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Bridge Of Sorrow

Kambi Muru`s Darajani area had always been the worst place to pass from 9.30 pm.Malicious deaths had always occurred with badly mutilated bodies thrown down the railway line where they would further be butchered by the early morning train.The Nubian Youths doing this crimes also ended up loosing their lives through police fire.An eye for an eye one would argue but does`nt that leave the world blind?The youths were simply jobless and frustrated,this isn`t a justification,I know.But again isn`t there a saying about an idle mind and the devil`s workshop? Darajani means bridge,and for a long time it was a bridge of sorrow until University of Nairobi through SIFE project constructed a green house for the Youth there.Soon they had a video hall,water tank and a sanitation room that hosted toilets and a bathroom.The bridge of sorrow has now become the bridge of hope.The youth of darajani can now make their rightful money.This has ended crime and inhuman mutilation inthe area and now people come late from work can pass through Darajani instead of taking a longer route round the Slum to get to their homes.This project has been heavily applauded and has brought hope to what was once a bridge of sorrow.


  • The organization most involved in what happened: university of Nairobi SIFE project

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