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Whether they’re empowering people with disabilities in India, using innovative solutions to fight antibiotic-resistant infections in Kenya, or bringing a mobile library to remote villages in Ecuador, these organizations are taking on some of the toughest problems facing their communities. And with your help, they’ll succeed. 

Educating 400 Children in 8 Slums in Delhi/Gurgaon
by Sukarya
Education on wheels [EOW] is an uniquely designed program which prepares slum children for formal education by taking the school to them. EOW is a well equipped bus with computers, TV and other essential education related materials. The idea is to motivate slum kids & their parents by providing good facilities, skilled teachers & innovative curriculum to bring kids up to 3rd grade school level in one year, preparing them for 3rd grade examination & enroll them into local 4th grade school.
Promoting Human Rights of Refugees in Europe
We believe the humanitarian crises unfolding across Europe require a strategic and long-term advocacy approach and sustained pressure from civil society actors. We furthermore believe a regional, national and international response to asylum and migration that upholds the human rights of people seeking refuge in Europe is perfectly possible. In 2020, we will continue calling for change, from ensuring humane living conditions in transit points to stopping the obstruction of asylum procedures.
Help a Malnourished Child with Whisper's Hospital
by Whisper
Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital is Uganda's third dedicated children's hospital. The hospital works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; it specializes in emergencies, blood transfusions, and treating malnourished children. The hospital also provides free meals, nappies (diapers) and clean bedding daily. Each month the hospital treats around 1000 children. We treat children for a flat $10 fee, although about 260 patients a month are admitted and attended to without any fees at all
Giant Trees for Climate Change Mitigation in India
Large trees play a critical role in provisioning of economically important and climate regulating ecosystem services such as water, non-timber forest produce and carbon to millions of people in tropical countries of the world. In absence of clear conservation policy and poor understanding of their importance in supporting sustainable societies, these trees are facing imminent threat. The project will take measures to avoid indiscriminate felling of 1000 large trees in the Western Ghats of India
Peace for Syrian Refugee Children
To enhance the wellbeing, resilience and psychological reintegration of children impacted by armed conflict and violence and reduce violent behavior risk, IAHV conducted till now Stress Relief and Resilience workshops for 5,560 children; Resilience and Empowerment programs for 1,658 parents; Stress Management and Professional Care for 450 social and youth workers. 310 at risk and traumatised youths underwent a deep Healing and Human values Training, while 68 were trained as peace ambassadors.
Helping Abused Girls, Sierra Leone
We have built a shelter for young female victims of violence (gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, rape, etc). We provide the necessary medical and psychological treatment, legal aid, education, and basic needs (food, water, clothing, hygiene) to help these girls heal and return to their families and communities. We need additional funding to continue operating our shelter and providing prevention and intervention programs to address the source of the problems.
Play center for 80 children with cancer in Mexico
The procedures that patients undergo (children and teenagers), the undesirable effects of chemotherapy and its life expectancy lead to stress in children, which manifests in anxiety, fear, behavioral changes, irritability, and withdrawal behaviors. The goals of the play center are: Use positive reinforcement techniques for enhancing patient motivation, To improve their mood and reinforce their immune system, To preserve the health and satisfy special education needs of oncological patients
Save our School: 230 Burundian Pupils Need a Roof
The Murakaza school is a beacon of hope for 230 children and their families who live near Bujumbura, the capital. It provides basic literacy and life skills to children and offers social services and vocational training to their mothers. Recent floods badly damaged the structure which needed urgent repairs. With your help the school was rebuilt, but it still needs your support to continue to offer the children a start in life.
Open Doors to Change for 100 Homeless Women
Women's Housing Coalition is opening the doors to change for formerly homeless women and their children. We are helping them take control of their lives and learn how to lead stable lives. The Women's Housing Coalition is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for women and children by providing affordable housing and supportive services to enable them to sustain social and financial independence. We offer housing, case management, and life skills training tailored to the individual.
Daily porridge for 750 Infants in Northern Uganda
Our project will provide a daily cup of porridge for 750 (increased from 670) nursery school children, in the 5 schools we support, who without us would not eat during the day. Northern Uganda was devastated by a long war, where thousands of children were abducted and forced to be child soldiers. These children are now parents and, having lost everything, many are unable to feed their own children, leaving them to forage for insects and plants to survive. Our porridge will change that.
Give a Home to a Child in need from Cartagena
With your help we will protect 25 children who are in street life situations, they will be emotionally and physically rehabilitated to start a new life. We wish to continue providing services in the house of Dones, where we have changed many lives. The house has been adapted to accommodate our children; it includes a kitchen to prep freshly cooked meals, a spacious outside area to play, a psychology office, two comfortable bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, and classroom/computer room.
Beekeeping with Indigenous People in the Amazon
This project is training Maijuna indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon how to raise native stingless bees as a sustainable income source. The Maijuna live in one of the most biologically rich places on Earth and this project provides them with an alternative source of income from other more destructive economic activities such as logging and overhunting. Your support will help to empower the Maijuna to conserve their heavily forested ancestral lands for future generations!
Help Abused Young Women get Justice in Leeds
Thousands of children and young women are affected by abuse - be that domestic violence, sexual abuse, forced marriage, honour based violence or stalking - and despite the taboo being lifted, it is often still kept secret, with victims and children remaining in dangerous situations, living in terror. We will give them a personal attack alarm, and help get them to court to give evidence, giving them safe and secure lives to make a positive contribution to each other and the community.
Support 160+ Disabled Children in India, Telangana
160+ children with special needs got enrolled into 'BRESH schools'. Background of these children are invariably socially, economically backward and most of them are orphans & severely disabled due to malnutrition. Due to poverty these children are neglected by the parents. Such children with disabilities need individual care and special training. This project funds will help 'BRESH schools' to provide quality Residential Education, training and care at free of cost for enrolled disabled children
Empower Youth Transition from Orphanage to Society
Orphanages in Panama face a big problem with institutionalized youth that have no access to quality education and generally fail to integrate in society. Our program focuses on women and works on their personal development. This project will help us expand to 2 orphanages in one of the most dangerous parts of Panama City - San Miguelito, where the rates of adolescent pregnancy, drug abuse, crime and prostitution are highest. Our program provides them with a chance for a better life & education.
Fight Malnutrition in Rural Guatemala
This project will increase the nutritional intake of Tzu'tujil Mayan families by introducing a comprehensive nutrition, cooking, and garden program focusing on easily grown, nutrient dense foods.
Quality Healthcare to70000 patients in Rural India
Set up on the 30th of September 1996,in the wake of a devastating earthquake, the SPARSH rural hospital (of the PRIDE India) continues to be one of the only source of quality healthcare to villagers from Marathawada region, especially Osmanabad ,Latur districts in Maharashtra, India. The hospital provides primary healthcare with its 40-bedded high specialty facility, support and care to people living with HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Healthcare and Outreach activities through Mobile Medical Van
The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness
At a time of growing social divisions, The Forgiveness Project has gained a reputation for using narrative and storytelling techniques as a way to reach across the rifts of race, faith and geography. One of the ways we do this is through our internationally-renowned travelling exhibition The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness. The collection uses real stories of forgiveness from around the world to challenge black and white views and build bridges between people.
Autoconstruccion de centros comunitarios indigenas
The Reconstruction Project seeks to reduce vulnerability of communities in the Mountain region of Guerrero, where 85% of indigenous population of the state is settled, which was hit by 2 hurricanes in 2013. To achieve this, we focus on preventing territorial-environmental risks through analysis and workshops with the people affected; as well as increasing capacities to build secure constructions with adobe, adapted to their culture, climatological conditions and based on traditional knowledge
Help 429 children go to school in Afghanistan
This school in Nangarhar province offers co-education for boys and girls, which represents a major progress especially in an Afghan rural area, where girls rarely attend and even complete school education. It has greatly enhanced the prospect for jobs and the general economic situation of the population. Because of its rural location, the next Government school is too far away for young kids. When they finish class 6 and then transfer to a Government School, they usually take top places.
Change Lives of 50 Mentally Ill for the Better
About 300,000 of mentally disabled adults in Moscow suffer of social isolation, unemployment, neglect, poverty. They cannot access opportunities like education, employment, social interaction and are excluded from the society. This project will affect up to 50 people with severe mental illness by means of providing them with social rehabilitation and long-life support that will improve their social functioning and give them an opportunity to live their lives in an independent and productive way.
Economic Empowerment for Women
A self-help UK registered Diaspora Charity established 1991. ESWA have carried out several successful projects for the benefit of women and young people in the UK and Edo State Nig. We provide women with financial education, business mentoring and business lending. Over 28 years experience of working with women in Edo State. Our programs have economically empowered women, families and help many work their ways out of poverty. ESWA have history and verifiable records of beneficial available.
Help Make an Island Plastic Free
The project will work on the small Island of Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia, where the authorities and community have set themselves the goal of becoming plastic free. We believe we can greatly help them. Working with two schools we will train teachers to deliver our eight-lesson plastic education program to a total of 240 students. Plastic cups will then be phased out of sale at schools' canteens and instead, students will purchase water refills in BPA-free stainless steel bottles, which we provide.
New Hope for Antibiotic Resistance in East Africa
By 2050 an estimated 10 million people will die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections -- almost 90% of those in the developing world. To address this, Phages for Global Health is teaching scientists in East Africa how to develop cheap, naturally occurring antibiotic alternatives (phages) that are effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Phages have been used successfully against problem bacteria for >100 years in certain regions, but they have not yet been applied in Africa.
Women Empowering Women in Africa and Asia
A life-changing training program for women in developing countries - Women's Mentorship Program (WMP). A unique opportunity for women to learn management skills and financial best practice from other women managers, and expand their professional skill set in areas of employment normally dominated by men. The experience promotes gender equality. It transforms careers, credit unions and communities by teaching skills that enable women to be successful managers of co-op financial institutions.
Sponsor a London Child to Give Sense of Belonging
A & V Rhythmic club are going to purchase 30 tracksuits for children who would otherwise not be able to afford one. It is very important for every child to have a sense of belonging. To be able to wear a club tracksuit gives a child /gymnast the pride and confidence to face anything. The A & V Club mission is to identify and support the new generation of rhythmic gymnasts in London. Children whose families can not afford the track suit deserve the same advantages as their more affluent peers
Help prevent 700 children from drowning in Vietnam
In Vietnam, it is estimated that 35 people will lose their lives to drowning each day and 11 of those will be children. Help us safeguard the lives of 700 children, by teaching them to swim in our internationally recognized 18-class survival swimming course.
Help Care for 60 Domestically Abused Children
Foundation Karibu Tanzania (FKT) a Non Profit Organization based in Mwanza, operates the one and only Tanzanian rescue center for children who have been severely domestically abused and tortured. We rescue and provide medical and psycho-social care and eventually reintegrate the children back into their families of origin for a sustainable, but safe, solution. We seek financial aid to rescue and care for 60 severely domestically abused children who have nowhere else to go other than FKT.
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