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Women and Girls
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Free Bonded Nepali Girls
This project rescues young Nepali girls who have been sold by their impoverished families into bonded servitude. NYF devised a humane and culturally appropriate alternative to the problem. NYF convinces the families who have sold their daughters to agree to bring their girls home and NYF will provide the families with a piglet or goat. The families are then able to sell the animals for more money than they would have earned by selling their daughters.

Location: Nepal | Need: $175,000
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Fast-Tracking Education for Afghan Women and Girls
Provide literacy and fast-track education to thousands of women and girls who were deprived of learning by the Taliban and are now eager to become literate and earn grade certificates at an accelerated pace

Location: Afghanistan | Need: $95,000
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Danger-to-Safety Relocation for DV Survivors
This project will ensure at least 10 families and 10 single women fleeing a domestic violence relationship trans-nationally will receive danger-to-safety relocation and reintegration services.

Location: United States | Need: $15,000
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Dimensions Program
The Women’s Employment Network (WEN) was founded 25 years ago to assist women in raising their self-esteem and achieving economic independence through sustained employment.

Location: United States | Need: $36,000
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Affordable Sanitary Pads for 1500 Ugandan Girls
To develop sustainable production of locally produced eco-friendly sanitary pads, provide health education, latrines, washing facilities, and education to girls in Kabarole District, Uganda.

Location: Uganda | Need: $200,000
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The Girl's Empowerment Project
The Girl's’ Empowerment Project is an oasis of peace and hope where adolescent refugee girls regain their health, join a community of support, and gain life-long tools leading them to self-sufficiency

Location: Kenya | Need: $50,000
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Educational Support for 1,200 Girls in Ethiopia
This program will provide educational opportunities through four years of high school for Ethiopian girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity to complete school.

Location: Ethiopia | Need: $60,920
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Girl Effect Fund
The Girl Effect is about girls and boys and moms and dads and villages and towns and countries.

Location: Bangladesh | Need: $1,000,000
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Rescue Girls from Bonded Servitude
Save girls in Nepal who are sold into virtual slavery, enable them to return to their families, and receive an education. The project's goal is to completely eliminate the sale of Nepali girls as endentured slaves.

Location: Nepal | Need: $58,000
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Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women
AIL works to empower Afghans by expanding their educational and health opportunitites and by fostering self-reliance and community participation.

Location: Afghanistan | Need: $200,000
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