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The Kenya Forestry Research Institute(KEFRI)has decided to launch a major reafforestation programme in a bid to cover Kaimosi Forests. The government has a responsibility to launch a major crackdown on timber merchants to curtail illegal logging in government forests. people who engage in charcoal burnign are to be jailed for cuttign trees from government forests thus encouraging soil erosion and lack of rain.The smoke from the charcoal burns destroy the ozone layer. Cutting of trees may lead to soil erosion which occurs as a result of forest destruction,is also an issue that must be addressed.We must stand straight as a community and practise reafforestation programme to maintain our Kaimosi and Kakamega forest which are astome through distance from our community. We were helped by the KEFRI to maintain and ban cut down of trees from the forests.Forests act as Rivers catchment areas,sources of rainfal,home for wild animals e.g monkeys and they also make our country to look beautifull. It is a good idea to replace the trees that have been cut down and everybody must contrubute towards the same.


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  • Location: Sabatia, Kakamega, Kenya
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