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South/Central America and the Caribbean
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Free Education in the Desert around Arequipa, Peru
Our aim is to provide long-term, sustainable help by improving basic education and access to water in small communities, "los pueblos jovenes", around the city of Arequipa, Peru. GVI and our volunteers work in government-run schools leading or assisting in classes where there is just one teacher in multiple grades, providing much needed assistance and attention for the children.

Location: Peru | Need: $20,000
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Support Sustainability for Guatemalan Farmers
Families in the village of Villa Linda will be able to increase their incomes through various economic and agricultural projects and, in turn, buy the land that they are working.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $17,517
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Help Feed 200 Neglected Elderly in Guatemala
This project will provide a regular supply of basic foods and other items to the elderly population in parts of rural Guatemala, whilst educating families on age related issues.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $20,000
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Free & Sustainable Secondary Education, Guatemala
Hundreds of indigenous children in Guatemala near Itzapa and Santa MarĂ­a will receive free primary and secondary education due to this programme.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $30,000
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Ergonomic benches for Guatemalan backstrap weavers
This project: teaches carpenters how to make the ergonomic bench. It trains weavers to use the bench to protect their health and increase their income potential, while also preserving weaving culture.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $8,000
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Empowering Guatemalan Youth to Promote Literacy
We provide scholarships and leadership development training to rural Guatemalan teens. In return, they give back to their community by leading reading activities with younger children.

Location: Guatemala | Need: $50,000
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Safe Drinking Water for 80,000 Children in Bolivia
80,000 school children in Bolivia will be trained in simple, affordable techniques to sustainably improve their health. Techniques include hand washing and solar water purification (SODIS).

Location: Bolivia | Need: $30,000
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More than Just Scholarships in Rural Ecuador
This program will provide accessible secondary education to hundreds of indigenous children in the mountains of Ecuador, many of which work in the fields as their parents cannot afford schooling.

Location: Ecuador | Need: $10,000
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Healthcare for Pregnant Women in Nicaragua
This project provides a medical home for 1,500 high-risk pregnant women and 4,000 children in Nicaragua annually.

Location: Nicaragua | Need: $12,000
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First Steps to Cultural Understanding for US Teens
This project introduces the practice of utilizing teens from developing nations in a reverse cross culture training experience to enhance cultural understanding in U.S. teens.

Location: Nicaragua | Need: $9,500
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