Support 450 Disadvantaged Palestinian Children


This project is located in Israel and can also be found under Children.

Support Disadvantaged Palestinian Children
75, Israel
(32.71336, 35.15625)
Location of Beit Almusica/ Shefa'amr
445, Shefa-'Amr, Israel
(32.80461, 35.16242)
Home of Beit Almusica
450, Shefa-'Amr, Israel
(32.80403, 35.16379)
HaKnesiyot, I'billin, Israel
(32.82250, 35.19023)
781, Israel
(32.84933, 35.20808)
Home of Beit Almusica.
445, Shefa-'Amr, Israel
From report: "Tune the Music"
(32.80490, 35.16242)
Shefa'amr, home of Beit Almusica
From report: "Music is Magic"
(32.80346, 35.17134)
Beit Almusica Center in Shefa'Amr
470, Shefa-'Amr, Israel
(32.79955, 35.16899)

For more information about Israel, read the Human Development Report on Israel or the Wikipedia entry for Israel.

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Project Leader

Melanie Atrash

Community Projects Manager
Shefa-Amer 20200, Israel

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Map of Support 450 Disadvantaged Palestinian Children