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Asia and Oceania
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Helping children and their families from 'untouchable' communities in rural India escape poverty, child-labor in cigarette factories, & ill-health through education, health care & livelihood support

Location: India | Need: $20,000
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Community Healthcare for 40,000 Kashmiris
This is an affordable community-funded healthcare model, and serves 40,000 rural poor in northern Pakistan. The facility provides comprehensive primary and preventive care, with a mother-child focus. Lives are saved everyday by having on-site, round-the-clock urgent care facilities, a well-stocked pharmacy, a laboratory, dental unit and more. On-going patient education and speciality camps help address chronic conditions and improve the quality of life of the earthquake affected rural residents.

Location: Pakistan | Need: $400,000
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Clean Water and Conservation in the Philippines
On the island of Negros, in the Philippines, an innovative pump will bring clean running water to thousands of people in 12 villages and encourage watershed conservation within these communities

Location: Philippines | Need: $9,500
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Free Bonded Nepali Girls
This project rescues young Nepali girls who have been sold by their impoverished families into bonded servitude. NYF devised a humane and culturally appropriate alternative to the problem. NYF convinces the families who have sold their daughters to agree to bring their girls home and NYF will provide the families with a piglet or goat. The families are then able to sell the animals for more money than they would have earned by selling their daughters.

Location: Nepal | Need: $175,000
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Fast-Tracking Education for Afghan Women and Girls
Provide literacy and fast-track education to thousands of women and girls who were deprived of learning by the Taliban and are now eager to become literate and earn grade certificates at an accelerated pace

Location: Afghanistan | Need: $95,000
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Immunization for Tribal Children and Young Mothers
Seva Mandir organizes camps to provide Immunization in remote areas not serviced by State Health Facilities. The Immunization covers 6 key diseases.

Location: India | Need: $60,000
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Give Life to 140 Indian Orphans and Needy Children
99 children up to 5th grade attend Dazzling Stone School and the other 40 older children study in outside schools and one baby. Children receive free accommodation, clothes and education.

Location: India | Need: $85,000
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Provide computers for high-risk children in India
We teach children of women trafficked for sex computer skills through our institutes and find them jobs through partner organizations to prevent them from also being trafficked and contracting AIDS.

Location: India | Need: $287,000
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Give a girl a bike: help her go to school
Each year these projects provide 400 bicycles to girls in rural Maharashtra so they can continue their education. Otherwise they are unable to visit the school because they live too far away.

Location: India | Need: $50,000
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Himalayan Cataract Project: Remote Eye Camps
A remote outreach eye camp will screen between 1,000 and 5,000 patients and restore sight to approximately 200 to 800 people in Nepal, Tibet, China, Bhutan or Northern India through cataract surgery.

Location: Nepal | Need: $50,000
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