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Memories Of Giving Birth

I remember when i got pregnant doctors and nurses told me always do some walk and to remain active instead of just remaining dormant because of pregnancy. They even encouraged to attend or visit a gym center and do some exercise but to me i felt like that was something so hard for me. My husband also encouraged me to remain dormant as he would ask me to just sit while he did all the other house chores and so i grew so tired, inactive and dormant and when the day came for me to give birth, it was all hell. I really strained to give birth and for ones i thought that finally my day has come for me to die. I remembered gasping for breath as i struggled to push out the baby untill i finally succeeded and even though i managed i have never liked the idea of just sitting dormant while pregnant.


  • The organization most involved in what happened: Individuals

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  • The story describes a good idea, should have worked but it did not
  • This story makes me feel indifferent
  • This story relates to security
  • This story relates to family and friends
  • This story relates to physical needs
  • I was affected by what happened in the story
  • What happened in the story relates to myself

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  • Gender of storyteller: Female
  • Age of storyteller: 22-30 years old
  • This story took place 2-6 months ago
  • Location: Busia, Busia, Kenya
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