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May 5, 2014

Thank you! Our lives better, we are at school!

Abigail at Acropolis Schools
Abigail at Acropolis Schools

Wow, it's been an amazing few months and we sincerely thank you for your immense contributions to our scholarship students lives! From January to April 2014, we are happy to report that in fact, the children that you are sponsoring are in the school and school fees are fully paid for this term. These children you are supporting are Gilbert, Mary, Abigail, Erica, Ebenezer with full or part payment of school fees and Christpher, Benjamin, Vera and Nidaar with at home food support, health insurance and uniforms. The children are aged between 2 years old and 19 years old.

Gilbert is still waiting for application from the University, your generous donations through this project and the micro-project raised $1115 so that he can make an application and I have told him that as soon as he get admission the fund will be disbursed to support him and this would be done only if he gets admission into a University.

Abigail's school report shows a good performance, and that Abigail one she rejoined school is performing quite impressive but with room for improvement. Her best grades are in social studies and home economics, where Abigail scored 'excellent' in recent exams. In fact, she feels happy and the family too since trying to find enough funds for school fees was a burden to them because they didn't know where they could get money to pay the fees through lack of permamnent jobs and only temporary work. Since Abigail is in her final year now at the Junior High School, she leaves home before 6am each day for classes before school lessons start.

Erica and Mary continue to progress well at school and are attending all their classes.Erica has $347 raised for her scholarship fund which covered her term, however, we will still seek assistance for the remaining terms this year and feature Erica in our microprojects once more to help her. Mary is fully funded and her family are experiencing much positive results with increased help Mary's health and wellbeing is improved and she is also helping her younger sister Miriam with reading.

Ebenezer thanks you for your support to his University fund, which raised $110, this is not currently enough to pay his tuition fee of $400, so it will be held for Ebenezer until the full amount is available. We have launched a new nicro-project and will be campaigning for Ebenezer to help him get to University and study marketing!

Thanks to YOU all this progress has been possible, we and the children express a heartfelt gratitude for your support.

Josephine's mother approached me three days ago that she needs help for Josephine and her brother Kelvin that they  both have been sacked for school fees for 3 weeks now that they have been at home missing classes. Therefore there are more children we will help in the coming months, we have created fundraisers on PAAJAF's website and will be doing the same at GlobalGiving.

We thank you for your generous support, please contact me, Philip for more information at

Abigail at school
Abigail at school
Mary has books and uniform
Mary has books and uniform
Jan 3, 2014

Six children say Thanks for Year filled with Hope


Project Report for Scholarship Fund

For the period September – December 2013

I am very pleased to have another opportunity to present the project update of our scholarship fund (Help Underprivileged Children in Ghana).  During September to December we received  individual donations from GlobalGiving totalling around $1700. We are so happy that $1,176.25 was received to support Mary for the 2013/2014 academic year. $396.50 was also received to the fund to support Gilbert Essilfie to get admission into University. We here at PAAJAF are thankful to all our donors and wish you all Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!

From September to December 2013, the following impoverished children are beneficiaries of our scholarship fund:

  • Mary age 7
  • Erica age 9
  •  Vira age 7
  • Christpher age 3
  • Abigail age 13
  • From 2014 - Gilbert (part funded) age 17

We will receive funds for Gilbert  in January of $396.50 from generous GlobalGiving donors. When that fund is received, it would enable him to apply for Cape Coast University in 2014 - Thank you so much it means so much to Gilbert, words can only express our appreciation and love. The fund will only pay for his admission which means he will be still in need for lodging, text books and food.  Please, read about Gilbert and his needs through our website:  Gilbert has a dream to become accountant.

When we asked Mary, "Mary what do you want to become in future", she said, “I will be a Doctor”. Mary is a kind girl, who is co-operative and humble in class and has interest on all subjects according to her class teachers remarks in her latest school report. And when I when I asked Mary, she said, “I like all the subjects but I like Maths very well”.  Mary is in Class one at Mercy School complex in Gbawe Community. With your support we have received full funding for Mary for the 2013/2014 academic year.  To read more about Mary please, visit this link:, PAAJAF has provided from your donations - $300 on Mary’s education and home support.  The expenses include: School fees, school supplies, school uniform, heath Insurance, home feeding support and school feeding.  On Mary’s account we have a balance of $876.25 that will be used specifically for the next two school terms fees which will start on January 7th 2014.Your support has been inspiring, Mary and her family thank you.

Christpher, Erica and Vira are supported, going to Mercy, Pearls, and Acropolis schools in Gbawe. This is through the scholarship fund and Abigail received sponsorship this year through personal contribution part payment of her school fees.  Next year, your help has meant Abigail can look forward to attending school next year too! You are helping the children to realise their future goals - Christpher wants to become an accountant in future, Vira also said, “I will become a Doctor”.  Abigail, what do you want become in future?  Abilgail also said, she would like to become a Doctor.  Erica said, I would like to become a Bank Manager. The children are in school and receiving good grades, their future is better because they have a good education.

There are other children in Gbawe also that need your help most. We will be creating micro project for each of them and we would need your help to put smiles into their faces.  Please visit our website to know more about the children.

Please get in touch if you want to help or wish to contact us

Thank you most sincerely and wish you a happy 2014.

Mary with her new uniform and textbooks
Mary with her new uniform and textbooks
Christpher at school
Christpher at school
Erica in class
Erica in class
Oct 2, 2013

Amazing support helps scholarship students!

Helen at GlobalGiving visits Vera (Aug 2013)
Helen at GlobalGiving visits Vera (Aug 2013)

We have lots of exciting news for you! From your amazing support we are happy to give you a progress update covering June – September 2013 about the bright and hopeful scholarship students living in our community in Gbawe.

First, with your direct support to the Underprivileged Children in Ghana project, 4 children out of 24 children are receiving a HELPING HAND with their school fees and home feeding, namely, Erica, Nidaar, Lauren and Vera. These children are in special need of help due their impoverished situation and home-life where they are dependent on very low income family members, earning a meagre $2 a day.

We are pleased to report the 4 children are FULLY SETTLED in their schools. With YOUR generous help the full school fees for Erica, Nidaar and part-payment of fees for Lauren are settled and food supplies have been provided to Vera's single mother Grace to take care of Vera. Vera's mother Grace is so grateful for the help given her daughter eventhough she is a local teacher and says she cannot afford the school fees and food costs together, so this has made a huge difference in Vera's life.

Second, schools have just re-opened in September and we are very EXCITED because of generous donors at GlobalGiving and support from GlobalGiving through their newsletter. Gilbert is receiving support towards his dream to go to University . Gilbert is a determined and motivated young man who has endured great hardships after his father passed away. Thanks to YOU, through his GlobalGiving microproject, Gilbert is receiving support towards his tuiton costs and lodging so he can go to Cape Coast University and become an accountant.

Mary, age 7 and her mother and sister, send a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to AMAZING and generous donors that are supporting her educational needs. For some time, Mary was not able to attend school because her mother, an Okro seller, did not have sufficient money to send Mary. Now, with your kind and enthusiastic support, Mary is now able to attend school for a WHOLE YEAR, at Mercy Schools Complex in Class 1. We will keep you updated with her progress!

You are giving the children not just a one-off item that can be used and forgotten but an incredible gift to receive an education to learn how to read, write and do math so that their lives will not be solely dependent on donations or from somewhere else in future but would be able to learn for themselves and able to teach their generations.

Thirdly, our volunteers also organised a walking fundraiser in September and raised $70 towards the project! We thank you all for your energy and committment! All the children have gone back to school but schools are not yet paid. We continually look for support for the 20 children featured on PAAJAF's website so that they may have the opprtunities to attend school.

Finally, we are also looking for talented and motivated people to be online, on-site volunteers and ambassadors.  If you are interested in any of this, you can find application form on our website.

We count it as a great privilege to have you on board, without you we cannot achieve as much as we have! PAAJAF is still in existence due to your donations of time and money and we are pleased to be accountable to you dearly for what we have been doing.We were very happy to receive a visit from helen at GlobalGiving who gave us lots of good ideas and support and look forward to meeting again in future!

Mary is very happy to receive scholarship help
Mary is very happy to receive scholarship help
Erica attends Empet Academy
Erica attends Empet Academy


Jul 2, 2013

Summer term, Erica continues to progress

Erica attends Empet Academy
Erica attends Empet Academy

We have been fortunate to have been given a unique opportunity to raise additional funds and support our amazing kids through GlobalGiving’s June Bonus Day.  Two generous donors came forward and the following school children will benefit from your recent donations of GH¢ 250 – GH¢ 280 (Ghanaian Cedi). 

  1. Erica  - GH¢ 60 full school tuition this term
  2. Vira  - GH¢ 50 to support her mother to purchase food to take care of Vira. 
  3. Lauren  - GH¢ 100 part tuition (Lauren’s school  fees are GH¢220 per a term)
  4. Nidaar  - GH¢60 full tuition for this school term

In July, the children continue to develop and progress. Erica and Vira are in class one and in the second term of the academic year and are learning English Language, Ghanaian Language, math, science, social and cultural studies. Being able to go to school this term means Erica and Vira are engaging in all school activities including this term physical education (PE) and worship service classes.

Nidaar and Lauren are in nursery school. The four children are in good condition and happy for the support they are receiving from you our passionate donors and from your continued support.

Our next goal is a September fundraiser - where fundraisers themselves can earn prizes from their amazing effort - please contact!

Here is more detailed background about our wonderful children. As an orphan, Erica relies on the help of PAAJAF otherwise she would be thrown out of school.

Lauren has a single mother, her father died, and currently her mother has no job and finds it difficult to take care of her and the brother Kwaku.  A donation means we can step in to part-pay this term’s fees and support her education.

Vira has a single mother who has not seen her father since her birth.  Her mother is employed to teach nursery school with small take home pay that could not take care of Vira.  Your donations provide support her mother so she can provide nutritious food to Vira

Through a generous sponsorship donation Nidaar's school fees can be paid in full this term helping her remain in nursey, we have stepped in because Nidaar’s father is only able to secure casual labor and her mother remains at home to look after children, making things difficult for Niddar to meet her educational needs.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and support across the world. We continue to campaign to local residents about our children and raising awareness at a local level.

Apr 1, 2013

You made it possible - 7 children attending school

Abigail is able to attend primary school
Abigail is able to attend primary school

Our beneficiaries and their families are grateful for the generous donations PAAJAF has received to fund school fees for 7 poor children in Gbawe.  Each school term fee is $90 per child; from your donations, you made it possible for full payment of fees for 4 children and part payment of fees for 3 additional children.

The children we help are underprivileged and from poor backgrounds where families are struggling to make ends meet. Some are orphans or neglected with no other means of attending the overcrowded public school. PAAJAF checks the financial situation of the families and ascertain which children desperately need help and steps in to provide that assistance.

Payment of school fees has given the children below the ability to attend school for the first 2013 term. They continue to learn reading, writing, math and science subjects in their respective schools and have the courage to make friends and develop. From all of us – Thank You.

1. Erica -  School fees Fully paid
An orphan living with her Aunt, Erica continues to attend Empet Academy and has a uniform and school materials, this means no more threats of expulsion from school.

2. Nidaar – School fees Fully paid
Nidaar is from a very low income family, now she is able to attend kindergarten at The Pearls School

3  Lauren  - School fees Part Paid
Lauren’s father passed away and her mother had no other means of support, with your help Lauren attends kindergarten at Precious Jesus Int. School

4. Vira - School fees Fully paid
Vira’s mother raises her alone, with your help, Vira is attending Winners Family Preparatory School

5. Abigail – School fees Part Paid
Abigail previously had to frequently miss classes because her parents did not have a steady income. She is attending primary school at Acropolis Schools in Gbawe.

6. Ebenezer – School fees Part Paid
Ebenezer wants to train to be an accountant and is close to completion of final year exams at Presbyterian Senior High School.

7. Christpher – School fees Fully Paid
Christpher’s family earn very low income, he can now attend pre-school at Mercy School.

For more information, please contact – we continue to need support for children in Gbawe.

Vira likes to read and make friends
Vira likes to read and make friends


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