Green Maps for a more sustainable future!

Oct 18, 2011

60 Countries! 775 Projects! Social Design Award!

Green Map
Green Map's 2011 awards

Guiding the Way to a Sustainable Future

So many people love their communities and care deeply about the world we all share. At Green Map System, we are always working to support each local initiative. By helping local people map out each green site and highlight its sustainability elements, new audiences and customers are drawn in. Tens of thousands of these green sites are on printed Green Maps, and you can interact with another 18,000 on Open Green Maps.

Our adaptable tools for communities, professionals and ‘crowdsourced’ Green Maps are continually evolving – help us meet the demand!

60 Countries!!

There are now Green Mapmakers in 60 countries, representing all inhabited continents. We reached this milestone as local projects got underway recently in Tibet, Serbia & Macedonia and Belgium. Latvia and The Gambia joined us in 2011, too. Click to see where our network is growing and get our list of over 775 cities, towns and villages with Green Map projects (linked below).

How does this impact any single community? Check out the Blog and download the presentation by Janet Felsten of Baltimore Green Map that's linked below. Her efforts have engaged and enlighted a wide diversity of people and places. While in our Blog, take time to see what others are doing, as well. 

30% Donation Match!

October 19 is a special 30% match day for us, thanks to GlobalGiving. Donate early to be sure the pool of matching funds will benefit Green Map System. Magnify the impact of your gift, and provide even more towards healthier, greener, more sustainable communities.

We appreciate all types of donations, including in-kind support. An example is the carbon neutral dedicated server donated by Pair Networks. In October, our server has been upgraded – visit and see how much faster our website and Open Green Maps now appear on your desktop!

Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award

We are so pleased to be selected as a Winner of the inaugural Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award competition by the new Victor J Papanek Foundation –

Victor Papanek was a true pioneer, thought by many to be the "papa" of the modern eco-design movement. His books, including Design for the Real World, made a deep impression on Green Map’s founder as our movement was forming in the early 1990’s. Wendy Brawer states, "I hold Victor Papanek in high esteem and I am delighted to take part in the award ceremony and the exhibitions at University of Applied Arts Vienna (11/10/11–1/31/12) and in NYC (Dates TBA)".

The Papanek Social Design Award is our second honor in 2011. Special thanks to all the jurors of this competition as well as Treehugger Best of Green, which awarded us Best Eco App for a Smartphone this spring.

Upcoming Events

If you are in NYC and interested in civil society’s response to crisis,  our director will be giving a short talk on our work this arena at Design Like You Give a Damn LIVE this Saturday, Oct 22 at the AIA Center for Architecture.

Green Map System is part of the Local Spokes coalition, which is hosting three Visioning Sessions on the opportunities for Lower East Side and Chinatown residents to benefit from bicycling. Find details at

At a time when people are working together in new ways together to 'Be The Change', we are so glad to join hands with you! Thank you for your help and interest in bringing Green Mapmaking to people worldwide.


Aug 17, 2011

Green Map - Summer 2011 Wrap Up

Sharing the Green Map story at 140edu
Sharing the Green Map story at 140edu

Hello to our Global Giving supporters!

This report brings brief news from our Director, Wendy Brawer:

Over the years, I've delivered many presentations about different aspects of Green Mapmaking. In August, I was invited to speak at 140edu, a conference about the intersection of social media and education produced by the 140 Characters series ('140' refers to Twitter). My talk was 'live-streamed' from the 92Y in New York so I can share it with you -  the 12 minute video is linked below. Visit to find all the presentations on this timely topic.

While I could bicycle uptown for 140edu, I'm using donated air miles (and offsetting my carbon) to get to two upcoming talks. I'll go to Amsterdam for two presentations alongside the 'Picnic' ( framing Green Map as part of Urban Futures  – find me at Living Labs on September 14th and the Marketplace on the 16th. Then it’s off to Austin Texas where I’m speaking at, the first eco-themed South by South West conference. I’ll be with local Green Mapmakers in each locale, and plan to bring back inspiring outcomes to share globally. In between Green Map NYC will be taking part in Climate Week and Moving Planet on September 24, then at the first Green Festival in NYC on October 1-2 – already drawing thousands in San Francisco, DC and other cities, we’ll be exhibiting and providing a panel discussion that weekend, as seen at 

It’s going to be a busy season as the first of our 5 workshops for Sustainable Jersey Green Teams get underway in our neighboring state – we’ll also be providing specialized consulting to 9 cities working in 4 teams as they create Green Maps that both address the asset mapping action designated by the remarkable Sustainable Jersey organization and the need to engage diverse community members in greener, healthier living. Special thanks to the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation as well as the JM Kaplan Fund, which is supporting our ongoing work with our own home community’s new bicycling coalition, Local Spokes. The summer’s Youth Ambassadors had a great introduction to Lower East Side - Chinatown issues and opportunities, culminating in a party this Saturday (all welcome!). Coming soon - all-ages visioning sessions. You can follow the action and join in at

New Languages Online

You can now download the poster Green Map Icon Poster in 10 languages, the most recent being Russian, thanks to Kazan Green Mapmakers – download at This Center for the Creative Child project just won the "Russian National Junior Water Prize" with their Green Map and they are already planning the greening of the World Summer Universiade Games they will host in 2013! This is highlighted in our blog at alongside several fresh posts by Green Map Curitiba Brazil. Curitiba has been a leader when it comes to green cities for 20 years, and this team has been involved in many initiatives - international conferences, mapping the campus at the Federal University of Parana, producing a wonderful magazine and planning for a high impact year to come - all described in Portuguese.  Our 8th language interface for the Open Green Map is nearing completion as well, thanks to Yutaka Nakashima and a team of Japanese volunteers. 

I just posted a fresh newsletter (linked below) focusing on our 5 wonderful summer interns. If you are interested in Latin America, Japan and mentoring emerging leaders, you will enjoy it the overview.

Your support makes all this possible!! 

Like many Green Mapmakers, we have been enjoying working outdoors in the warm weather, providing walking and cycling tours, researching new sites, meeting with climate change, local food and community resiliency projects all over New York City. We’ve worked hard, preparing to launch a new interactive Energy Map in September, and mentoring teachers from 3rd grade on up as summer wanes. We’re hopeful about the season to come and wish you all an opportunity to use a Green Map to find great new ways to live more sustainably each day.

On behalf of the 764 Green Map projects worldwide, thank you for supporting our work through Global Giving!

Open Green Map has 200 maps & nearly 18,000 sites
Open Green Map has 200 maps & nearly 18,000 sites
Green Mapmaking in Brazil 2011
Green Mapmaking in Brazil 2011


May 27, 2011

Green Map's Local Focus!

Local Spokes Coalition
Local Spokes Coalition

New York City is in bloom – and we’re involved in projects to help it bloom even more. So this quarter, our newsletter highlights Green Map’s involvement in an important new greening initiative in our city as well as in the nearby Sustainable Jersey - Green Map project. We have events coming up to share with you which were made possible in part by the extraordinary efforts of our interns and volunteers, so important to our organization and network!

Local Spokes – a New Neighborhood Coalition
With so many benefits to riding a bicycle, Green Mapmakers worldwide has highlighted cycling resources on their maps. Our own NYC editions have included bicycle lanes, repair shops and advocacy organizations, as seen at In addition, our Green Apple cycling and walking tours* explore the green infrastructure, gardens, solar sites and other resources found in our neighborhoods. Recently, we have become part of the new Lower East Side – Chinatown Bicycling Coalition, known as Local Spokes. Supported by the JM Kaplan Fund, we are working with 8 diverse housing, justice and cycling organizations to engage the community in a new vision for cycling in Lower Manhattan. Follow the project at Local Spokes' goal is to create a replicable model for cycling resources that can impact neighborhoods across and far beyond our city.

*On Thursday June 9, take a walking tour with us – this is our first NYC Meetup. Find more details about this event at

The Sustainable Jersey - Green Map Project
Last summer we took part in the Jersey City ‘Farm in the City’ workshop. This event not only led to new policies taking root in the city, it also led to our meeting with Sustainable Jersey and a grant from the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation to work with a sampling of diverse New Jersey cities’ Green Teams. These teams address over 100 sustainable actions to gain points toward certification. Citizen engagement is part of the process and teams will be introduced to Green Map’s strategy for engagement through a workshop and webinar in June. Select teams will be offered staff support on mapmaking strategy, communications and outreach towards completion and distribution of a printed or interactive Green Map. More about this project is online at

Hats off to our Interns
As the summer approaches we say goodbye to marketing intern Jinhwa Ju (South Korea) and interaction design intern Isadora Dantas (Brazil). You’ll see Jinwha’s photos, taken as she worked with Joseph Panglinan (Rutgers University) on the Green Map Archives, our Gel workshop, social media and more. Everyone contributed to the Festival of New Ideas, including Yutaka Nakashima (Japan), who is now helping us support the efforts of Green Map Japan after this winter’s horrific disasters. Updating the Compost Green Map with the support of the Manhattan Borough President, the Solid Waste Advisory Board and Citizens Committee has been just one of many projects to which the interns have contributed. We are  welcoming new interns this summer – Brigid Keating (New York University), Melanie Reed (Cornell University), Alex Purdy (University of Richmond) and Aaron Miller (University of Connecticut) - as we keep up our tradition of mentoring rising stars and getting the job done with fresh energy. Their support is crucial to us!

Please pitch in and support our interns, our work in NYC and with Green Map projects worldwide. Join our events, use Green Maps to connect with local resources and do all you can to promote a healthier future for us all.

Green Map in the NY Daily News
Green Map in the NY Daily News


Feb 17, 2011

What Your 2010 Green Map Donation Accomplished

Green Map App
Green Map App

Thanks to Global Giving donors, Green Map System had a remarkable 2010! Our highlights starts out with 94 newly registered locally-led Green Map projects, followed by the highlights of our accomplishments shown below. We have many goals for 2011, so we invite you to take action today –please donate to help cities worldwide become more sustainable and healthy today.

Engagement Initiatives

  • Making it easy to collect sites for Open Green Maps with our Mobile Data Collector for smartphones and iPhones
  • To share Green Maps, Photos, Blogs in any website, we created embeddable widgets
  • Created Icon posters, postcards and other adaptable resources in new languages
  • Inventoried Green Maps and locally created materials for our print and digital Archive
  • Planning for our new Mapmaker collaboration platform
  • Training of 14 interns from several countries (this includes our Summer program. Here's a quote from participant Morgan Leykam, who was subsequently hired to create the City's Green Map in Stamford Connecticut, "There is a lot of excitement built around it - most people I've spoken to said they've been waiting for something like this to unite all the green efforts being made").

Key Events

  • 15th Anniversary Celebration, May - Budapest
  • Smithsonian National Design Triennial – Green Map in exhibition, book, family guide and events, from May to Jan - NYC
  • US Social Forum, workshop and exchanges, Detroit - June
  • Green Map Exhibit at Finlandia University, Michigan - September
  • Art in Odd Places Site Marker Test & party, October - NYC
  • Participation in the United Nations' COP 10 with exhibition, forum, exchanges, media events with Aichi Green Map, October - Nagoya Japan

Our Local 'beyond the map' Initiatives
As we participate in these projects, we utilize skills and networks developed while producing our own local NYC Green Maps. Each has enhanced our role in the region: 

  • Lower East Side/Chinatown Bicycling Coalition
  •  Jersey City Farm in the City
  • Parsons The New School of Design Social Innovation Program
  •  E3NYC Cleantech Expo (planning for 2014)
  • Green Map entrepreneurship development and thesis

New Technology on

  • Doubled the number of green sites on the Open Green Map platform in 2010
  • Mapmakers and Maps Profile pages re-designed and cross-referenced
  • now powers search of Open Green Map sites by the icon
  • Social media integration and resources
  • Updated our Press center, Impacts and other pages
  • Added our 7th language, Chinese, to Open Green Map

2010 Awards

  • Best of Green: Treehugger’s Best Tool for Green Travelers
  • eServices for Citizens and Corporations, Living Labs Global
  • Just Means - FT Social Innovation Awards finalist
  • Selected by DesigNYC for makeover in 2012
  • Cape Town Green Map wins Golden Trash Award
  • Towson University wins Silver from the US University & College Designers Association

Selected Press

  • Renovating the Rust Belt in Ohio
  • 20 new Green Maps at Shanghai Expo
  • Reykjavik’s printed Green Map debuts
  • Washington DC’s online and printed Green Maps debut
  • Find others at

2011 Could be our Highest Impact Year Yet!

We've got great plans and events underway, but we need your help to reach our goals. Share your love for your community and the Earth with us. Make a Donation or review us at Guidestar. Thank you for your support!

European Green Mapmakers discover green sites
European Green Mapmakers discover green sites
Detroit Green Map planning meeting
Detroit Green Map planning meeting


Nov 24, 2010

Green Map's Newest Way of Giving Back!

Green Map
Green Map's Climate Icon Design 10-10-10 Event-NYC

One of Green Map System's 2010 goals is to explore new ways to support the sustainable community development activities of our organization and network. We have always nurtured a spark of social innovation, but our inclusion of social entrepreneurship allows us to directly address a variety of challenges as our economy changes and our need for sustainable resources grows. 

Skills for the New Green Economy

Important skills development – community organizing, critical assessment, sustainability communications, production and marketing – are strengthened through the Green Mapmaking process. All of these skills support new green jobs and ECOnomic development, too. We’re putting these skills to work ourselves to help build local capacity for sustainable living. 

Green Map System is developing new ways to apply our years of non-profit and networking experience. explores the services we offer to agencies, universities, companies, and educational and youth organizations, both to support local Green Map projects and to consult on other kinds of community-engaged sustainability efforts. Involved in a CSR program? Building 'community capital'? Developing a collaborative community program?  We can help you!

Lifting Off

Recognition for this new focus is also coming from academic circles. This month Bala Mulloth received his PhD for his "Diversity in Contemporary Entrepreneurship" research and dissertation which has a strong focus on our work (further described on the blog linked below). Our Director is a nominee for the World Technology Awards in the category of Social Entrepreneurship – awards will be announced on December 1. In a myriad of ways, the link between Green Mapmaking and community entrepreneurs is growing stronger than ever.  

Supporting Green Jobs Worldwide

Green Maps have always promoted green jobs throughout the community by highlighting a wide diversity of enterprises, organizations, schools and projects that incorporate sustainability into their missions and activities. Thus, Green Map System truly is a decentralized marketing service for the 'hometown environment', supporting economic development and delivering added value to over 700 cities and towns in 55 countries. This important added value has been underscored by the Open Green Map, which now offers upwards of 15,000 green sites in desktop, mobile, iPhone and widget formats (note that we are presenting the platform at the NYC NetSquared Meetup on December 6 – details are linked below).  

Leveraging a Future that Works for All

We are planning a deeper investment in the green economy. In 2011, we will begin researching how Green Mapmakers have turned mapmaking into a viable livelihood, documenting their methodologies and generating a global discussion. Our goals are to develop and highlight exciting, enterprising resources and to mentor new network members. 

Today, you can invest in this mutual-support initiative by making a tax-deductible donation to Green Map System online at Global Giving. Contact us anytime (info [at] greenmap [dot] org or +1 212 674 1631) with your ideas and sponsorship offers. Our success in making this much-needed shift will leverage local green economies in hometowns near and far. 

Join us in responding to a diversity of needs with a real hand up! Thank you from everyone at Green Map System, and our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season 2010! 

Newest Green Map Book by Aichi Green Map, Japan
Newest Green Map Book by Aichi Green Map, Japan
Mapmakers with one of 41 new Green Maps, Aichi JP
Mapmakers with one of 41 new Green Maps, Aichi JP


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