelling skills that will help them communicate their own stories, giving them a voice on the world stage. Through these workshops, we hope to create a generation of empowered advocates and community leaders in the fight to end this devastating practice.
Women & Girls Learn through Mobile Literacy
AIL uses cell phones and texting in its mobile literacy program to accelerate the learning of illiterate young Afghan women and girls. Most students complete 4 levels of literacy in the 4 month class, a feat which usually takes 18 months. Since 2013, 1,906 females have enrolled in a mobile literacy classes. AIL is looking to expand this popular and successful program to different areas of Afghanistan, as well as fund the training of more teachers to implement the program.
Because I am a Girl - Plan International USA
A global initiative for Plan International, Because I am a Girl is a multi-faceted program that will directly improve the lives of 4 million girls in the developing world. Based on decades of experience and in-depth research, we know that changing the lives of girls changes the world. Community driven projects will address the areas most critical to women and girls: clean water, food security, healthcare, education, microfinance, and protection from violence and exploitation.
Shelters for Women in Iraq
In Iraq, MADRE helps women threatened by violence to escape to safety and begin rebuilding their lives. With allies and an escape route, survivors of violence move from seeing themselves only as victims of abuse. They come to know that they can create positive change. This project strengthens women's capacity to demand their rights to freedom from all forms of violence.
Save mothers and children in the Mediterranean Sea
Since 2013 the Foundation's medical teams have worked on board of the Italian Navy's ships to save and rescue migrants adrift in the Sicily Channel, providing first aid to 70,000 people and focusing on mother and child emergency healthcare: to date the Foundation's pediatricians, gynecologists and midwives assisted 10,000 women, 9,000 children, 500 pregnant women, several of them during labor and delivery. An estimated 2,000 women and 1,500 children will need help in the next months.
Give 420 Girls in Tanzania Their Own School
Africa Schoolhouse's newest project is an all-girls boarding school, the first in the Misungwi District. This school will allow 420 girls to receive and complete their secondary education in a safe, nurturing environment. In addition to the standard Tanzanian academic curriculum and teachers, the school will also promote leadership, STEM, entrepreneurship, social justice and care for the environment. $33,000 will help us renovate and modernize two classrooms, and let 100 girls start schooling.
Protect 40 sexual abuse victims in the Philippines
CAMELEON will open a new shelter in Silay, in the province of Negros Occidental, in order to facilitate the protection, personal reconstruction and reintegration of 40 young girls victim of sexual abuse (5-23 years old). They will be provided with the opportunity to go to school, participate in sports, and receive medical/psychological care as well as legal assistance when they wish to sue their aggressors. CAMELEON will also raise awareness on Children's rights at local and national levels.
Tailoring store for Indian women
The project that we are proposing is the construction and management of a tailoring store for one year. A real shop, it can be the natural outlet for women who are working for years with professionalism and desire growing. Women become masters of their own future, their own well-being, their own independence: the married can take care of their children by providing them the opportunity, with education, adequate nutrition, creating a greater independence from the family of origin.
Give Kids Like Kristin a Home for One Year
HALO provides housing, education and healing to youth in the greatest need. Our goal is to empower youth to become contributing members of their communities. HALO successfully enables youth to exploit its full potential by granting scholarships for Universities. This results in noticeable changes in the attitudes of entire communities: HALO's scholarship recipients become role models. They represent a tangible opportunity to break the cycle and achieve individual dreams.
One Love's Mission to End Relationship Violence
The One Love Foundation's mission is to end relationship violence by educating, empowering, and activating young people in a movement for change. Created to honor Yeardley Love, a UVA senior who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend just weeks before graduation. After her death, her family and friends were shocked to learn the statistics that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be in an abusive relationship in his or her lifetime. One Love's work today is dedicated to changing those statistics.
Legal Help for Domestic Violence Victims
This project will help make mobile-friendly, making legal information and help available to domestic violence victims through their mobile devices.
250 Teachers for Afghanistan's Girls
Training and equipping teachers provides double impact: first it stimulates knowledge development and transferable skills, and, second, well trained teachers provide girls in Afghanistan with an improved education and opportunities to flourish within and beyond school. This project will train 250 teachers in English and Information Communication Technologies to better teach, and provide an improved education, and opportunities, to over 36,000 school children.
Rescuing Girls from Forced Prostitution in India
Free a Girl is dedicated to rescuing girls from forced prostitution. We believe in creating a safe environment for children and young people, protecting them from sexual violence and exploitation. This project seeks to rescue girls who are victims of trafficking and forced prostitution in Maharashtra, India. The rescued girls will receive rehabilitation and reintegration support as well as legal assistance to ensure their best interests are being advocated before judicial authorities.
Nuevas Novelas: Media Literacy to Prevent Violence
Telenovelas tend to replicate intimate partner abuse, and this is your invitation to become part of a project that provides young women with the tools to re-envision the world they wish to live in. In our workshop series, thirty (30) young women from South Los Angeles ages 15 - 18 will rewrite scenes from TV shows in collaboration with their counterparts from Guatemala. They will then produce short videos that normalize healthy relationships and later obtain internships with their new knowledge.
Job Training for poor mother- sick children Brazil
Help poor mothers with sick children currently undergoing hospitalization or treatment far from home. Help the mothers to be near the children, generate income and to find jobs.
Get the Clothes, Get the Confidence, Get the Job
The project provides interview clothes and interview coaching to out-of-work women. The Smart Works service helps them look professional and feel confident for their upcoming job interview. Women who have been unemployed for a long time, women with disabilities, homeless or abused women and former prisoners are some of the women who will benefit from this project.
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