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Inspired To Excel

My name is Melvin - I am in standard six in Amalemba Primary School in Kakamega Central. While I was still very young I lost both my parents. A good samaritan came my way picked me and took me to a Charitable Children's home called Kakamega Orphans Care Centre in 2007. In have enjoyed my stay in this home where I am continuously being helped to develop my potential into excellence. I pray that one day I will become a doctor. For this dream to be realised it si not enough only to work hard, a lot of support from friends well-wishers and even support need to be mindful enough. Us who are affected by losing our parents need everyone else to come in to fill the gap especially at our tender age. I am only 12 years old.


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  • Gender of storyteller: Female
  • Age of storyteller: Under 16 years old
  • This story took place more than 2 years ago
  • Location: Amalemba, Kakamega Central, Kenya
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a need
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good idea that failed
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