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Providing land and housing to 100 women in Uganda
Providing land and housing to 100 women in Uganda      Print
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Project Need: $109,428
to Date:
$5,996 (%)
As of Oct 09 12:12 2011
Theme: Women and Girls
Country: Uganda [view country profile] info
Sponsor: GlobalGiving
Project Needs and Beneficiaries

This project adresses the issue of homelessness among divorced women in Uganda. The current practice on customary land, which makes up 65% of land in Uganda, is that the man controls family property. In the past the clan structure ensured that a woman was not sent off land except when she committed a crime like murder or witchcraft. With the weakening of the clan structure, many women are being rendered homeless. This project will provide a home to divorced women and impact practices on land.

For each of 100 select divorced women provide: 1. House and garden 2. 2 malaria nets per family 3. 20 computers to be shared by all women 4. 10 protected springs to be shared by all women
Expected Outcomes
1. 100 women and 600 children will be assured of a home and a livelihood 2. The project will make visible the plight of women in the transition from communal to private land ownership 3. 10,000 families will see the need to let women own family lan
Message Project
Sent off 30 acres of land by an uncle after the death of her father, when she received one acre of project land went frantic crying "You women, You women. How can a person give another land?"
- Regina Wamala, beneficiary
Project Contact

Annette Mukabera,

Plot 198
Old Kira Road, Ntinda
Kampala, Kampala P.O. Box 27991 Kampala
Organization's Overview
Asante na Zawadi/Uganda Women's network

KampalaN/AP.O Box 1411 K'la

Organization's Mission

To give visibility to the plight of rural women who have been thrown out of their homes by husbands on separation and inlaws on husband's death and to build a home for rural women victims of property related domestic violence. The home will facilitate reciprocal learning between the women and leaders at all levels.

Organization's Programs

1. Construct a centre for reciprocal learning and one house for each of 100 women. 2. Coordinate collaboration with trades people starting with constructors, for women to acquire and share skills. 3. Share stories of project women in documentary form

Organization Statistics   Financial Statistics

Lydia Bakaki,

Founded in 2005
Employees: 3
Volunteers: 9


Other funding sources: N/A
Religious Affiliation: N/A

Personnel Overview
Lydia Bakaki - Founding Director

Lydia is a Lawyer by profession. She has has been defending the rights of women for the last 8 years. Lydia has played various key roles in law and policy reform campaigns for the empowerment of women in Uganda, including the campaign for joint family property ownership. She is currently involved in the campaign for the Domestic Relations Bill at the international level.

Carol Idibya - Project Manager

Carol is a Lawyer by profession. She has worked with various women organisations including the Association of women Lawyers FIDA and Uganda Women's Network UWONET. She also worked with the Fellowship of Christian Unions as a children welfare officer. Carol is committed to the empowerment of women in Uganda through legal and policy reform.

Annette Mukabera - Co-Director

Annette was the youngest woman in the Parliament of Uganda in 2001 when she joined the Uganda Parliament. Mukabera's vision is to involve younger people in politics to drive national change and to provide more Ugandan women education and skills to attain professional jobs and positions of power in private business and elsewhere.