American Open
want to see your project or a project you know of on globalgiving? Check out the american open challenge - it's happening right now.

The American Open II is a great opportunity to join the GlobalGiving community – so you can leverage our donor networks, technology, and partner relationships to raise funds for your projects online. GlobalGiving's American Open featured in the New York Times.

In order to participate you must be a US 501 (c)3) and be working inside the United States only. Fill out the nomination form to get started.

If you are an organization working outside the US (even if you are a US 501(c)3) you are NOT eligible for this opportunity - see how to nominate your organization for another Open event. Another Global Open will take place in November.

Raise $4000 and 50 unique donors to earn a spot on
The American Open II runs from October 27-November 30, 2009. Be sure to complete your nomination and submit due diligence by October 2, 2009. Through the Open, projects have the opportunity to earn a spot on the GlobalGiving website if they can mobilize supporters to raise $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during this time period. Projects meeting these thresholds can also compete for additional funding: the three projects receiving the most funding will receive additional awards of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, respectively; the project receiving the most number of donations will receive an additional $3,000.
  • Ability to leverage GlobalGiving’s relationships with corporate and foundation partners: GlobalGiving has an extensive network of corporate partners, and projects may be eligible for employee and corporate giving campaigns and matching funds from organizations including Nike, HP, Gap, Ford Motor Company, Yahoo, Intel, and Dell Computer;
  • GlobalGiving’s foundation partners also provide funding to support specific campaigns, and include Omidyar Network, Skoll Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, and Packard Foundation;
  • Exposure and promotion to the media: GlobalGiving has been featured in major media outlets including the New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post;
  • The GlobalGiving Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and provides tax receipts directly to US donors who give through our website;
  • Individual donors can make donations as small as $10 so anyone can make an impact;
  • You get access to a wide variety of customized marketing and fundraising tools that support your fundraising. These include:
    1. Full online giving capability, including a “personalized landing page” on the GlobalGiving website for each project you post;
    2. Viral communication tools – personalized widgets, email templates, online marketing tips, ability to communicate directly with donors through the GlobalGiving website;
    3. Live web chats and teleconferences to learn about the latest online fundraising techniques that you can use to increase your donor base;
    4. Opportunity to participate in regular/ongoing marketing and fundraising campaigns and challenges, many of which offer matching funds or bounty awards;
    5. Alternative gift options such as gift cards and donating to your project “in honor of” someone;
    6. Opportunity for you to engage your donors in different ways, for example gift registries and fundraisers for your project;
    7. Ability to list multiple projects on GlobalGiving after you qualify for a spot on;
    8. Potential to list projects and raise funds on GlobalGiving UK, a sister site (only after you qualify for a spot on;
Who can nominate a project?

Anyone can nominate a project, provided they are familiar with the organization and its work. Nominators can be an employee, a volunteer, a donor, or a board member – or benefit from the services the organization provides.

When you successfully nominate an organization to the American Open II you will be eligible to enter a drawing to win $1000 that will be donated to the American charity or Global Giving project of your choice.

What kinds of organizations are eligible for GlobalGiving’s American Open II?

Organizations must conform/agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • They are a US 501(c)3 organization in good standing with the IRS (meaning they are registered);
  • They can post a project that is working in the United States, serving US-based communities;
  • They are GuideStar listed;
  • They will agree to GlobalGiving’s anti-terrorism and anti-discrimination policies and other terms and conditions of the GlobalGiving community;
  • They will participate in the GlobalGiving platform by entering project information, reporting quarterly, and activating around programs/promotions.
Can I recommend an organization that works outside the US, and thus is not eligible for the American Open II?

Yes – you can refer another organization here.

You can refer your own organization here.

How do I nominate an organization?

Nominate a project via our online form. You will be asked to confirm that your nominee conforms to GlobalGiving’s terms and conditions (see 2) above). The project organization contact will then be notified of their nomination. We encourage you to let the project know as well, and encourage them to participate, as GlobalGiving will not pursue the project once the initial notification email is sent.

Can I nominate multiple projects from my organization?

No. The organization referred to GlobalGiving can post only one project initially. Once you achieve the donation thresholds (raise $4,000 in donations through at least 50 donors) and qualify for a permanent spot on the site, you can post multiple projects.

What does the organization need to do to get started?

They will need to submit their due diligence documentation to us for review. These documents are

  • signed GlobalGiving anti-terror certification;
  • signed anti-discrimination policy;
  • letters of reference;
  • US 501(c)3 determination letter;
  • Most recent IRS Form 990. You will be able to upload these documents directly to the GlobalGiving website. GlobalGiving must review these documents before you will be allowed to post a project. Remember, the sooner you submit the documents, the more time you will have to craft and enter a project! Last date for project nominations and due diligence is October 2, 2009.
  • Due Diligence must be completed and received by GlobalGiving no later than October 2, 2009 in order to participate.
What happens after we submit our application materials?

The GlobalGiving team will review your due diligence documents and let you know if your documents have been approved. Then you will be given a username and password to enter your project into the project entry system for our website. Remember, the earlier you submit your application, then the more time you will have to enter your project.

Is there a project proposal template? How do I write the project?

You will enter details about your project online via GlobalGiving’s project entry system. We suggest you start collecting photos and background information/documentation about your project, and think about how to present your project in an engaging and compelling way. Look through other projects on our website to see the information that is presented. Read more tips here.

How do I “win”?

You must mobilize supporters to raise $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during this time period in order to secure a “permanent” spot on GlobalGiving. In addition, projects meeting these thresholds can also compete for additional funding: the three projects receiving the most funding will receive additional awards of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, respectively; the project receiving the most number of donations will receive an additional $3,000.

What’s the minimum dollar amount someone can donate?

The minimum online donation is $10.

Can donors donate by check?

Yes, but all checks must be received by GlobalGiving by November 27th 2009. In addition, check donors must specify the name of your project on the check in order for it to properly attributed to your project.

What will happen to the funds raised if I don’t succeed in getting 50 donors and $4,000?

In December, the funds will be disbursed to your project, but you will not stay on the GlobalGiving site beyond November 30.

Has GlobalGiving run similar “open” competitions in the past?

Yes, we have. You can view our American Open here.

Do you have suggestions for how we can get the word out once we post our project?

You can post news about the challenge on blogs, on your Facebook or MySpace page, on your organization's website, and on your friend's sites. Write an email to your friends and supporters asking them to spread the word through their websites and emails to other friends. Tell them about the benefits of donating through GlobalGIving, for example they can donate in honor of someone with a tribute card! Pick up the phone and ask your friend to set up small fundraisers for you ( there is a fundraiser tool on!)