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Nov 6, 2014

Setu Newsletter - Autumn Edition

                                                Setu Newsletter – Autumn Edition

This quarter was fully dedicated for students well being. We had organised lot of health check up camps, immunisation camps and follow up sessions for the same. Along with studies it’s very essential to take care of their overall growth. We hope you will enjoy reading our school activities. Kindly give your feedback on our activities to encourage our students to perform well.

Empowerment of Women and Girls: During the quarter 230 Women and Girls completed a sewing courses at the Setu Centre and were provided placement assistance and placements at various factories across Noida.Another 161 girls were certified and are eligible for employment. 

Health Camps at Setu:

 8th July 2014- Vaccination – organised by Max Foundation : 86 students were vaccinated on this day. With the support of Max foundation we are able to immunise our students. Our sincere thanks to them

 30th July Eye Check Up camp was organised by Chetna Club ladies with the support of I Care Hospital. Total 216 students were examined. 16 students have to re visit the hospital for follow up session.  Follow up check up at I Care hospital : Our 16 students went for follow up check up at I Care hospital on 26th August. Few of them were suggested specs and two of them have been asked for further check ups.

 Workshop for teenager girls : Lady from Software & Gamble Company came to conduct a workshop on personal hygiene for girls during their menstrual cycle. 

 Dental Check up camp: On 11th September Dental check camp was organised with the support of Chetna club Noida. Total 148 students were examined on that day. Our sincere thanks to them.

 Vaccination by Max Foundation: On 12th September students were vaccinated against typhoid. Total 88 students were vaccinated.


Events at Setu

Visit by Sandesham :On 18th July 2014, group of ladies from Sandesham came and conducted poem recitation competition was organised from class 1st to 4th and slogan writing competition from class 5th onwards. They also donated some stationary items for school.

A Teachers training was organised by OM Foundation on 19th July. It was a follow up workshop of June. On 22nd July they organised a workshop on teachers attended the work shop, it was on CCE pattern.

 Independence Day celebration on 15th August 2014 started with flag hosting by our chief trustee and followed by cultural program. The anchoring was done by students and it was very well coordinated. Children from all age groups performed different programs like, poems, skit, group dances and at the end of the program they asked few questions based on the occasion. At last some snacks were distributed amongst the students.

 On 20th August 2014  at the HCL talent fest our students were invited to perform a dance as an inaugural show. It was an internal function of HCL. Our students were appreciated by their employees. This type of events give our students encouragement to do well and this helps in their over all development.

 22nd August 2014 a Science Exhibition was organised in which three Schools participated and four schools came as visitors. This was for the first time we had an interschool exhibition. It was inaugurated by Mayoor school teacher. Setu students had really worked hard for this. Pre- Primary students also showed small experiments along with senior students who made working models. All models were appreciated by the visitors. This exhibition gave students a lot of confidence and knowledge on science.

 Teachers Day: Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara this is the day when students   express their regards towards their teachers. Like any other school our students also celebrated the day with full enthusiasm. Senior students played teacher’s role and the teachers had good time among themselves. Management had organised some interesting activities for them. It was a great day and everybody enjoyed a lot.

On 15th September puppet show was organised by PVR nest on happy children and happy children. The theme was to make them understand about the importance of healthy food and some basic cleanliness. It was followed by a doctor’s talk on the same topic to make it more effective. Students participated in that very actively.   

On 30th September our 12 students went to Dalmia to perform skit on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti celebration at their premises. Teachers had prepared skit on Gandhiji’s Dreams and principals in today’s scenario. It was appreciated by them. 

School Volunteering:  

Mayoor School Visit on 25th July : Class 4th students along with Maths teacher came to our school and students from both the schools worked together and on 30th August 2014 Class 6th students went to Mayoor School for science smart class along with two teachers. After the smart class their teachers interacted with our students and they were impressed by our student’s performance.


Our Students Corner

Meet Ishrat : Isharat, was in class 4th when she joined Setu. Her father, Md. Aslam is a driver and mother, Qusar Parveen is a house - wife.  According to her teacher she is good in studies. Her interest is in reading, Drawing and singing. After school she does household work. According to her class teacher she is very regular in school and comes very neat and clean. Her mother takes interest in her studies. She attends all the PTMS and tries to understand her child’s progress.In the academic year 2013-2014 she was in class VIII and secured 81% marks and promoted to class IX. In this academic year she has participated in almost every activities what school had organized like Drawing competition, Handwriting competition, debate competition, Independence day , Rakhi making, clay moulding, show and tell, She says I like school as it has changed my personality. She tries to communicate in English. In future her aim is to become a doctor.

Meet Neha : Neha joined Setu in class Nursery. Her parents are Rajesh and Indu.In the academic year 2013-14 she was in class 3rd. In this session she secured 94.37% marks and stood 1st in the class. According to her Class Teacher she is very regular and Punctual in School and comes very neat and clean. She is very active child and participates in all school activities. On seeing her confidence level and commanding voice she became an anchor in republic day function.  On her performance every body was amazed as such an early age she has done a marvellous job. She is very happy to be at Setu. In the academic year 2014-15 she is in class 4th. Her parent also takes interest in her studies. Neha says she wants to complete her education from Setu School.

Aug 13, 2014

Setu Newsletter June 2014

This Academic session started with lots of hope, exhilaration and challenges. This year our first batch of students is appearing for Class X Board Examination. Lot of efforts are being made by teachers as well as students to achieve good results. As we move on the responsibilities also increases however when we work as a team with common goal things become easier. Teachers have been attending workshops and visiting different schools to gain more practical knowledge so that the Learning can be passed on to the students.

During the Quarter Aadhaar cards are being made by Setu at different places in Noida and Ghaziabad, like RWA, Corporate offices, factories and in schools. It’s a different approach to serve our society.

We have lot of different activities during this quarter. I hope you will enjoy reading our achievements.


School activities

Immunisation camp was organised by Max Hospital for Setu students on 15th April. Students were vaccinated with Hepatitis B. Over 100 students benefited thru this drive.

Global Earth day – ASpecial assembly wasorganised to celebrate Global Earth Day. Teachers shared some thoughts and students enacted skits on the theme. The idea behind it was to make students sensitive towards this issue.

Road Safety Workshop: On 25th April our team went to PVR Plaza for a program where they saw a documentary film on safety rules. Students of 20 different schools had visited there to attend the ceremony. Chief Guest, CEO, Director and guests shared their experiences on road accidents.

Visit to Mayoor School for Smart Classes: On 3rd May two teachers and 15 students visited Mayoor School for smart class on Environment Studies. Students learnt about bones, joints, muscles and photosynthesis through projector. They learnt and enjoyed smart class at Mayoor. After the session teacher revised the topic by asking different questions. Students were able to answer them all. Mayoor teacher was impressed with Setu students.

Students of Mayoor School visited our school for an English activity with class 8th and a social studies activity with class 4th. They spend about an hour with our students and their teacher taught with different activities. This is the time when students interact with each other and work in groups. Through this interchange program we are trying to bring students close to each other.  

Spring Fest at HCL- On 24th May our students participated in the HCL spring fest. They performed group dances, puppet show and a skit on environment. Program was inaugurated with our students welcome song. There were many NGO schools who participated in the function. Our students were appreciated by all audience. 

 One of our volunteer Ms. Beena who is a theatre person, personally guided our students in enacting skits. The concept was developed by teachers and grooming part was done by Ms. Beena. We are thankful for her support and guidance.   

 Summer camp 12th May 2014 – 27th May 2014 : Summer camp for students is organised with the thought that students will learn some skills during the summer break time. Students are divided into small groups according to their interest. Some of them went for group dance, some learnt best out of waste and one group was involved in making paper bags, students who are interested in painting they painted diyas. Many students participated in the Skill based program in Hand Embroidery and Sewing Machine Skills. All Students enjoyed the event and the learning thru different activities.

 Teachers Workshop: Meditation workshop for teachers was organised by Mrs. Divya. Teachers were taught to keep calm and concentrate in daily life. The session was for one hour and it was appreciated by all the teachers. 

 Summer training and Volunteering : During their Summer Vacation students of The IIS University, Jaipur enrolled with Setu for their summer training. They were involved in student’s case studies, making teaching aids for pre primary classes, conducting classes independently. They worked with full enthusiasm and sincerity. On completion of their training they were awarded Volunteering Certificates.

 Skilling Centers at Gijhore and Nithari centers – ISDS centers

 In the month of April 2014 Setu started two more ISDS centers in Noida, one at Nithari and the other Gijhore. In both the centers we are having two courses one in Hand Embroidery and the other one in Sewing. With 25 students in each course enrolled and they get training for four hours a day for 45 days. After completion of the course they appear for exam and get certificates from Ministry of Textile. 


 During this quarter our 47 students got certified at Behrampur center and 174 students at Salarpur. All of them completed the course successfully and they are ready to get jobs in garment industry.

May 7, 2014

SETU Newsletter April 2014

From Program Coordinator Desk


January to March 2014 was full of activities and new initiative. We sincerely thank the employees of various corporate in NCR who participated in various events and helped fulfil wishes of the children supported by us. We would like to sincerely thank the volunteers from Khushiyan who with their immense support made The 7th Annual SETU Shiksha Jyoti Kendra Inter School Painting Competition a huge success. We would also like to thank the volunteers from Birla Soft and school students from Mayoor School and Sri Ram Millennium for supporting events held at SETU

As Setu moves ahead, I would like to thank all our Volunteers for their involvement and knowledge sharing 

Thank you. 

Events At  SETU

Among the various events held at SETU the following activities were appreciated by all:

  1. New Year 2014 with Max Foundation - Volunteers from MAX Foundation with our students celebrated New Year on 3rd January 2014. A small cultural show was prepared by the students which were appreciated by all the guests. At the end of the functions students were presented with gifts.
  2. Lohri Celebration- Volunteers from Khushiyan and Birla Soft  organized a function on the occasion of Lohri at SETU school on 12th January 2014.The students and staff enjoyed the function by praying and dancing on the event.
  3. National Girl Child Day at SETU- A special assembly on” Save Girl child “was held on 24th January 2014 in our school premises on the occasion National Girl Child Day. Students specially boys participated in the event and wooed to save the girl child.


  1. 26th January at SETU- Students and the staff at SETU celebrated 65th Republic day in school premises. The program started by flag hoisting followed by few cultural programmes.
  2. Sports Day by Concern India- Concern India organised sports day on 1st February 2014. Out of many schools students in Noida, our students were delighted to win the trophy for maintaining discipline and neatness throughout the program.
  3. World wet Day land- Setu students with their teachers celebrated World Wet Land Day on 2ndFebruary 2014.


School Volunteering at SETU

  1. SETU and Mayoor School -On 21st January 2014 Mayoor school students with their English teacher interacted with our students and performed various interactive activities. Students from both sides were happy with this interactive session.
  2. SETU and Sri Ram Millennium- On 8th February 2014 Sri Ram Millennium School students with their science teacher sat across the table and discussed science projects.
  3. SETU and Sardar Patel School- SETU students participated at the interschool painting competition at Sardar Patel School in which our students grabbed three prizes.
  4. A workshop at Venkateshwara school- A workshop on traffic rules was organised for our school students at Venkateshwara School on 24th January 2014.




Grand Event-  The 7th SETU Annual Inter School Painting Competition

7th SETU Annual Inter School Painting Competition was held on 30th January 2014 at DPS Noida. Over 600 students from all over Noida participated and paint for their The first prize trophy was grabbed by Evergreen School, Second prize by Cambridge School and third prize by DPS Noida. Special gift hampers were also given to underprivileged schools ie. Moser bear Trust, Saksham and Noida Deaf Society

Corporate at SETU

Volunteers from Khushiyan and Birla soft were a part of The SETU Lohri celebrations. They conducted various activities with the children who had a lot of fun dancing and singing. This was followed by gifts distribution.


Special Initiative by our students –

 Our students won second prize and two consolation prizes in the painting competition organised by Salaam Namaste on 10th February 2014 on the topic “Paint for Radio”. Simultaneously SETU School students are honoured for being selected to form “Road Safety Club “within the school and for this our students performed a skit which was appreciated by the members of the group.


Health Camps at SETU

In this quarter in the month of February, two Hepatitis-B immunization camps were held at Salarpur and Nithari organised by Max Foundation.


Skill Development for Staff

A workshop was organised for SETU teachers on Microsoft Excel (simple calculations and making tables) at our Nithari centre.

New Projects launced at SETU

A new IT centre was set up at Pratap Vihar Ghaziabad where we offer IT Biometric Courses. This will also be one of the two Aadhar Card enrolment centres the other being at Nithari Noida .The centre commence operation on 7th January 2014.

Aadhar card camp are also being organised at RWA’s, corporate, schools and colleges.


The second ISCD centre was launced at Behrampur , to provide skilling to over 1200 youth for  two month which helps them to get employment further.

Under guidance from SEBI and AMFI and along with our partners Tiksna Investor Awareness Programs have been launched by SETU from 30th January 2014 in the districts of Gautam Buddha Nagar and Gurgaon, we planned to conduct over 300 program appraising the audience do’s and don’ts as well as precautions to be taken at the time of investment.

Feb 3, 2014

SETU Newsletter January 2014

From Program Coordinator Desk

The quarter October to December 2013 was a period of festivals. We sincerely thanks the employees of various corporates in NCR who participated in “The Joy of Giving “ Event and helped fulfil wishes of the children supported by us. 

 The Setu Diwali Mela involved volunteers from different Corporate like CSC, DELL, Birla Soft, HCL and Metlife and was a major hit and so were the Fundraising Diwali Stalls across NCR. Teachers and students participated with full enthusiasm and volunteers also enjoyed to the fullest. The quarter culminated with Setu Children participating in the Christmas Carnival which at Mayoor school Noida as special Invitees.

 As Setu moves ahead, I would like to thank all our Volunteers for their involvement and knowledge sharing.


Thank you.


Events At  SETU


Among the various events held at SETU the following knowledge sessions were appreciated by all:

  1.  Wild Life Week from 1st October2013 to 7th October 2013 to create awareness among students to protect the wild animals.
  2.  Green consumer day was celebratedon 28th October 2013 to create awareness among students to save our planet and spread the slogan of "REDUSE, REUSE AND RECYCLE".
  3. Setu Staff participation at the Airtel Marathon with full enthusiasm to promote “Healthy Children Happy Children”.
  4. Immunisation camp on 17th December 2013 for students up to 12 years of age in which total of 103 students were immunised thru,Max Foundation


SETU with other Schools


-          Various workshops on Road safety, environment and meditation were organised for our students at SETU.

-          Workshop was also organised for teachers on Innovative Educational Training Methods at schools on 19th November 2013.

-          Mayoor students participated in painting competition organised by SETU on 25th October 2013 to support it in raising funds ie. Rs. 50 each for the SETU students. Another grand event organised was the Christmas Carnival on 22nd December 2013.

-          SETU students participated in Friendly Cricket Match with Millennium School on 15th October 2013.

-          The students of Nursery, KG, and class 1st visited Mayoor School on the occasion of BAL Mela on 13th October 2013.

-          Our Students also participated in debate and painting competition organised by Chetna Lioness Club at Sardar Patel School Noida.

-          Sardar Patel School also organised an awareness program on road safety.

-          SETU students also participated in Rangoli making, Mehandi and Poem Recitation competition at SOF school.


Corporate at SETU


On the occasion of Diwali – “The festival of Lights”

-          The SETU Diwali Mela was grand event and volunteers from Birla Soft, CSC, Met Life, HCL and DELL organised Diwali Mela on 26th October 2013.

-          John Keel of DELL invited SETU students for Diwali celebration on 30th October 2013.

-          On the occasion of Children’s Day volunteers from Birla Soft participated and appreciated the cultural program. Rations and Blankets were distributed to students and the outstanding students of 2012-2013 were rewarded.



Skill based Programs:

While Students continued their skill programs certification was completed for 50 students under the ISDS Project. Admissions at the second Centre under the ISDS program were launched at Berhampur during the quarter.


Students Corner 

The students at SETU thank their donors for supporting them in education The girls believe that the tuition centres run by SETU are giving a sigh of relief in studies to the underprivileged girls who don’t have sufficient resources to get quality education.

Oct 24, 2013

Setu Newsletter September 2013

Setu News Magazine - September 2013

Editorial : The Setu Academy at Village Nithari Noida was gifted a Science Lab by Secure Givings which was formally inaugurated on 16th August 2013 by Garima and Mahima Mam from Concern India Foundation. The Centre has now been equipped with A physics, Chemistry and Biology lab with all world class facilities. The lab shall enable our students across all our facilities in Noida including our Tuition Centre students to ensure practical learning and enhancement of knowledge thru experiential and activity based learning.

It give me great pleasure in dedicating this facility to the students of Setu.

Thanking you

Jyotsna Srivastava , Program Coordinator


1. Knowledge sharing and Activities by Volunteers

School Volunteering : Mayoor School continued its Inter School Interaction with Setu and a large no of students visited Setu and shared their knowledge with the students of Setu.  The focus during these activities was on Maths. On 10th July 2013 from Mayoor School class 5th students along with their Maths teacher came to share their learning with our students. They participated in activity on triangles and shapes. Students worked in groups and enjoyed in working together.  The activity on 24th July 2013 was conducted by students of class 7th from Mayoor School.
According to their teacher session was very entertaining and Setu students are very intelligent and they want to learn more and more. The Class VIII students along with Maths teacher visited on 30th August 2013.

An English Activity was held on 14th August 2013 by students of class 5th who along with their English teacher conducted group events. Our students enjoyed a lot and at the same time they learnt and finally students of class

Current session onwards Cambridge School Noida changed its model of volunteering. They had supported three
beneficiaries of Setu from sewing center by providing them sewing machines. The aim is to impact their lives by supporting them in increasing their livelihood. They handed these machines on a valedictory function of their school.

Our Students were invited by Millennium school to attend Spic Macay. They had organised classical music program.
It was for the first time our students went to attend live concert. They enjoyed a lot and said it was an experience which they will remember through out their lives.

Sri Ram Millennium School invited us on their open house to put up a stall for fund raising. We went with
materials prepared by our students. It was liked by the parents and they came forward to support our mission.

Volunteers from Cummins : On 13th September volunteers from Cummins came through i volunteers to our centre to give information on save energy, recycle of waste materials and disposal of garbage. These types of workshops reinforce students to think about their environment.  

Volunteers from LFT (Leaders for Tomorrow) which comprises of College students have tied up with Setu to conduct sessions on Hygenie and Moral Values.  The students have decided to spend 8 week-end with our students at Setu starting September 2013 on a regular basis on Saturdays to educate our students on moral values. They devote around one hour with them.


2. Activities at Setu 

Workshop for Sewing Center This time we had organised a workshop for sewing center. Both the batches were combined and a person from out side came to teach a new garment and gave some simple tips on designs.

Convocation at IT: During convocation selected movies were shown which were made by students during the
summer camp. Students were also given title of “best Tally Student” and “Best Basic IT Student”. Rest of the students were given certificates on completing the course successfully.

Blood Donation camps : Blood donation camps were organised on 11th July at three different locations of Dell. Noida and Gurgaon were organised with Noida Rotary blood bank and at Mohali, it was organised with local Rotary
blood bank. In total 480 units were collected. Thanks to Dell employees. Another camp was organised at NIIT Gurgaon on 17th July 2013. In the month of September two BDC were organised at RMSI and Logix and 56 units were collected.

 Health Camps : On 2nd July Eye camp was organised at Salarpur for 60 students with the help of Focal point. Some of our students were identified with weak eye sight and were suggested for specs. Dell volunteers supported the event with the support of I Care hospital they had organised an Eye check up camp on 9th September at
Nithari Premises.

Activities with Lioness club : This year Lioness club is supporting Setu time to time. On 15th August they sponsored the refreshment for the students. They have also organised Taekwondo training for our 10 girls at Noida club, Sector 26, Noida. We formed a mother’s group who took responsibility to take all 10 girls to sector 26 on rotation. This training is for two months and twice a week.

On 14th September Hindi day of the club had organised a lecture on importance of Hindi for senior classes at Nithari.

Workshops on Environment and Road Safety by Setu Students: Setu students along with teachers visited a private school and an NGO School to spread awareness on environment and road safety. Through skit, songs and posters they communicated the message on protection of environment and measures to ensure Road Safety.. They were appreciated by students and teachers of both school.


3. Students Corner

Meet  Ankit Kumar, 18 years, lives with her parents in Nithari.  His father works in Export Company and mother is a house wife. His father is not able to support his higher studies so he decided to work and save for his education. He wants to do hotel management course but because of financial constraints he couldn’t fulfil his dreams.

Few days back he came to know about Job placement through SETU. He got selected for Barista coffee shop. He
went through five days of training and got placed in sector 18. Now he is very satisfied with his job as he is earning 6900/- per month. He says now I want to continue with this job as this will help him in achieving what I want to do in
my life.

Honey was in class 3rd when she joined Setu. She is daughter of Ajay Sharma and Aarti Sharma. Ajay Sharma, a tailor by profession, earns Rs 7000 per month to take care of his family of 6. She has two younger sisters and one younger brother. Her mother is a housewife.

She loves to paint and watch television and she aspires of becoming a teacher. She says, “From this school I have gained a lot as I get chance to learn through different activities like theatre, workshops, interacting with students of other schools, etc gives us confidence as well as enhances our knowledge.

PVR- Soft Launch of cine arts movie on steer to safety, film made by students last year was held on 9th July 2013. The program started with theatre on road safety, song by students and students shared their experiences. Trophies was given to all schools that were part of movie making last year and the film made by Setu was also awarded.

Tiny tots of Setu - My Village School held their own activities - Coffee day  and Raince Dance.  The Young buds showed high level of participation and enjoyed both the events especially the rain dance. This was a
different experience for them.

Independence Day celebration: Independence Day celebration started with hostingof the national flag by the Chairperson Setu along with tiny tots of Setu. This was followed by National anthem and cultural program performed by students all the Setu centres including the tuition centre at Harola and Salarpur. The program was a hit with compilation of patriotic songs, dances and speech by students. They recollected the memories of freedom
fighter reminding us all of the sacrifice made by them. Refreshment for students were organised by Chetna club ladies.

 Independence Day celebration at Dell : On 13th August 2013, Setu students along with three teachers visited Dell for celebrating Independence Day with their employees. They conducted quiz competition and collage making  activity for the students. The students participated with a lot of energy and vigor in both the activities and expressed their talent during the show.

Students of Class V along with two teachers attend an English theatre workshop on 31st August class at Cambridge School Noida. This was First time experience of such a show for some of the students.

Rail museum Educational Trip: Students from Nithari and Salarpur had a picnic cum educational trip to the rail museum as educational trip. They really enjoyed the trip. For Setu School Salarpur students it was the first outing and all children enjoyed a lot.

Rakhi Celebration: Rakhi was celebrated with full enthusiasm at the center. In primary section they made Rakhi and in the senior section they had extempore. The competition was for both the sections.

The most awaited day by students as well as by teachers, Teachers Day was celebrated ON 5th September 2013 with full enthusiasm. Senior students enacted the role of their teachers and they had organised a small function for all the staff which was very well planned and organised.


 4. Staff corner

Dimple Vohra, In charge of My Village School, joined Setu on 18th February 2009, as junior facilitator at Salarpur center. She worked there for a year and got transferred at Nithari center, in primary wing. In the academic year 2013-14 she has been promoted and teaches social studies to the senior students.

She stays in sector 37 with her family of five members. She is a single parent and manages her family and Setu
job very well. She says, she leads a balanced and dignified life with support of Setu. According to her it’s like a family where we share our personal problems and gets support for that.

After joining Setu her confidence level has improved. Earlier she was very introvert and use to hesitate in interacting with strangers but now she has got so much of exposure with outside world (due to volunteering with different schools and corporate) that now she feels she can handle any situation.

Hemlata Shaw, is in charge of Harola Tuition center. She joined Setu in 2008 as junior facilitator and worked till  2011. After that she is continuing with tuition center. She stays in Sector 5 Noidawith her family. She is blessed with a son and daughter. She left teaching because her children are too young and she couldn’t balance between the two. She is teaching 15 girls at her place who are enrolled at our tuition center.

She encourages her students by giving them extra information on GK and involving them in different activities. On Saturdays she plans picnics at the nearby park or antakshari, dance etc. to keep them motivated. Her students are very close to her they share their problems with her.

Hemlata says she is able to do all this in her tuition center as she has learnt at Setu School while teaching. She further says, I want to give these girls more and more as their parents can’t spend time with them. At last she says, Setu is close to my heart so I’ll like to teach more and more girls in my tuition center.  

Teachers Skill Improvement Programs 

Two teachers from Setu attended the workshop on Life skills for adolescents which was organised by UNICEF on 27th July and 28th July 2013 at HCL, Noida. Mr. Jay Pal from Chennai conducted the workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to identify the issues of adolescence and to understand their needs. Developmental changes
during this phase were discussed through different activities. For practical session the participants were taken to one school where they conducted the activity which was taught to them. According to teachers it was very informative.

Workshop for teachers on “Lesson Planning” on 20th July 2013 was organised by iVolunteer in Delhi. Two teachers participated in that workshop. They were given some simple tips for making their class more interactive.

On 6th July 2013  English training was conducted by Ms Renu from Pratham organisation. All our staff attended the workshop.

Staff training on 17th August 2013 on leadership qualities and situation handling was organised. It was attended by all Setu staff.  Movie “Chak De India” was used as medium to understand how to deal with typical leadership and team building  situations. 

Workshop on Power point presentation : On 21st September a workshop was conducted by our IT Incharge for School teachers. All the staff attended the workshop and learnt how to make a presentation.

 5. Invite for Setu Diwali Mela             

 All of us at Setu Invite you to the Setu Diwali Mela on 26/10/2013. The Setu Diwali is conceptualised as a learning event for our children and is arranged by the children and who are supported by their teachers. Please join us from 10.00 am to 4 .oopm at the Setu School Nithari Sector 31 Noida.

Support SETU to inspire, motivate, share, educate, skill, enrich, elevate & develop


Students and Staff of Setu

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