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Climate Change
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Clean Water and Conservation in the Philippines
On the island of Negros, in the Philippines, an innovative pump will bring clean running water to thousands of people in 12 villages and encourage watershed conservation within these communities

Location: Philippines | Need: $9,500
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Over 220 South African youth educated about nature
Our mission is to inspire and educate underprivileged children to care for their environment, through the medium of a wildlife orphanage, while increasing their environmental job opportunities.

Location: South Africa | Need: $40,000
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Solar electricity for 10 low-income families, USA
Our technical staff trains and leads teams of volunteers and job trainees to install solar electric systems for low income families, helping them save money and energy while educating the community.

Location: United States | Need: $50,600
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Trees and Education Protect Rainforest in Brazil
Project educates students and farmers to restore Rainforest with sustainable forest farming, teaching to preserve and recover the environment, water and wildlife, resulting in enhanced rural earnings.

Location: Brazil | Need: $60,000
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Energy Efficient Cooking Stoves in Lake Atitlán
Helping local indigenous communities in Guatemala, especially Peña Blanca, to install carbon efficient stoves which use less firewood and allow the community health, educational and financial benefits

Location: Guatemala | Need: $12,500
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Trees Cultivation to lessen impact Global Warming
This project will cultivate a forest of 1 million trees that has been destroyed in some areas in Indonesia to lessen the impact generated by global warming.

Location: Indonesia | Need: $25,306
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Capacity Building: Urban Farming and Gardening
Individuals in poor communities are trained and supported to tackle hunger and environmental degradation by growing and replicating organic vegetable gardens with indigenous floral windbreaks & herbs

Location: South Africa | Need: $61,370
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Mapping a more sustainable future - for everyone!
Support locally-led Green Mapmaking projects that connect, engage and empower communities across the US and worldwide to promote green living, nature, eco-education, social and cultural resources.

Location: United States | Need: $75,000
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Fuel Efficient, Life Saving Stoves for 40 Families
Train local tradesmen to produce fuel-efficient stoves for 40 rural Honduran families, improving the health of approximately 500 people in the first year and increasing long-term income potential.

Location: Honduras | Need: $21,916
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A Clean Solar Alternative to Kerosene Lamps, Nepal
This project aims to replace kerosene lamps with solar-based household lighting (known as Solar Tuki) through an integrated approach of community mobilization and technological intervention.

Location: Nepal | Need: $100,000
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