Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

Stand Firm On Your Principle

When I was at the age of 13, I was sexually abused by my class teacher this so happend because I was a class preffect. It was one day when my class teacher requested me to collect every once book and teek them to her home almost 10km away from school, she told me to pack the books she had marked I did not refused, she told me that we would have lunch together with her she left me in in her house and past outside then after three minute one came back. She return with four bottle of soda for I was so happy then later she started showing phnogrophy film and after she ask for see but I refused then she told me if I refused she would make me she adminisrators to chase me out of school. In fear for me being chased out of school I accepted, then after some montry I started filling pain in my private part then a friend came to me and I told him what happen and he took me to a young centre were the counselled me and treated me from STI infection and STDS and counselled me which gave me strength to gain back the courage and strength to be strong which changed my live.


  • The organization most involved in what happened: Youth centre

Events like these happen:


Story Attributes/Tags

  • The story describes a bad idea that worked despite itself
  • This story makes me feel frustrated
  • This story relates to physical needs
  • This story relates to respect
  • This story relates to self-esteem
  • I was affected by what happened in the story
  • What happened in the story relates to myself

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About This Story

  • Gender of storyteller: Male
  • Age of storyteller: 16-21 years old
  • This story took place less than 2 months ago
  • Location: Layibi, Gulu, Uganda
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the wrong
the right
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continuous effort
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