Long-term protection of Whales & Dolphins in Fiji


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Use Of Road That Thrills Is The Use That Kills

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of USE OF ROAD THAT THRILLS IS THE USE THAT KILLS In our country,there has been a problem of accidents which has hurt many,friends,relatives and even unknown innocent individuals in the society.Even after organizing Laws from the Ministry of health or even others.Particularly ministry of roads and communication. It has been giving out safety rules and regulations to road users including bothe drivers and pedestrians not forgetting passengers.Drivers have been advised not to overspeed since they endanger human life but after all it fell on deaf ears moreso most of them are drug addicts that make them see in abnormal ways causing death. Some pedestrians have thought that it sound better taking their own routes of pleasure than that given to them.Instead of giving their way by sticking to the left handside they think rights look more safety to them hence collinding with vehicles from the opposite direction. We too advice the passengers always tie their safety belts whenever they board a vehicle.Their use is to hold one firmly in the seats so as not to knock in the next chair or abstract.In addition we urge all drivers and pedestrians always take great care of road signs.They all have a meaning to them and why they were place there passengers to be in safety tie your safety belt. Read more.
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Environmental Conservation

By a male, under 16 years old, in Wau, Somalia
Map of Environmental  conservation Drought is a serious disaster in Northern Kenya. This has caused many problems to the residents of that area. About three quaters of the land is envested by desert vegetation which are value less. The environment conserves together with the Kenya armed forces and St., John Ambulance visited the area and planted trees. Apart from planting trees the government also provided relief food, clothes and security. Although it was not enough for the people, Lake Turkana water projects also provided some little water for domestic use and farm work. Some of the people who were really after were transported to other fertile places. At this time the northern Kenya has started to see light and utilizing their resources such as 1.Their animals are healthy 2.Some sought of economic activity is taking place(herbal) 3.Fishing. Read more.
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