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Human Rights

Abir's Garden Playground for WestBank Kindergarten
After a little girl was killed, Israeli and Palestinian Combatants for Peace decided to build playgrounds in her memory – and the kindergarten in As Samoa has no playground. They need your help.

Location: Palestinian Territories | Need: $9,099
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Help Feed 200 Neglected Elderly in Guatemala
This project will provide a regular supply of basic foods and other items to the elderly population in parts of rural Guatemala, whilst educating families on age related issues.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $20,000
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Rebuilding the lives of 850 street boys in Uganda
The project provides 850 boys with the emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and economic needs to facilitate their transition off the streets and back into the community.

Location: Uganda | Need: $62,000
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Children's Home and Outreach Project in Haiti
Our Children's Home cares for some of Haiti's most at risk and vulnerable children. It is a respite centre that provides support to children with physical and mental special needs.

Location: Haiti | Need: $15,000
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Restoring hope to trafficked girls in Cambodia
Hagar Cambodia provides quality aftercare to 25 girls who have been rescued from situations of sex trafficking and other forms of sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia.

Location: Cambodia | Need: $125,000
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Jericho Project Veterans Initiative
The cornerstone of Jericho’s Veterans Initiative is the development of two new supportive housing residences in the Bronx for homeless and low-income veterans.

Location: United States | Need: $40,000
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Breaking the cycle of gender violence
The project equips local leaders with adequate information to enable them collaborate with marginalized peasant women in opening up discussion on gender violence and offering abused women safe haven.

Location: Kenya | Need: $45,000
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Afghans Learn Leadership for the 21st Century
Through 2 training workshops, 60 Afghan leaders will develop advanced skills to further human rights and build peaceful education, government, infrastructure, and health systems in Afghanistan.

Location: Afghanistan | Need: $16,470
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A New Shelter for Sex-trafficking Victims in India
600 survivors of sex trafficking are being forced to relocate because of the construction of a new mall in Hyderabad. They have three months to buy land to build a new shelter.

Location: India | Need: $250,000
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