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800 Microloans for poor women in rural East Africa
Self-sustaining micro finance initiative issuing collateral-free, interest-bearing loans, for as little as $50, to poor women in rural East Africa to start businesses to support their families. The borrowers' priorities for the use of their profits are: better nutrition, healthcare and paying school fees for their children. WMI provides outreach in all of these areas by empowering women with options to provide better care for their families.

Theme: Microfinance | Need: $99,999
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Provide education to AIDS orphans in rural Uganda
Nyaka uses a community-based, holistic model to overcome systemic poverty and issues posed by HIV/AIDS by providing free education and vital services to orphans and vulnerable children in rural Uganda

Theme: Children | Need: $150,000
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Rebuilding the lives of 850 street boys in Uganda
The project provides 850 boys with the emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and economic needs to facilitate their transition off the streets and back into the community.

Theme: Human Rights | Need: $62,000
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Affordable Sanitary Pads for 1500 Ugandan Girls
To develop sustainable production of locally produced eco-friendly sanitary pads, provide health education, latrines, washing facilities, and education to girls in Kabarole District, Uganda.

Theme: Women and Girls | Need: $200,000
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Empowering women and children in Lingira
EDGE Project focuses on women's empowerment, education, agriculture, health/nutrition, & community leadership to promote sustainable development on an island of 3000 people in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Theme: Women and Girls | Need: $40,000
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Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
A farming co-op of AIDS widows and orphans in rural Uganda is working toward economic sustainability for 100 women or child-headed families, plus local orphans and disabled people, (1600 people).

Theme: Women and Girls | Need: $32,000
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Empower Rural Women - AIDS Skills for Women
This successful program uses personal contacts and grassroots networks to spread information about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as promoting family health and women's empowerment.

Theme: Women and Girls | Need: $7,800
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Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
This project will provide education, lunch, school materials and school uniforms to orphaned girls. Counseling support, nutrition and basic health care will be offered to rehabilitate these children.

Theme: Education | Need: $56,200
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Help a Student Stay in School in Uganda
Help provide incentives and financially enable a student to stay in school through savings. This project provides Ugandan primary schools with educational savings accounts.

Theme: Education | Need: $15,000
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Providing land and housing to 100 women in Uganda
This project provides 100 divorced women with land and housing. The women will speak out on the need to provide land and housing to divorced women in a country where family property belongs to men.

Theme: Women and Girls | Need: $109,428
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