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The Orhans Way

life in kibera is cheap but expensive to others. i met this family that has for so long lived without parents. this was a family of five, two boys and three ladies/girls. the eldest was a boy who was at teenage and could not even aford to go for an easy job as he was underage. they lived by the small amount they earned after school by fetching water, washing for people and the small amount from small jobs. my shock was how this children was corporating to ensure that they had a bread for the day. their duties were arranged each and every day. they never went a day without something to smile about. i was amazed by their way until i envied their way of life. despite their status financially they lived a life of optimism and hope, hope that one day they would make it in life. their respect was admired by every neighbour around. though they were orphans they lived like kids with parents who directed them, as they maintained their duties and amazingly they maintained going to church and respected God. it never took so long and their brother passed his examination which had then started opening the window for a good life, a life that everyone yearns for. the boy got a scholarship and the others were sponsored. currently they are living like sons and daughters of kings and queens.


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