2018 September Bonus Day Terms & Conditions

  • The 2018 September Bonus Day begins at 00:00:00 ET on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, and lasts 33-hours, ending at 8:59:59 ET on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018.
  • Project Eligibility: Active Partner, Leader, and Superstar organizations are eligible to participate in the 2018 September Bonus Day. All associated projects and microprojects that meet the submission deadline will be automatically included in the campaign. For microprojects, check the expiration date as GlobalGiving cannot extend the 90 day time period.
  • The deadline for submitting new projects, project edits, project reports, and project appeals for this Bonus Day is Thursday, Sept. 6, at 5:00pm ET.
  • GlobalGiving-sponsored projects and funds are ineligible to participate in this Bonus Day.

Incentive Fund:

  • There will be a $50,000 Incentive Fund on this Bonus Day.
  • The Incentive Fund will be proportionally divided up between organizations that activate on this Bonus Day. That means, if your project raises 5% of the total amount of money raised on this Bonus Day, your organization will receive 5%, or $2,500, of the $50,000 Incentive Fund. At the conclusion of the Bonus Day, GlobalGiving will determine each nonprofit’s proportional share of the Incentive Fund by dividing the total amount each nonprofit raised by the total amount of donations to all participating nonprofits. This amount will then be multiplied by the total amount of dollars available in the Incentive Funds.
  • Eligible donations up to $1,500 per unique donor per organization will count towards earning a portion of the Incentive Fund.
  • Allocation of the Incentive Fund will be displayed on the leaderboard and will recalculate every 3 minutes.
  • GlobalGiving will indicate in your donation manager which donations count towards your total raised on this Bonus Day based on the time the donation was made and the method of payment.
  • GlobalGiving reserves the right to make final decisions on all matters concerning the allocation of the Incentive Fund and final results of the Bonus Day.
  • GlobalGiving Funds are not eligible to receive incentive funds through this Bonus Day.

Recurring Donation Match:

  • New recurring donations up to $200 per donor per project on this Bonus Day will get an additional 100% match on the initial donation as long as it remains active for four payments. The recurring match offer will be good throughout the entire Bonus Day.
  • The initial value of recurring donations set up on Bonus Day will count towards your total raised on the day and thus increase the percentage of the Incentive Fund you receive.

Donation Method & Eligibility:

  • Donation Eligibility: Online donations (credit card, debit card, PayPal, ApplePay, and official GlobalGiving gift cards) and mobile donations through M-Changa will count towards your total raised on this Bonus Day. Donations must be made by the account or credit card holder.
  • The following forms of donations are ineligible to count towards your total raised on this Bonus Day: Cash, checks, text-to-give, CAF check, CAF online, wire transfers, donations made by JustGiving, donations made on GlobalGiving corporate or organizational giving site, or made directly to an organization rather than a project.
  • Any activity not in the spirit of requesting separate individuals to support donations is being moderated by GlobalGiving and GlobalGiving reserves the right to permanently disqualify organizations for any attempts of misconduct.
  • Please note that all donations are final. GlobalGiving cannot change the time, date, or status of a donation after it is processed for any reason.


  • The exchange rate for donations made in currencies other than USD will be estimated at the time of the donation, but may be subject to change until the donation settles with the donor’s bank or credit card. Funds will be disbursed using the exchange rate based on the settlement value of each transaction.
  • Funds raised on Bonus Day plus your portion of the Incentive Fund will be disbursed through the regular September disbursement cycle, sent in late October.

Tax-Efficient Giving & Fulfillment Fee:

  • Tax Efficiency: GlobalGiving is a registered nonprofit charity in the United States and England and Wales. Donations made by eligible donors in the United States can be claimed as tax deductible contributions on United States tax returns. Donations made by eligible donors in the United Kingdom can claim Gift Aid (an extra 25% added to eligible donations by the UK Government) when they donate in GBP.
  • Fulfillment Fee: GlobalGiving charges a minimal platform fee plus a 3% processing fee. For US and UK registered organizations the platform fee is 5%. Organizations outside the US and UK will be charged a 7% platform fee. During the 2018 September Bonus Day, the fee only applies to the initial donation and not to the portion of the Incentive Fund that you earn. The fee helps cover the costs we incur to promote your organization and projects, to provide you with fundraising training and tools, and to maintain and improve our online technology in order to keep you connecting with new donors.
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