Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

Fall Of A Good Man

A patriarch in our neighborhood used to help the community by doing and showing kindness to the society. Obu his brother was a lazy person, an alcoholic rather a menace to the society. It was three yrs ago when they had gone for an outing between the two at lake Victoria. They boarded a canoe and sailed to the depths of the ocean suddenly, Obu removed a gun and pointed it to his brothers head, baffled the patriarch asked questions with no answers given. Obu removed a certificate which showed all of his brothers properties. The contract when signed would allow Obu to chase away the needy from his brothers school and make it a titties bar. After a lot of struggle the patriarch gave in and after an immediate dot followed a shot. Obu now had the power to take half of peoples land since it was from the patriarch that they owned it. The patriarch got shot Obu got rich the society got harassed.


Story Attributes/Tags

  • This was an horrible story that I will remember forever
  • This story relates to security
  • This story relates to family and friends
  • This story relates to knowledge
  • I was affected by what happened in the story
  • What happened in the story relates to my family

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About This Story

  • Gender of storyteller: Male
  • Age of storyteller: 16-21 years old
  • This story took place 1-2 years ago
  • Location: Sigalagala, Kakamega, Kenya
This story describes a...
a need
a problem
a solution
The story is about...
Who benefited from what happened in the story...
the right people
the wrong
This story describes a...
good idea that failed
bad idea
good idea that
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