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Trusting in crowds (May 2013)

"Crowdsourcing" pools the strength of the many to perform complex tasks-everything from funding a film to sequencing DNA. At its heart is trust-not a blanket belief in great institutions, but rather the confidence among individuals that each will do the right thing. Its power is being increasingly felt today, even in the world of international development.

Who won the super bowl? (February 5, 2012)

"Some say the Ravens won. Others say Beyonce. I think it was GlobalGiving with this tweet during the blackout:

Giving Goes Grassroots (July 1, 2010)

Tara Swords features GlobalGiving co-founder Mari Kuraishi in a One+ piece focused on GlobalGiving's unique approach to development from the bottom-up. Mari explains, "If you're really committed to development, what are you going to do? Tell the people who live in countries where the governments are weak or corrupt, 'Best of luck, your government couldn't manage its way out of a brown paper bag so whatever support the World Bank gives you is probably going to be frittered away, but that's your problem and not ours.'" The article also explains the GlobalGiving model and innovative ways to put GlobalGiving giftcards to work

Kristof highlights GlobalGiving projects as great gift option for Father's Day (June 16, 2010)

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof highlights GlobalGiving projects--including the favorite heroRATS--in his Father's Day column, arguing that, "Father's Day tends to be less a celebration of fatherhood than a triumph of commercialism. The National Retail Federation projects that Americans will spend $9.8 billion on Father's Day this year...that's more than enough to assure a primary education for every child on the planet who is not getting one right now. In fact, we could send every child to primary school and have enough left over to get each dad a (cheap) necktie. And if we skipped store-bought cards (almost $750 million annually) and offered handmade versions, the savings alone could make a vast difference to great programs that help young American men escape poverty."

Online giving marketplace growing quickly (May 10, 2010)

GlobalGiving is featured in Todd Cohen's piece in Philanthropy Journal on the online giving marketplace and its growing ability to leverage and serve corporate giving and cause-related marketing. Ginger Sall, GlobalGiving supporter, is quoted and summarizes the unique philosophy and impact of the GlobalGiving model, saying, "We trust Dennis and Mari and their systems for authenticating projects and donors in places we're not going to be able to go. They embody many of the ideas of global giving. They're about learning and sharing and collaborating."

A New Era of Muslim-American Philanthropy Requires Fewer Obstacles to Giving (June 24, 2009)

GlobalGiving Program Officer Saima Zaman offers commentary and opinion on steps charitable organizations can take to reduce the obstacles facing Muslim American donors.

Alumni Profile of Dennis Whittle '86 - Princeton Alumni Weekly (March 29, 2009)

If you saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire and wondered how you could improve the lives of the homeless children that the film depicts stowing away on trains, Dennis Whittle *86 has an idea for you. With a credit card and a few clicks at Whittle's, you can donate to an organization in India that's building schools on train platforms to educate transient children.

Mari Kuraishi and the GlobalGiving Foundation The Glass Hammer (January 23, 2009)

Take this image for a spin: A Kenyan nurse gets notice that a particular patient needs help. She packs up her tools, straps them over her shoulder and quickly makes her way out to . . . her motorcycle. And then, visualize Washington D.C.-based philanthropist Mari Kuraishi grinning when she pictures one of her favorite projects coming to life.

Peer Giving's Slow Climb to Sustainability — Philanthro Media (August 11, 2008)

There are more fundamental questions to be asked about peer giving. The first is: Why is it taking so long for these organizations to get an Internet effect? It is not for lack of quality or effort — anyone will tell you that two of the coolest nonprofits in the country are GlobalGiving and DonorsChoose, with great people, great product, great technology, etc. It's not about pricing — many of these sites provide free transactions and research shows donors feel pricing is down the list of priorities behind engagement and other key factors.

Deal of the Day: 3 Charity Sites That Let Donors Call the Shots — Smart Money (August 5, 2008)

If you want to exercise the kind of control that deep-pocketed philanthropists enjoy, consider donating to one of a new breed of charities that allow donors to browse descriptions of specific projects online and fund them, in whole or in part. Among the most well-established in this group are, and GlobalGiving, according to Rick Cohen, membership and technology director at the National Council of Nonprofit Associations.

Environmental Charities At Global Giving Green — Sundance Channel Greenzine (August 1, 2008)

GlobalGiving Green has relationships with the most successful and competent charities in the world. By pulling together organizations from around the globe into one easy-to-use webpage, GlobalGiving Green takes the guesswork out of giving to environmental causes.

Web tool ranking green developments launched — Professional Fundraising (July 31, 2008)

Donors concerned about the carbon footprint of their philanthropy have been given a new internet tool to ensure their money goes to projects that have the least negative impact on climate change. Washington-based GlobalGiving has launched GlobalGiving Green, a system which scores social enterprises and small scale developments around the world according to their environmental impact.

Can a Simple Website be Effective? GlobalGiving Thinks So! — Eyeing Marketing (July 30, 2008)

Most people tend to find new non-profits through their personal network or direct solicitations from a charity. However, a number of websites have sprung up that seek to match donors with non-profits and projects that match their unique outlook. Sean Stannard-Stockton suggests that by identifying non-profits that fit your values and beliefs, you will find giving much more satisfying and may well want to become even more involved.

GlobalGiving Goes Green — World Changing (July 30, 2008)

Stories of distant, weather-rocked communities, from Katrina to China, Thailand to Africa, are enough to make any news reader feel a little helpless. The problems are big, and the ways support those trying to make a difference are often confusing. How do you choose what projects to support? How will you know your money is truly going to a beneficial, effective cause?

Online Giving Site Promotes Green Projects — Chronicle of Philanthropy (July 25, 2008)

GlobalGiving, a Web site where donors give money to support international charitable projects, is adding a new section to allow donors to support environmentally friendly international projects.

The Future of Philanthropy: Giving 2.0 — Stanford Social Innovation Review (July 11, 2008)

In the US, innovative online giving markets such as GlobalGiving have finally started to receive the attention they deserve. They are harnessing new technologies and adapting business concepts to change the face of philanthropy and increase levels of civic participation throughout the developing world.

Satisfaction guaranteed by a little research — Financial Times (February 2, 2008)

Most people tend to find new non-profits through their personal network or direct solicitations from a charity. However, a number of websites have sprung up that seek to match donors with non-profits and projects that match their unique outlook. Sean Stannard-Stockton suggests that by identifying non-profits that fit your values and beliefs, you will find giving much more satisfying and may well want to become even more involved.

Digital Donations — The Gainesville Sun (February 1, 2008)

Nongovernmental Group Making Personal Philanthropy Easy — (January 16, 2008)

GlobalGiving is making giving to international development causes easy while ensuring donors their gifts have the effects they expect - and in addition, the GlobalGiving guarantee ensures donor satisfaction.

Thanks to advancements in web technology and the undeniable influence of social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Myspace, a growing number of Americans are going online to sites such as GlobalGiving to give.

Giving Site Offers Donors a Satisfaction Guarantee — The Chronicle of Philanthropy (November 29, 2007)

GlobalGiving launches GlobalGiving Guaranteed - ensuring donors a satisfactory experience, or a refund voucher up to $10,000.

News, updates, project picks and thoughts from the world of GlobalGiving.

Donor Power Blog: Donor Power Award (December 2007)

GlobalGiving was awarded a coveted Donor Power Award by the Donor Power Blog for GlobalGiving Guaranteed. (November 2007)

Quantum Shift TV - a "21st Century Storyteller" delivering solution-oriented news and entertainment that inspires and empowers people to take action - calls GlobalGiving's gift cards "some of the best (gift cards) you'll ever buy."

PHILANTHROPY 2173: GlobalGiving Guaranteed (November 2007)

Lucy Bernholz, author of the Philanthropy 2173 Blogs, gives her reaction to GlobalGiving Guaranteed (spoiler: she loves it).

Extreme nonprofit makeover (July 2007)

Katya Andresen, author of Robin Hood Marketing and the popular Non-Profit Marketing Blog, tells why she likes GlobalGiving's site makeover.

Good Redesign Example (July 2007)

onLine, the newest blog of onPhilanthropy that examines all things related to philanthropy and "being online," highlights the new GlobalGiving site's "smart Web 2.0 design... GlobalGiving has definitely gone from caterpillar to butterfly with their redesign."

Los cibervoluntarios ayudan a acortar la brecha social en países empobrecidos — El Pais (April 2007)

Spain's El Pais describes GlobalGiving and the role of the Internet in connecting donors and projects across borders (article in Spanish).

A Good Run for Your Money: What's the best way to loan a poor entrepreneur $20? — Slate Magazine (March 2007)

Jude Stewart rates organizations according to user experience, trust, and effectiveness and GlobalGiving performs well — "you can't beat that kind of accountability."

To Do: Be Generous — The Atlantic Online (March 2007)

James Fallows on how is using the Internet to transform how people can support causes they believe in.

It's Not Just Oprah, As Many Join The Private Foreign Aid Effort (March 2007)

Julia Malone gives some examples of how small donations can have a real impact on development around the world.

Ordinary Oprahs — NPR's "Rough Cuts" with Michel Martin (January 11, 2007)

The hullabaloo surrounding the opening of Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa inspired this story of how others — without "Oprah-sized" pockets — have quietly been doing the same thing.

Give Globally this season — Orlando Sentinel Blog (December 12, 2006)

Laura Brost asks "...Is all this stuff really that necessary? Living in a country rich with possessions and blessed in health — or at least the ability to buy and get well — isn't it humbling to purchase even more when there are people who can't even afford to survive? That very reasoning is why was created. The website is a go-between for those who want to donate money and organizations throughout the world who are in need of it."

Changing the World, One Gift at a Time — The Case Foundation Spotlight (December 2006)

Elaine Gast on how making a gift to charity in someone else's name is a way to honor someone you care about while making your dollars do good.

Give to Get — The Huffington Post (December 10, 2006)

Dennis Whittle on how GlobalGiving gives everyone choice, provides a direct connection with powerful work around the world, and enables people to give the gift of giving. What could be more fulfilling during the holiday season?

How to Give Away a Million Dollars (November 10, 2006)

Slate asks writers, artists, academics, and other thoughtful people: "If you had a million dollars to give, who would get it?" James Fallows, national correspondent for the Atlantic tells why he thinks GlobalGiving is deserving.

In the Head of a Globizen (November 10, 2006)

Spiritual Economics — How to Make a Difference at the Individual Level.

The Charity Long Tail (11/01/06)

The Deep Market Advanced Stock Market Analysis blog follows Time Magazine's lead (11/6 issue) in promoting the merits of "giving to the little guys," including GlobalGiving.

When Mondays are as good as Fridays (10/30/06)

Peter Brinckerhoff on his experience moderating a panel at NetImpact including GlobalGiving's Dennis Whittle..."the panelists were amazing, as are their organizations."

WorldChanging: GlobalGiving Olympics (10/23/06)

Katz on GlobalGiving's project competition.

Beth's Blog: An Interview With Mari Kuraishi (8/10/06)

Beth Kanter talks to GlobalGiving President and Founder.

Help Development Projects in the Philippines No Matter Where You Are (8/15/2006)

GlobalGiving helps drive the "long tail" of development.


Charities Try New Ways to Test Ideas Quickly and Polish Them Later

The Chronicle of Philanthropy | March 2014
GlobalGiving, a charity website that matches donors with community-development projects overseas, has used lean principles to test whether the training it provides to groups that raise money through its site are making a difference. The lean methodology advocates this approach-called "A/B testing"-to identify what's working and what's not.

GlobalGiving compared a group of charities that went through a formal training-academy program — which included bi-weekly seminars and homework — against a control group that participated in a few webinars but didn't complete a full course.

Development Marketplace: A Silicon Valley for development

Development Outreach | July 2010
Mari Kuraishi writes for the World Bank Institute's Development Outreach on the history of, challenges related to, and lessons learned from the Development Marketplace that she and Dennis Whittle created at the World Bank prior to their founding GlobalGiving. (PDF File)

A marketplace for Giving

Fox Business News | May 28, 2010
Dennis Whittle, Co-Founder and CEO of GlobalGiving, appears on Fox Business News, discussing the GlobalGiving model and how it makes meaningful connections between people and the causes they support.

The Best Gifts Are The Meaningful Ones

CBS 2 News | December 23, 2009
As you look for the perfect holiday gift, CBS 2 News highlights the GlobalGiving Gift Card as a meaningful way to give a gift that embodies the altruistic spirit of the holidays.

Unwrap the Good

ABC News | December 23, 2009
Shopping for last-minute gifts doesn't have to mean buying a tie or pajamas set. Instead, founders Mari Kuraishi and Dennis Whittle provide their top ten suggestions for creative last-minute gifts that give back.

Last-Minute Gifts for Under $50

Weekend Today Show | December 20, 2009
Robyn Moreno, author of Practically Posh, presents great last-minute gifts including a bike for a schoolgirl in India through

Commentary on Giving

WAMU 88.5 FM | December 11, 2009
The holiday season is in full swing, and as commentator Dennis Whittle notes, many people are once again wondering if the spirit of "giving back" has been replaced by consumerism ...

Links to the audio file of the commentary:     Real Audio Format      Windows Media Format

Twice as nice: Gifts that benefit nonprofits

The Miami Herald | November 30, 2009
During the holidays, a contradiction appears between saving the world and looting the malls. But these days it is not necessarily an either-or proposition. GlobalGiving Gift Cards are mentioned as a great example of a gift that adds a charitable dimension to holiday gift-giving.

Black Friday Alternatives: Sleep-In, Buy Nothing, Wear Plaid | November 27, 2009
During "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, everyone is supposed to hit the stores to do their holiday shopping. "To buy or not to buy?" seems to be the question. Promoting November 27th as The Great American Sleep-in is a way for GlobalGiving to encourage people to spend time with the people they care about and purchase gifts through GlobalGiving.

A New Black Friday Tradition

Fox | November 25, 2009
Instead of braving the mall traffic on Black Friday, Homa Tavangar, the author of "Growing up Global: Raising Children to be at Home in the World," and her family were looking for a fun experience that made a difference in the world at Thanksgiving. They found a solution at GlobalGiving. Read more about their new family tradition.

Expanding Your Horizons

Wall Street Journal | November 9, 2009
For donors looking to target specific causes overseas, the old standbys don't always do the trick.

Get involved, Get connected - Gifts that give

NEED magazine | November, 2009
NEED Magazine is an award-winning magazine which combines captivating images with stories surrounding organizations and individuals who make a difference. GlobalGiving is mentioned as one of their featured organizations.

Giving by the People, for the People.

World Pulse Magazine | Summer/Fall 2009 Issue
Founder Mari Kuraishi explains the inspiration behind GlobalGiving and how the online marketplace has transformed over the years to serve grassroot projects all over the world.

New Fame for the Everyday Donor

New York Times | November 12, 2009.
After years of focus on celebrity mega-donors, the everyday donor is emerging as philanthropy's newest hero. GlobalGiving is mentioned as a great example of how the principle of modest giving can make a difference for so many charities.

How we can all help world's oppressed women

The Sacramento Bee | October 30, 2009
Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of the new book "Half the Sky", shares her experiences of gender inequality in the developing world and how individuals can make a difference. GlobalGiving is mentioned as a great tool to connect with those in needs and support women all over the world.

Do-It-Yourself Foreign Aid

New York Times | August 18, 2009
Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn offer suggestions for how to help the world's needy with a focus on solutions involving women. One of their recommendations -

As Ramadan nears, Muslims plan to donate

USA Today | August 19, 2009
As Ramadan begins, many Muslims are planning a key observance: zakat, or “charity”, one of the five pillars of Islam. Websites such as GlobalGiving are highlighting charities to make it easier for Muslims to give to reputable groups within legal guidelines.

Organizations Help American Muslims with Ramadan Giving

Washington Post | August 18, 2009
Organizations Help American Muslims with Ramadan Giving By Jacqueline L. Salmon Several nonprofits - such as GlobalGiving - are reaching out to American Muslims searching for vetted charities to which to donate Ramadan zakat (donations).

Ramadan, a time for giving ... to the right charities

Albany (NY) Times Union | August 18, 2009
GlobalGiving's online Ramadan initiative enables Muslim donors to scroll through and select projects run by reputable organizations that satisfy IRS guidelines for international grant making, meet tax-deductible requirements, and follow anti-terrorism laws. GlobalGiving also provides a zakat calculator so donors can determine how much to give during Ramadan.

Chicago senior community's garden gets help online - web site proves a fresh source of seed money for Norwood Crossing

Chicago Tribune | July 24, 2009
Residents with dementia at Chicago's Norwood Crossing senior community will have a new therapeutic garden to tend next year, thanks to supporters who read about the program online and then made financial contributions through GlobalGiving's American Open Challenge.

Text Messaging Could Hold Key for Relief Efforts

Associated Press | May 27, 2009
Mari Kuraishi talks with AP's Julie Pace about how technological innovations - such as text messaging and mobile giving - are affecting development and aiding relief efforts.

Charities Reap Benefits of Contests on Internet

New York Times | May 9, 2009
The opportunities for nonprofit groups to win money through contests are proliferating, adding yet another weapon to charities' fund-raising arsenal. GlobalGiving is in the middle of a contest that will give American nonprofit groups the chance to win as much as $6,000 and a permanent berth on GlobalGiving's list of vetted programs.

Overqualified Grab Internships to Survive

Washington Times | May 8, 2009
With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, a master's from Cambridge and a few years of work experience, Bill Brower, 26, thought he would have his pick of offers in Washington when he began the hunt for a job in his chosen field, sustainable development. Nine months later, Mr. Brower is working alongside college students and living off a small stipend as an intern at the Washington-based nonprofit GlobalGiving.

Gifts for the Times

Wall Street Journal | December 16, 2008
What's a gift giver to do? With global stock markets down, corporate layoffs up and net worths pared, spending big on presents this season may not be an option. Even if you're weathering the financial storm, simply flaunting that fortune might seem a little unseemly. Weekend Journal has come up with a range of ideas to make your gift for that special person a memorable one -- from stellar stress relievers to unforgettable experiences to philanthropic pursuits for that "feel good" factor.

The New Face of Private Philanthropy

International Herald Tribune | September 28, 2008
Taking a cue from eBay's online trading model, GlobalGiving, which is based in the United States, is finding success pairing donors around the world with charitable organizations it rigorously prescreens when allowing them onto the site. Donors are able to track the progress of their contributions through mandatory updates, some of which come directly form project leaders.

Network Counts on Collaboration for Growing Good

Washington Post | August 4, 2008
Organizations like Network for Good and GlobalGiving have been crucial in spurring more small and mid-sized charities onto the Web and bringing in more donors to their Web sites, said Rachel Mosher-Williams, assistant director at the Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fund. "When you have aggregated opportunities, it's kind of like shopping," she said. "Donors respond to being able to browse."

New Online Donor Site is Shaded Green

New York Times | July 25, 2008
GlobalGiving, the online system through which garden-variety donors can give money to support international charitable projects, is going green. On Friday the group will introduce a new Web site, GlobalGiving Green, listing 25 projects that it has determined entail minimal greenhouse gas emissions and work in ways that have a positive impact on climate change.

The Luckiest Girl

New York Times | July 3, 2008
When people ask how they can help in the fight against poverty, there are a thousand good answers, from sponsoring a child to supporting a grass-roots organization through

CNN Interview of Mari Kuraishi - President, GlobalGiving Foundation

CNN TV | May 10, 2008
Mari Kuraishi talks with CNN's TJ Holmes about GlobalGiving's philanthropic marketplace, and how GlobalGiving is working with organizations on the relief front in Myanmar.

Relief Situation in Myanmar

KCBS Radio (San Francisco) | May 9, 2008
Dennis Whittle on the situation in Myanmar and how organizations like GlobalGiving are providing assistance.

For Modern Kids, 'Philanthropy' Is No Grown-Up Word

Washington Post (December 30, 2007)
This holiday season, thousands of parents gave their kids "give cards," sold through philanthropy sites such as GlobalGiving.

Fast Company/Monitor Group's Social Capitalist Awards

Fast Company | December/January 2008
The fifth annual Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award winners have been announced - and GlobalGiving is named a "rising star."

Unique Gift Card Donates to Charity

KCBS Radio (San Francisco) | December 17, 2007
Learn about unique gift-giving options from GlobalGiving.

Give Like An Entrepreneur | December 14, 2007
The Internet is reshaping the world of philanthropy, and organizations like GlobalGiving are helping meet the needs of donors who want to know where their money is going and its ultimate impact,

Twin Efforts Aim to Popularize Online Giving

The Washington Post | December 13, 2007
Leveraging new technologies and the growth of social networking Web sites, several online-giving pioneers, including GlobalGiving, have been trying to expand the pool of potential donors by democratizing philanthropy and making it more transparent.

'Tis the season for a little online altruism - E-charities help spread technology to needy

New Jersey Star-Ledger | December 11, 2007
While online consumers have made the Internet the world's shopping mall, the virtual community also has been supporting charities that can help spread technology to those in need around the globe.

Tech File: Sites help small investments make social impact

San Jose Mercury News | October 27, 2007
Larry Magid writes about how donations made through organizations like GlobalGiving complement the microlending opportunities generated by MicroPlace and, and play an essential role in helping people in developing countries.

Global Warming

02138 Magazine | Winter 2007
Harvard alum Mari Kuraishi discusses social philanthropy and GlobalGiving's marketplace of ideas.

You, Too, Can Be a Banker to the Poor

The New York Times | March 27, 2007
New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof describes his experiences as a micro-financier with, and offers GlobalGiving as a "another terrific Web site in this area."

The Maria Sanchez Show

KKZZ Radio 1590 - Ventura, CA | February 26, 2007
Host Maria Sanchez chats with GlobalGiving Chief Operating Officer Donna Callejon about what makes GlobalGiving's online marketplace unique.

A Web of Giving

Seattle Times | December 18, 2006
The power of the Internet, and organizations such as GlobalGiving, not only make it possible for donors to find organizations and causes they support around the world, but it means that even small amounts by individuals can make a big difference because of the sheer volume of givers. Business reporter Kristi Heim profiles GlobalGiving, several Seattle-area donors, and the projects they support.

BBC Mundo | November 27, 2006
This spanish language section of the BBC presents the ideas behind GlobalGiving, and the impact of two projects in Latin America. The article follows the path of GlobalGiving from its inception to present day, focusing on donations that have flowed to Agros in Mexico and ProCriança Cardiaca in Brazil. Readers also offer their opinions and commentary.

Treasury Issues Anti-Terrorist Guidelines for Charities

The Washington File ( | September 29, 2006
Detailed steps established to assure charity money is not diverted to finance terrorism.

How to Give to the Little Guys

TIME Magazine | October 29, 2006
The nonprofit universe is teeming with exciting new entrants, many of which are small--close to half of U.S. charities have budgets under $25,000. Yet they are making a difference, and with a little more support, they could do much more. The good news for small nonprofits is that more and more individuals are looking to find them. GlobalGiving is mentioned as a resource to help donors navigate the nonprofit world.

How the web is changing the face of charity

The Independent | October 28, 2006
Social networking sites offer a more personal approach to charity, writes David Prosser. GlobalGiving demonstrates how donors can establish a direct link with small projects from all over the world - and choose which specific projects to support.

PRI's The World Interview with Dennis Whittle

[requires Windows Media Player]

PRI's The World | February 15, 2006
Public Radio International's The World discusses how the web is enabling a new model of international development and philanthropy, and how organizations such as GlobalGiving are playing a key role.

Read the BBC's online version of the story: Online loans help world's poor (updated 3/1/06)

Creating a Bond Between Donation and Cause Online

The Christian Science Monitor | July 26, 2005
Although 'creativity' might generally be perceived as the ability to produce art or invent a new tool, it can also mean finding a new application for tools that already exist. This week's sites are featured, not because of cutting-edge design or use of the latest web technologies, but rather because CARE International and GlobalGiving have found imaginative ways of using the Web to deal with a specific problem... Through their respective websites, CARE and GlobalGiving are using inventive methods to strengthen the relationship between subscriber and cause - CARE, by actually taking surfers to the final destinations of their contributions, and GlobalGiving, by letting them choose specific projects to support.

Aid Recipients Might Have the Best Ideas About Allocation

The Washington Post | July 12, 2005
The customary way we dole out most aid money is through government-sponsored organizations like USAID or the World Bank, staffed by experts who are supposed to have learned over the years what works and what doesn't work. But as former World Bank economist William Easterly argues, the flaw in this "bureaucratic, supply-push approach" is that it gets very little timely feedback from its customers — the poor people in Africa, in this case. As a result, not only are a lot of the wrong projects funded, but even potentially good projects miss the mid-course corrections that markets provide... Dennis Whittle and Mari Kuraishi aim to change all that, in effect by bringing the magic of eBay, the power of intuition and the "wisdom of crowds" to the world of development aid.

Funds Seek to Draw Attention to 'Social Entrepreneurs'

Chronicle of Philanthropy | June 9, 2005
The Skoll Foundation in association with PBS encourages viewers of The New Heroes to celebrate the social entrepreneurs by organizing house parties. Giving out a free two hour DVD of The New Heroes, Skoll will match all donations made through individual house parties.

A Technological Revolution for the Greater Good

The Chronicle of Philanthropy | May 26, 2005
GlobalGiving and other emerging electronic marketplaces, could revolutionize philanthropy by innovative practices that harness technology.

A 'Tsunami' in Private Giving - Governments Should Learn from Aid Groups

The Christian Science Monitor | January 24, 2005
Stand up, America, and take a deep bow for yourself. You have crossed a remarkable threshold in compassion. Your private donations to the tsunami survivors - already more than $400 million - have exceeded your own government's financial aid ($350 million). In fact, at least one-third of American households say they have donated money to an aid group in tsunami-hit nations.

Using the Marketplace: Shopping for Development?

Alliance Magazine | December 2004
'Systemic problems are not solved by a few smart people... thinking really, really deep thoughts about really, really important things. They are solved when a vibrant and competitive marketplace first tests and then confirms or disproves an array of possibilities and approaches.'

The eBay Way

BusinessWeek | November 29, 2004
The site's founder wanted to know the best way to give. He asked, he listened. Here's what he learned.

Giving Change

The Financial Times | August 26, 2004
Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prizewinner in economics, scourge of the International Monetary Fund and all-round charmer, is getting married. Invitations to his forthcoming union with Anya Schiffrin, journalist turned academic and saloniste of Manhattan's Upper West Side, adopt a characteristically left-of-centre approach to the question of wedding gifts.

Network Power for Philanthropy and Nonprofits

By Peter Plastrik and Madeleine Taylor, Barr Foundation
The nonprofit sector is developing into networks in order to increase efficiency. Internet based nonprofits such as GlobalGiving are an excellent example of changing nonprofit infrastructures revolving around connectivity rather than isolation.

De Tocqueville Meets eBay: Giving, Volunteering, and Doing Good in the New Social Sector

By Marcia Sharp
The electronic marketplace unleashes whole new ways for people and organizations to work together in the social sector and profoundly challenges the dominance and the operating styles of organized philanthropy.

Social Entrepreneurism and the Third Sector

Vanatage Point, Winter 2004
The electronic marketplace unleashes whole new ways for people and organizations to work together in the social sector and profoundly challenges the dominance and the operating styles of organized philanthropy.

HP shares wealth abroad

The Littleton Independent | January 21, 200

HP helps GlobalGiving

The MetroWest Daily News | January 19, 2004

GlobalGiving Web site Makes it Easy to Donate Aid

USAID Frontlines | January 14, 2004

HP employees chip in again

The Coloradoan | January 13, 2004

Hewlett-Packard employees donate 133,000 dollars in global giving effort

The Northern Colorado Business Report | January 9, 2004

Great Grants by Small Foundations

Association for Small Foundations Newsletter | Fall 2003

HP employees chip in for worldwide causes

Cupertino Courier | January 15, 2003

Give the Poor a Choice

The Financial Times | August 26, 2002

An eBay for Development

Red Herring | July, 2002

AIDS Widows Put Faith in Web

The Ottawa Citizen | August 19, 2002


Read what leading journalists have said about GlobalGiving

Press Releases

GlobalGiving Crowdfunds More than $3 Million for Ebola - Private foundations join 3,800+ individual GlobalGiving donors from 68 countries to support locally driven Ebola relief efforts

NEWS RELEASE | December 16, 2014

On December 16, 2014, GlobalGiving announced that it has raised more than $3 million for Ebola relief from donors in 68 countries through the GlobalGiving crowdfunding community. GlobalGiving is currently crowdfunding 29 community organizations that are preventing and fighting the spread of the epidemic in West Africa. By connecting donors to nonprofits that are deeply rooted in the affected areas, GlobalGiving helps donors make a lasting impact through organizations that were working in the communities long before this Ebola outbreak; the same organizations that will be there to drive long-term recovery.

Local West Africans Fighting Ebola with help from 1,500+ GlobalGiving Donors

NEWS RELEASE | August 20, 2014

(Washington, DC) August 20, 2014 - GlobalGiving, a US-based nonprofit, has launched an Ebola Epidemic Relief Fund to enable individual donors, foundations, and companies to donate to locally-driven Ebola relief efforts in West Africa. As international aid workers continue to leave the affected countries for their own safety, these local organizations will play a critical role in containing the outbreak. The Fund supports projects from nearly a dozen nonprofits that have been thoroughly vetted by GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving Celebrates $100 Million Milestone - The world's first global crowdfunding platform for nonprofits,, proves its model can work at scale

NEWS RELEASE | January 14, 2014

(Washington, DC) January 14, 2014 - GlobalGiving announced today that it reached $100 million in total donations through the charitable giving websites and The $100 millionth dollar was donated in the final days of 2013 and signifies an important achievement in the organization's twelve-year history, as well as an important milestone for crowdfunding, and for grassroots nonprofits providing local solutions to local problems around the world.

GlobalGiving Weathers Economic Storm With 200% Donation Increase - Annual numbers for groundbreaking online philanthropic marketplace indicate bottom up charitable giving trend during economic crisis

NEWS RELEASE | January 7, 2009

(Washington, DC, January 7, 2009) GlobalGiving, the one-stop-shop for philanthropy, announced today that it facilitated approximately $8.75 million in donations to grassroots projects around the world, an increase in year-end revenue of more than 200% from 2007 to 2008. Despite the global economic crisis that has resulted in many charities struggling to make ends meet, projects on continued to thrive in 2008 thanks to the diversified base of individual donors who utilize GlobalGiving to fulfill their charitable goals and interests.

BlogHer Launches Fundraising Initiative With GlobalGiving to Support Women's Health Issues

NEWS RELEASE | April 8, 2008

(Palo Alto, CA, April 8, 2008) BlogHer, Inc. (, one of the top women's online networks and the Web's number-one guide to blogs by women, today announced the launch of a fundraising initiative for maternal health projects via the GlobalGiving Web site that will culminate on Mother's Day, May 11. BlogHers Act is a global activism initiative driven by BlogHer community focusing on diverse aspects of maternal health, and the GlobalGiving program is a key component in this year-long initiative designed to make a difference in maternal health worldwide.

America's Giving Challenge Inspires More Than 48,000 People from Around the Globe to Donate $1.2 Million Online in Just Fifty Days - Parade Magazine and the Case Foundation to Award an Additional $500,000 to the Charities and Causes of the Fundraising "Champions"

NEWS RELEASE | February 21, 2008

(WASHINGTON, February 21, 2008) PARADE Magazine and the Case Foundation, along with their online donation processing partners, Network for Good and GlobalGiving, announced today the champions of the first-ever America's Giving Challenge. The Challenge was designed to encourage the charitable use of social networking and Web 2.0 tools and to empower individuals to fundraise and build networks of caring people around the organizations and issues they care about most. During the six-weeks of the Challenge, 48,000 unique donors contributed to nearly 700 charities and, with an average donation of $25, the Challenge raised a total of $1.2 million for a combination of US-based charities and globally-oriented causes. PARADE and the Case Foundation will add $500,000 to this total. Four national and four globally-oriented charities will each receive $50,000 for driving the greatest number of unique donors to contribute to their cause. An additional 100 charities will each receive $1,000 for collecting the most total donations for their cause, from all sources, during the Challenge.

NPower Announces GlobalGiving as Finalist in 2007 Technology Innovation Award

NEWS RELEASE | September 25, 2007
(September 25, 2007) - Washington, D.C. - NPower Greater DC Region has announced the three finalists for their 2007 Technology Innovation Award, presented by Accenture. They are Fairfax Symphony Orchestra for their use of podcasts to enable the orchestra to reach individuals via the internet and through downloads; GlobalGiving for their development of Gift Certificates, online gift certificates that can be redeemed to support a specific charity; and (RAINN) Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network for their development of a web-based crisis hotline to provide live and anonymous support through instant messaging.

GlobalGiving, Innocentive and Rockefeller Foundation Partner for Global Project Solutions

NEWS RELEASE | August 16, 2007
(August 16, 2006) — Andover, MA - GlobalGiving, an online marketplace for philanthropy that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world, Innocentive, the global leader in open innovative sourcing for scientists, engineers, professionals and entrepreneurs, and the Rockefeller Foundation have joined forces. Rockefeller Foundation and InnoCentive will bring the talent of thousands of world-class engineers, scientists, inventors, and business people to solve the most pressing and complex humanitarian challenges posed by GlobalGiving project leaders.

Stumped for Holiday Gift Ideas? Give the Gift of Giving with GlobalGiving

NEWS RELEASE | December 11, 2006
(December 11, 2006) — Washington, DC - GlobalGiving offers a meaningful alternative to conspicuous consumption with gift options perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Ramadan Giving Opportunities Through GlobalGiving

NEWS RELEASE | September 29, 2006
(September 29, 2006) — Washington, DC - GlobalGiving, an online marketplace for charity that connects donors with high-impact, grassroots projects around the world, has launched a Ramadan Giving initiative that offers a safe and impactful way for individuals to meet their charitable obligations during Ramadan and year round. Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims that began on September 23, is traditionally associated with fasting, reflection, and an increased focus on charitable giving.

New Gig: Little Kids Rock on Pandora and GlobalGiving

NEWS RELEASE | September 19, 2006
(September 19, 2006) — Washington, DC - GlobalGiving, an online marketplace for philanthropy that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world, and Little Kids Rock, an innovative non-profit program that provides free instruments and instruction to inner-city children in the U.S., have joined forces. Little Kids Rock will post charitable projects on GlobalGiving's website,, joining a growing and vibrant philanthropic community. Little Kids Rock's first project, Give 200 Students Access to Music Education, complements over 350 other projects in 60 countries currently featured on

Do Something Different This Mother's Day: Help Tackle Global Poverty

MEDIA ADVISORY | May 5, 2006
(May 5, 2006) — This Mother's Day, One Shared World SM is encouraging American women to honor their mothers and other special women in their lives by skipping the flowers and doing something to help end global poverty. Through May 14, the Campaign's Web site is featuring unique, free Mother's Day e-cards and downloadable keepsakes, as well as a meaningful alternative gift idea: a Mother's Day donation to a program of their choice that helps women lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Casio Exilim Limited Edition & Custom Cameras Auctioned for Charity

PR Newswire | March 27, 2006
DOVER, NJ (March 27, 2006) — Casio Inc, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, is striving to help rebuild schools in the Gulf Coast area that were devastated by hurricane Katrina. Casio has donated Exilim cameras that will be sold for charity on eBay with the eBay Giving Works program. The cameras will be available for bid from April 4 through April 14.

Leo Burnett Selects GlobalGiving as Pro Bono Partner

PR Newswire | March 8, 2006
CHICAGO (March 8, 2006) — Advertising agency Leo Burnett USA today announced the selection of GlobalGiving as its new non-profit partner as part of its Packaged Good pro bono initiative. A web-based marketplace that brings together donors with social enterprise projects in need of funding, GlobalGiving was selected from a pool of nearly 400 diverse public service organizations that submitted proposals for the opportunity to work with the agency.

Donations to Tsunami Recovery and Rebuilding projects through GlobalGiving Having A Profound Impact in Affected Countries

NEWS RELEASE | January 25, 2006
Since January 2005, donors through GlobalGiving, an Internet-based philanthropy service putting donors in control of where their money is spent, gave to 46 projects that have brought clean water to more than 135,000 people, provided shelter for over 20,000 people, supplied food to almost 23,000 people, educated more than 3,400 children, equipped 6,200 people with boats to regain their livelihoods; and delivered vital news and information to 50,000 people.

GlobalGiving enables donors to decide how their money is used for disaster relief efforts

NEWS RELEASE | November 16, 2005
GlobalGiving, an Internet-based philanthropy service that connects individual and institutional donors directly to social, economic development, and environmental projects around the world, provides donors with a broad selection of trackable projects to choose from when they are moved to help those with critical needs.

Omidyar Network and Hewlett Foundation Invest $2.3 million in GlobalGiving's Mission to Reinvent International Philanthropy

NEWS RELEASE | August 2, 2005
GlobalGiving, an Internet-based service focused on making international philanthropy more efficient and high impact, received a second round of operational grant money from Omidyar Network ($1.5 million) and the Hewlett Foundation ($800,000). Both organizations support GlobalGiving's mission to build a marketplace that helps fund social and economic development projects around the world, while creating an engaging donor experience.

GlobalGiving Announces Expanded Partnerships with Major Funders

NEWS RELEASE | July 19, 2005
GlobalGiving is proud to announce expanded partnerships with two of our strategic funders, Omidyar Network and the Hewlett Foundation. Recent grants from both organizations, in support of general operating activities, are integral to GlobalGiving's continued efforts to build and enhance a highly efficient philanthropy marketplace...

GlobalGiving Serves as Official "Giving Platform" for Donations to Projects of The New Heroes on PBS

PR Newswire | July 5, 2005
The New Heroes need help. In a PBS documentary highlighting innovative social entrepreneurs, 12 amazing projects take viewers around the world with The New Heroes. These heroes can receive donations through GlobalGiving which will be matched by the Skoll Foundation until August 31.

Skoll Foundation Leverages Technology to Inspire Grassroots "Giving Circles" with a Global Focus

PR Newswire | June 14, 2005
The Skoll Foundation is creating "giving circles" where viewers of the new PBS series, The New Heroes, can gather and give to any social entrepreneur highlighted in the television show.

GlobalGiving Announces the Hire of Dr. William Hogan to Take Over the Role of CEO

NEWS RELEASE | May 27, 2005
In an effort to build the company's technology and organizational capacity, GlobalGiving, an Internet-based service for international philanthropy, announced today its hire of William Hogan, founder and former CEO of multiple technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Duran Duran Donates Tsunami Relief Funds to GlobalGiving and the Freeplay Foundation

NEWS RELEASE | March 28, 2005
In an inventive approach to charitable giving, Duran Duran is donating $4,000 raised at auction for a soccer ball signed by more than two dozen celebrities. The band is donating the proceeds to the Freeplay Foundation via the GlobalGiving charity fundraising network. As a member of GlobalGiving's 2005 Tsunami Relief Fund, the Freeplay Foundation is worki

GlobalGiving Announces Winning International Economic Development Projects at Global Philanthropy Forum's 4th Annual Conference on Borderless Giving

NEWS RELEASE | March 8, 2005
GlobalGiving, an Internet-based service that connects individual and institutional donors directly to social, economic development, and environmental projects around the world, announced today that five projects will split $100,000 in prize money awarded at its 2005 Marketplace. The Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind live event, was held as part of the Global Philanthropy Forum's 4th annual Conference on Borderless Giving March 2-4.

Duran Duran and GlobalGiving for Tsunami Relief

NEWS RELEASE | February 18, 2005
From March 7th-17th, Duran Duran will host an auction on eBay, featuring a soccer ball signed by some of the most popular entertainers today. All of the proceeds from this star-studded auction will go toward tsunami relief projects on GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving and Center for International Disaster Information Launch Strategic Partnership

NEWS RELEASE | January 19, 2005
WASHINGTON - GlobalGiving, a global internet portal connecting individual and corporate donors with tsunami relief and other development initiatives, today unveiled dedicated web space for relief activities around the world through sponsorship from the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI). CIDI is a nonprofit organization incorporated by the US Agency for International Development in order to coordinate domestic humanitarian response to international crises.

GlobalGiving Channels Relief to Tsunami Disaster Zone

CSR Wire | January 6, 2005
GlobalGiving, a global internet portal acting as an 'E-Bay' for development, has dedicated web space for relief and reconstruction within the tsunami disaster zone in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Response to CNN Story on Legislative Challenges to International Giving

NEWS RELEASE | June 29, 2004
BETHESDA, MD - On June 20th, CNN ran a feature story about the negative impact the PATRIOT ACT has had on international giving. The reporter had done a previous story on the work of Bernard Krisher, an ex-journalist who has been running an economic development project in

The North Face Explores Innovative Method for International Giving

NEWS RELEASE | May 26, 2004
SAN LEANDRO, CA - The North Face announced today that it has signed an agreement with GlobalGiving to fund and promote community-based development projects overseas. The North Face sponsors as many as five expeditions a year, sending world class athletes to remote international destinations. Through GlobalGiving, The North Face will be able to identify and fund social and economic development projects in the regions where these expeditions take place.

Skoll Foundation Awards GlobalGiving Million-Dollar Grant to Grow the Int'l Development Market

NEWS RELEASE | May 26, 2004
BETHESDA, MD - GlobalGiving announced today that it has received a $1 million grant from the Skoll Foundation. The grant, one of the largest given by the Skoll Foundation, will be used to support continued development of GlobalGiving's operational infrastructure. Founded by former World Bank executives, GlobalGiving is emerging as the leading online marketplace for international aid and philanthropy.

Visa International and GlobalGiving sign partnership to innovate international aid

NEWS RELEASE | January 20, 2004

GlobalGiving names Carol Realini Executive Chairman

NEWS RELEASE | January 1, 2004

GlobalGiving Foundation names David L. Goldwyn Chairman of the Board

NEWS RELEASE | December 31, 2003

Global Philanthropic Exchange Allows HP Employees to Select and Support International Development Projects of Their Choice

NEWS RELEASE | November 25, 2003

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