Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

Dealing With Withdrawal Symptoms

Kizito was a young orphan.He lost his parents at a very young age to cancer.It had affected him psychologically due to the depreviation of parental love,care,guidance and sense of security at the young age of seven years.Once a social,vicacious,playful and full of life she had changed to become a quiet,withdrawn,sad and bitter boy. He blamed everybody he could for the death of his parents.He took out his emotions on God,his poor relatives,friends etc.I had known Kizito from his birth since his parents had been my godparents and best friends with my single mother.I had taken a liking for the young boy and had tried to help him in any way i could.We being poor ourselves could not do much about his financial position but i decided to stick on his side even when he pushed me away. I talked to him,encouraged him to share his fears with me and slowly he found a friend in me with whom he could confine in.We encouraged him,my mother even took him to a councellor when she could afford it.He no longer felt abandoned and alone.He realised that we all cared for him,He is now fifteen years and in secondary school thats public.We all have expectations that rhis bright boy will be successful in his life.


Events like these happen:


Story Attributes/Tags

  • The story describes a good idea that succeeded
  • This story makes me feel inspired
  • This story relates to food and shelter
  • This story relates to security
  • This story relates to family and friends
  • I helped make the story happen
  • What happened in the story relates to my family

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About This Story

  • Gender of storyteller: Female
  • Age of storyteller: 16-21 years old
  • This story took place 1-2 years ago
  • Location: Sabasaba, Murang'a, Kenya
This story describes a...
broad need
The story is about...
Who benefited from what
happened in the story...
the wrong
the right
What type of change is your story about?
it requires a
continuous effort
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