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Two colossal explosions caused devastating damage in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut Explosions Relief:
What's Happening and How to Help

Two huge explosions on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 killed at least 170 people and injured more than 6,000 in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Lebanese government has declared a two-week state of emergency. Rescuers continue to search for survivors, and hospitals—some damaged in the blasts—struggle to help the injured. Officials blamed the blasts on a build-up of a fertilizer chemical inside a warehouse in the capital.

Local GlobalGiving partners in Lebanon are responding to the emergency, providing medical supplies for the wounded, giving food to displaced families, and repairing damaged buildings.

Please make a donation to one of the vetted, community-led projects below to help survivors of the Beirut explosions:

Beirut Explosions Relief + Recovery Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners in Lebanon:

Beirut Port Explosion Relief Fund
The situation in Lebanon is heartbreaking! Thousands of people have been severely wounded in a huge blast that ripped through Lebanon's capital, Beirut, and the number of deaths is still rising. Hospitals are working overcapacity and some parts of hospitals destroyed. Rafic Hariri Hospital Hospital is already on the verge of declaring its inability to accommodate patients due to COVID 19. It's reported that a wheat storage facility has been completely destroyed. What's next?
Beirut Port Explosion Relief Assistant
The situation in Lebanon is heartbreaking!Thousands of people have been severely wounded in a huge blast that ripped through Lebanon's capital, Beirut,deaths number exceeds 165 person. Hospitals are working overcapacity and some parts of hospitals destroyed and many Hospitals are already declared inability to accommodate patients due to COVID19.It's reported that a wheat storage facility has been completely destroyed.more than 300000 person lost their homes and jobs.urgent assistant is needed
Beirut Explosion Response
On Tuesday August 4, two explosions took place in a warehouse in the port of Beirut, causing death, injury, and destruction of homes. Many are seeking emergency support. Through our community-led approach, our teams are responding immediately with relief for survivors, including food, hygiene kits, masks to protect from toxic fumes, and transit for families to reach shelter outside of Beirut.
Support Students' Education in Beirut
In light of the collapse of the economic situation that threatens the Lebanese society as a whole, particularly Beirut families who are directly affected by the explosion, and the resulting financial inability of families to meet their basic needs, including their inability to secure school supplies and to provide food and clothing due to the significant loss for these families, we launch this project to ensure students receive their tuition fees for the upcoming academic year.
Help the Franciscan Convent and people in Beirut
The two terrible explosions on the 4th August hit the Franciscan community in Beirut. The Franciscan church (Santa Church) and the adjoining convent (St. Joseph) had many damages at the structure. More than 100 people died in the city and many families lost their houses. This project will serve not only to support the Franciscan friars in the reconstruction of the Church of Beirut, but also to support the Lebanese people in a difficult moment of crisis
Emergency Relief in Lebanon
by Anera
On Aug 4, a massive explosion shook Beirut, killing untold numbers of people and injuring thousands. The blast left 300,000 homeless and overwhelmed Lebanon's healthcare system during the country's worst economic and health crises. Rapid currency devaluation and inflation in Lebanon and the ongoing pandemic have already pushed most of Lebanon's refugee population into abject poverty. Anera is responding, but donated humanitarian supplies will have to ship by air, raising costs to transport aid.
Beirut Explosion Emergency Fund 50 Families
On 4 August 2020, a series of explosions rocked the port of Beirut city. The powerful main blast resulted in at least 157 deaths, dozens of missing people, and upwards of 5,000 injured and an estimated 300,000 people left homeless. In response to this horrific event, The Nawaya Network and the IE Alumni Association in Lebanon, registration number 1185/AD, are partnering up to raise funds for disaster relief, health, and shelter organizations. Donations are tax-deductible for US and UK citizens.
Relief for Beirut Explosion Victims
The only thing holding Beirut together at the moment is the solidarity between people, in the total absence of the government. Although we are not a disaster relief team, we are, like many others, working directly on the ground to help those affected. Cleaning the glass and rubble, feeding people in the streets and trying to help families affected by providing them with the basics. We will also be performing in shelters for children, providing psychosocial support and relief.
Lebanese Red Cross Appeal - Beirut Blast
This project will support LRC response in Lebanon to respond to the ongoing crisis especially now after the blast through its Emergency Medical Services (Ambulances), Blood Centers, Medico Social (Dispensaries , Mobile Clinics..), Relief (Shelter, Food Parcels, etc ), and programs (Psychological Support, Restoring Family Links etc).
Beirut Port Explosion Emergency Response Project
The Beirut Port Explosion Emergency Response Project will provide immediate survival support to people affected by the 04.08.2020 disastrous explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. INSAN will undertake the following actions: Provide food assistance by cooking and distributing cooked meal portions. Provide accommodative assistance by distributing items such as mattresses, bed sheets. Provide medicines. Provide hygienic assistance by distributing cleaning, antiseptic and baby supplies.
Emergency Response to Explosion in Lebanon
On August 4, a massive explosion ripped through Beirut, Lebanon. The powerful explosion - believed to have occurred in a warehouse storing thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate - registered as a 3.3 magnitude earthquake in Beirut, and was felt as far as Cyprus. Reports state the blast has killed at least 100 people, injured 4,000 and displaced 300,000 people. International Medical Corps is on the ground in Beirut and has launched an emergency response to address surging health needs.
Standing Hand in Hand with Beirut
The situation in Lebanon is heartbreaking! Thousands of people have been severely wounded in a huge blast that ripped through Lebanon's capital, Beirut, and the number of deaths is still rising. Hospitals are working overcapacity and some parts of hospitals destroyed. Rafic Hariri Hospital Hospital is already on the verge of declaring its inability to accommodate patients due to COVID 19. It's reported that a wheat storage facility has been completely destroyed.
Equipment for the Beirut Fire Brigade
The Beirut Brigade of the Lebanese firefighters witnessed first-hand the tragedy of the Beirut explosion on August 4, 2020, where 10 of their comrades died while battling the blaze. Since then, they have remained on the ground, putting out fires, scanning and rescuing the injured and pulling bodies and remains from the rubble. While we cannot replace these losses, we aim to raise funds for necessary equipment for their safety and continuity in their honorable mission.
Help us rebuild homes after Beirut Port Explosion
by SHiFT
On 4.8.2020, a massive explosion in the Beirut port left more than 300,000 people without a safe home, with shattered doors and windows. After inspecting damages on site, Urban Network has decided to tackle the urgent waste management issue, the result of the deadly blast that hit Beirut. Focusing mainly on "Upcycling Wood", the initiative entitled "We Wood - Beirut", will rebuild homes and dreams, in collaboration with many different organizations and with the support of motivated volunteers.
Beirut Healthcare Relief Fund
Project funds will be directed to the hospital staff at St. John's Hospital and Rizk Hospital, as well as the Maronite Missionary Church, to be used to alleviate the local health care providers' most urgent needs following the devastating port explosion on August 4th. Lebanon was suffering a major economic crisis and shortage of medical supplies, equipment and PPE supplies amid the COVID pandemic before the explosion in Beirut on August 4th.
Syrian Refugee -Beirut explosion and COVID 19
The massive explosion that rocked Beirut and destroyed much of the Lebanese capital's port last week threatens to have disastrous consequences for the roughly 1.5 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees who have long relied on humanitarian aid in the country. They were already vulnerable, because of the bad economic crisis and corona virus crisis and measures that had impacted the whole country. At least 43 Syrian workers were among the victims of the blast which killed more than 200 people.
Emergency Response in Beirut, Lebanon
The IRC emergency unit has launched an immediate response in Lebanon. The IRC will provide immediate cash and economic assistance to those impacted and displaced by the explosion in Beirut. The explosion - which killed 137 people and wounded 5,000 as of August 6th - has left an additional 300,000 people displaced. This devastation comes on top of an already looming threat of economic collapse, and threat of increasing scarcity of food connected to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Beirut is our Star (Beirut emergency response)
Lebanon is devastated! Beirut, the capital, and its population have been shaken to the core! Two huge explosions at Beirut's port sent an enormous blast wave across the city, killing at least 137 people and injuring around 5,000 more. Hundreds have been reported missing, raising fears that the death toll will rise. The scale of the damage is huge, with buildings miles from the port lying in ruin. The horrific explosions have only exacerbated an already precarious situation the country is facing.
Food & medication for Lebanese disabled children
by Sesobel
Immense suffering has befallen us all; really a tragedy confronts us! At SESOBEL , more than 1300 children suffering from intellectual and/or motor disabilities or from autism, are taken care of annually in terms of medical, social, educational, rehabilitation, and human assistance. They come from every region in Lebanon and abroad and were welcomed regardless of community, religion or ethnic backgrounds. 81% of our children and youth come from modest families, living in very tough condition
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