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A Needy Case

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Kakamega East, Kenya
Map of A needy case I am Humprey Mandela, aged 18. I have very aged and hopeless parents,whose ability to support our family of 6 has raced towards sunset. They have tried all they can however to help all of us team but the challenges rule them out of order most of the time. The approached APHIA2 for assistance which went through. APHIA 2 western considered giving 3 of my sibling and i support through school. While i have just finished form 4 at Lwanda secondary my followers are still in form3,2 and i while the rest are in primary. I have giving a good account of myself and passed only waiting to join the college. APHIA 2 has closed down and it is my task in prayer to find any well wisher to help me and my siblings from where APHIA left. Read more.
Related to project keywords: support family, sibling, parents, time, left

Hope Provides A Future Inspiration

By a male, under 16 years old, in Kakamenga, Kenya
Map of HOPE PROVIDES A FUTURE INSPIRATION I am Harrison Maganga aged 12 and in class 5. I was at some point in 2006, being perhaps the most unwanted thing to my parents dumped and left any eventually. A good Samaritan discovered me when i had slept hungry for sometime and was almost dying. The motherly social worker took me to the children's department where it was decided that i be taken to Hope in Zion Children's care centre. I was revived. I was given a human treatment, basic needs and even education. I was sent to standard 3 and life has improved for me since then. I am a talented singer and footballer on top of my vry hard working nature in class. I believe i will get a sponsor who will ensure that i keep on climbing in the education up to my dream. Read more.
Related to project keywords: parents, given, provides, left, future


By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of Counsillor My life history have been a long story. At the age of 13 year old, I joined a group of friend who were using almost all kinds of drugs. Within no time, I was also addicted to use the drugs. I came rude to my parent, I never listened to what they told me even the advise which they gave me I just took it for glanted. At the age 14 years, I came the most addict of the drug use and even left school just for the case of using drugs. My parents together with my neighbours tried their level best to give me a piece of advise on the effects of drugs but all went in vein. One fay, my mother took me to a nono governmental organisation which was mostly for advising and educating the youth. She told me the organisation everything the she left me their for a whole week. At the organisation, they welcomed me, as a student and also I was attend classes on the education about the youth. The counsillor their told me the effects of using drugs and also they advised me on how to stop using the drugs. When I came to my real senses, left using drugs and went back to school although it was hard to catch up with others. Read more.
Related to project keywords: parents, time, long, give, left

Betrayed By My Adorable Father

By a female, under 16 years old, in Kakamega East, Kenya
Map of Betrayed by my adorable father I woke up one Sunday morning to prepare to go to church.I was in the midst of getting dressed when my father told me that i should accompany him to his friend.I wondered why he was asking me to accompany him alone because usually we would go together with mother.As we approached his friend's house he told me that i was old enough to get married.I looked at him with great disbelief.I was only 13 years old and in class six!i thought my father was joking i even laughed it off.When we got to his friend's house we were welcomed well.His wife had died a year ago and they and his friend went outside to talk.I was left with the children who were my friends and age mates.Something just hit me that they were going to discuss the issue of my marriage.After a while ,my father's friend came and told me that my father had left.Fear griped me but gave myself hope thinking that he would come for me later so i continued playing.As darkness set in,i got worried,i told my father's friend that i can go home alone.He refused and said i was his wife.I screamed and even tried to run but he locked the house and threatened to beat me if i continued to behave like a child.I saw this being funny because i was a child so i had to behave like one.No one heard my cries and i had to spend the night in his home.I kept hoping that mum would come for me but she never did.I stayed for another three weeks after which i lost hope that my parents will come for me again.I missed my friends at school so much i would cry myself to sleep.I wondered why my teachers were not looking for me. It was all in vain.I used to envy 'my husband's' children since they used to go to school while i remained at home to cook and wash their clothes.When my husband found me crying he would beat me and order me to shut up or else he would lock me out of his house.I paid your father alot of money to get you.One day i decided i am not taking it anymore.After everyone had left i ran away to Kristine who rescued me and took me to school. Read more.
Related to project keywords: home, left, just, set, talk
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Leatherhead, Surrey United Kingdom

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