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Aug 15, 2014

Quarterly Report Of Karm Marg April-June 2014

Story Telling with Soft Toys
Story Telling with Soft Toys

The Story of Anita*(name changed to protect identity).

Even though we have been involved with children from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1997, once in a while we still get taken aback looking at the state of the children referred to us. It makes us realize how urgently good child protection and emotional crisis management services are needed in India.

Anita* came to us in early July 2013 referred by the Child Welfare Committee. Delhi Police had found her on the streets. Her file stated that her parents died in front of her and her brother was kidnapped and hence she ran away from her home. Her real age is unknown but she seems to be around 10-11 years old.

She came to us while in acute depression but had not been under psychological treatment yet. There was extreme insecurity and aggressive behaviour. She indulged in self-harm and seeked a lot of attention. She locked herself in a room or toilet, refusing to open the door for hours and constantly threatened us with suicide. She managed to run away from our home four times and we found her in the same place that she was found by the Delhi Police initially. It was impossible to leave her alone even for a second. Many a times we wondered if we would be able to manage as we did not have a full time Counsellor on board.

Judging her needs, we sent her for regular Psychiatric treatment at one of the renowned specialized hospitals in Delhi. She is still on medication and behavioural therapy.

Our experience told us what she needed was a safe, secure loving environment where she would feel acceptance and a sense of belonging not strictness and oppressive rules. We started by giving her a lot of positive reinforcement and loads of unconditional love. We explained to the other children at the home that she had gone through a lot and needed their support. She needed a family. Our older kids took it upon themselves to do just that; and that is what it seems started to work like magic. 

Our staff provided her in house counselling and were available to her beyond the call of duty, 24x7. Our young alumni who are also our staff offered her friendship and sharing of their tough experiences. It was a very tough three months initially but gradually the walls around her started cracking. Her tears were replaced by the sweetest smile. Soon she became more involved in the daily routine. We started taking her out with all the other kids for fun outings and visits. She started forming bonds and began trusting, which was a huge step for her.

Today, Anita* has started going to school. No one who saw her a year ago would believe the progress she has made in such a short time. She greets every visitor with a bright smile. Along with taking care of herself, she looks after the younger children at the home providing them love and care. She calls Karm Marg her home and never wants to leave.

 Children like Anita* need the kind of individual attention that gets very difficult to provide in institutionalized care homes. We feel it is a great example that strengthens our belief in running a children's home like an extended family where rules, expectations and strategies are fluid and cater to every child's individual need. 

We have had many children in more dire circumstances referred to us in the past. With our experience and instinct we have successfully managed to make most of them settle and become self-reliant adults. The learning through this experience was that since we have a few young alumni and some new staff members on board now who do not have that much experience in handling acute cases, we felt we should proactively provide training to them in this regard.

So this quarter we began a counseling training workshops for all our staff conducted by the team at Sarthak, a well-known Psychotherapy Clinic run by Dr Achal Bhagat. Basic skills of handling fragile states when new children come to us, their effect on other children at the home, their emotional upheavals and adjustment problems are a few areas where this training has helped immensely.Few selected staff who work directly with the children have been earmarked to receive further specialised training too.The staff has also reported good feedback since the training adding to their own personal growth and understanding of their own pre-conceptions and emotional blocks.

 Like we always believe, we learn from children sometimes more than what we can teach them. The resilience, courage and warmth they exude motivate us to keep learning, growing and improving the care we provide. 

 Other Highlights of the Quarter!

The last quarter has been very exciting for our children at Karm Marg.

All our children have graduated to the next class and were very excited to get back to school. Shayra has passed her Class XII Board exams with 71% marks and is seeking to join a University to pursue higher education, which we are helping her with. Vipin secured 62% and has registered for a web-designing course through our network.

 The children’s summer experiences…

There have been 7 new children sent to us for short stay and 4 have been sent for long term. We are happy that we have been successful in restoring 5 children with their families and have assisted in two of our oldest ones settle independently after helping them get jobs.

 The teenagers above 14 were sent for internships keeping in mind their potential and area of interest. It varied from animal rescue center for two week training on animal care, an export unit for a month long screen printing training and our own vocational training units. One of the kids who is very interested in computers has been enrolled in a six month internship for computer hardware maintenance.

 Our youngsters with special needs did a bake sale along with children from the expat Japanese community of Delhi. They visited Karm Marg and cooked together and successfully sold the cookies at the Japanese Community event the following day.

Over the summer holidays in June, all of the children were involved in  workshops of theatre, painting, story writing, games etc. The younger ones were taken out to the zoo for a picnic and boat ride which they enjoyed immensely. Two of the older kids went to Indian Football Federation (IFF) for training as football coaches too.


Not so good news…

Unfortunately three kids came down with small pox but have recovered well.

 The unseasonal storm caused a big portion of our boundary wall to collapse and we need about USD 1000 for it’s repair. The electricity wiring of our home has also become dated and is in need of re wiring at an estimated expenditure of USD 3500.

Plans ahead…

 We always try to find ways to connect with the local community specially the youth in and around our village through various outreach programs, medical camps or workshops.

An important need of the hour is Gender Sensitization among the youth. While we are working with a few advisors on structuring the outline and details of a gender sensitization workshop, we have started reaching out to the local school teenagers. We feel that starting with fun activities is a great way to building a rapport and establishing a network with the local youth.

So as a first step, we conducted a photography workshop with class XI children at the local Senior Government school which they really enjoyed. We are hoping to take this forward in the coming months.

Story telling/Theatre
Story telling/Theatre
Counselling Workshop for the Staff
Counselling Workshop for the Staff
Anita engrossed in our alumni
Anita engrossed in our alumni's art workshop
Bakery sale by Special needs youngsters
Bakery sale by Special needs youngsters
Japanese kids visit at our home
Japanese kids visit at our home
May 6, 2014

Newsletter Jan-March 2014


On 7th February 2014, Karm Marg completed its 17 years of journey, it is time to analyse our vision and we all are very satisfied that we are headed towards our vision with many ups and downs along the way.

Main Highlight

Total Beneficiaries this quarter: 52

Total Number of kids staying (Dec 2013): 39 (19 girls, 20 boys)

New children: 4 (2 girls , 2 boys) for short stay; 2 long stay( 1 girl, 1 boy)

Children restored with their families: 3 girls

Young adults who got jobs and are living independently: 2 boys

Other developments:

Karm Marg has always been in need of a counsellor from a very long time and we weren’t able to find one to take one on as staff due to various reasons like our rural area, long travelling distance, funds etc. So we decided to go for counselling training for our existing staff through Sarthak (an organization working with mental health issues). 


  • All the children have cleared their examination and moved on to the next class. Extra tuition classes had been organized for those who are appearing for class X and XII board exams. Results are awaited for them.

  • We have two students who need to plan for further education after school. Shayra wants to work in healthcare or as a secondary school science teacher. Vipin is still confused so we have given him 3 months’ time to explore and decide. Till that time he has been interning with an animal shelter home.

Activities and Outing

  • Four children participated in a workshop at the Khel Mel Goand Painting workshop at the Craft Museum

  • unManifesto outreach program was organized by the NGO Pravah, a group who are addressing youth issues at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra on 28th of March. It was an all India youth program to raise awareness about political and electoral processes. 

  • We have appointed a new dance teacher to teach different kinds of dance forms to the children for two days a week.

  • Picnics cum activity outings and painting workshops were organized for all the children 

  • Children also went for their annual shopping, buying new clothes and shoes at the we outing we organized to Sarojini Nagar market. We think it’s a great fun way for them to learn how to manage a budget.

Exposure and life skill training

  • We delegated the responsibility to Tara and Babli for managing Jugaad stall at Dilli Haat. exhibition.

  • Vikranta and Rajkumar completed their training in housekeeping from GMR and GMR did a placement for them at Fortis, a well-known hospital. Both of them are still under probation and we hope they will enjoy their new jobs.

  • A Flag hoisting ceremony along with disucssions were held at Karm Marg on Republic Day.

  • We celebrated Lohri a festival of harvest and marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Children danced around the bonfire and enjoyed eating traditional revari, popcorn and nuts.

  • Holi, the festival of colours is the most favourite festival among our children. Everyone looks forward to playing with the organic colours we make from flowers every year for this festival. Our staff and children made gujiya (special sweet made on this day) and lunch for everybody.

Volunteers and Visitors

  • Our oldest friends and supporters Steve, Debra and Marika visited Karm Marg. 

  • Young adults from SOS Greenfield, Faridabad a NGO who work with children and youth visited KM for interaction with our children. 

  • Shri S.L. Gupta and his wife, our Chartered accountant and well-wisher Mr.Sunil K Gupta along with his family visited Karm Marg and spent time with the children. They organised breakfast and lunch for the children.


  • Thomas, Soren and Nazir from the Danish company “Albatross travels” visited Karm Marg. In 2012 we collaborated with “Mountain adventure” a Delhi based travel group who work with Albatross travels, to generate fund for Karm Marg. On this visit they gave 10 lakh rupees to KM which they generated through their clients from last one and a half years. They made people aware about child issues and problem in India and how they can help them. It was a big help for us at a time when we needed it the most.
  • Karm Marg received a donation for four laptops from a corporate group called “Everest group”, Gurgaon.

Working with Government Authorities

  •  A meeting was held at the DCPO (District Child Protection Officer) office. A Complete data on all the children of Karm Marg was submitted to the DCPU office.
  • The procedure for CCI (Child Care Institution) license renewal was the main point of discussion at the meeting. The license we had obtained from the government to run the home has run its course (1 rear) and now we have filed for a renewal.
  • State level inspection from the government department was done in February 2014. ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme), ICPS(Integrated Child Protection Scheme), JJB (Juvenile Justice Board, ) CWC Chairman(Child Welfare Committee), DCPO (District Child Protection Officer) from Head office visited Karm Marg. They were very satisfied with the documentation and the upkeep of the children. No major shortcomings were reported from their end.
  • ICDS/DCPO organized workshop on POCSO (Protection of Child against Sexual Offences) act for CCIs’. Amrendra and Divya Prakash attended the workshop on behalf of KM.


It has been a very busy time for Jugaad with visits from buyers, new sampling, and a number of exhibitions. Our regular buyers from abroad and some new buyers also visited us.Our long term associates Shared Earth, UK and Maria from Italy gave us her new order. They were very happy after interacting with the children.

      Student Exchange and Exposure visits
  • Prestigious design college, NIFT students visited Jugaad for their educational trip. They were fascinated with the work at Jugaad.

Youthreach members visited Jugaad for product making, marketing and also to explore the possibility of getting their people trained at Jugaad.

     Our Intern at Jugaad

  • Sarjana an intern from Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur, had come to Jugaad for four months. We plan to utilize her experience and expertise in designing our catalogues and improving our products.


  • This quarter we had series of exhibitions, we explored new markets to sell our products and to spread awareness about the issues of disadvantaged children and about Karm Marg.
  • We had our exhibition all over India – Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Lucknow and in Delhi.
  • These exhibitions are great ways to provide exposure and training to our staff as well our young adults to deal with money, sales and marketing, effective communicating with clients and raise awareness while providing information on Karm Marg. 
Celebrating Festival of Holi
Celebrating Festival of Holi
Jan 16, 2014

Newsletter October-December 2013

News letter for the quarter October to December 2013


You can tell that winter is coming to KM as the children start taking out their warm clothes and blankets, bringing colour, cheer and anticipation for the festivals and good weather with them.

Our young adults too have had reason to celebrate as a number of them have taken new steps to becoming independent. 


Main Highlights 


  • Two of our young adults Vikranta and Raj Kumar were selected for a three month residential training course By GMR group on 19.11.2013. We learnt about from a close friend Mr. Rajesh Nath. We are very thankful to GMR and Mr. Nath for opening a great opportunity for our young adults to explore new avenues on the path of self sustainability.


  • Three of our youth got jobs after completing their training. Payal, Laxmi now work at a fancy coffee cart, called Jagmag Thela after finishing their training at Shri Aurobindo Ashram, bakery unit. Basant also finished his training from the same institute and got a Job in a restaurant.


  • All the children received their identification card called Aadhar which registers them with govt. It has always been a challenge to get any kind of govt. identification for our children as most of them don’t know their date and place of birth, or the origins of their families. Without proper identification they have problems getting admission to schools, opening bank accounts, when they grow up and  it’s time for them to leave KM it becomes very difficult for them to find a job or to rent a house. According to a new govt policy an Adhaar Camp was organised in KM to register all the children and youth. The Adhaar Card officially stamps them as Indian citizens and faciltitates them to avail of their rights.

  • We now intend to open Bank accounts for our young adults who have jobs or are going for training and getting some support from KM


  • Our five special youth are growinf more and more self-confident by the day and are doing very well in their training school. Everyone was a witness to their provess at the nature bazar where they set up and manged a traditional and alternative soft drink cart called “Kuch Desi Ho Jaye”. They made and sold the drinks and even took care of the cash. Taking responsibility and ownership for the stall was a source of happiness and excitement for them. Our little experiment was such a success that we are now planning to start a new bakery unit for them soon.



The festivals with their bright and sparkling colours brought cheer and joy with them.


  • We celebrated Dussehra on the 13th October by making a Ravan at KM with the help of Deepak. Everybody was very excited participated with enthusiasm.

  • The Children celebrated Idul Zuha on 16th October our girls warden and alumni Shabila made sweets for all of them.


  • All children filled diyas with wax on the occasion of Diwali, Festival of light on 3rdth November. The home was beautifully lit up with lights and diyas and a special dinner was made for the children. Students from Vidya Sanskar (a big private school) came to Karm Marg celebrate with us. They also brought crackers and sweets with them. During their night stay, a bonfire was organized, everyone sang, danced and had a great time. The bonding among all the children was excellent.


  • The Sikh Festival Guru Nanak Birthday was celebrated on 16th of November.

  • Our regular guest from Spain, Maggie visited us on the 25th December. She stayed the night and led the Christmas celebrations with the children. She played with them and distributed fruits and gifts. Santa Claus arrived in the evening with a special home-baked cake for children.


  • The New Year brings hope, happiness and a number of new resolutions for everybody and our children were no exception. The children made Gajar halwa (Carrot sweet) along with a special dinner. They lit up a huge bonfire and had a great time singing and dancing late into the night.



From Home


v Total children present at home – 35 (Girls: 18, Boys: 17)

v Youth receiving skill training and higher education – 4

v New Children, short stay – 10

v New children, permanent stay – 02

v Children restored with their families – 03

v Youth got job and Now independent - 4

v Direct Beneficiaries in this quarter –   58





  • All the children visited the Nature Bazaar at Kisaan haat on 20th October. At this  Exhibition of Indian traditional handcrafted and natural product, they explored a variety of handicraft.  They also helped an NGO in packaging natural soap and had a variety of foods at the exhibition.


  • On Children’s day 14th November. All children went for a movie along with three other NGOs:- Jamghat, Miracle, and Hope. No one had been told it, and the surprise made it all the more exciting.  After movie all KM children with the staff went for a picnic at Jamali Kamali. Where we played games and had lunch.



  • The children who have shown an interest in art and craft went to  Bookaroo Festival

(a children’s’ book festival) at Indira Gandhi National Art Center on 23rd and 24th November. They participated in Story Telling, Science Magic, Craft related activities.


  • Everyone had a wonderful time when they went to watch a cultural evening organized on the completion of 25 years of Salam Balak Trust on the 5th December.


  • Tara and Shyra participated in the workshop on prevention and awareness of Child Marriage organised by SOS Greenfield along with Amrendra on 31st December.





  • Our Need for a regular counsellor is increasing day by day as we are getting new children very often. They come for short stays, and have a number of psychological and behavioural problems to deal with.
    Krishna came to Karm marg with several such behavioural and psychological problems and is undergoing treatment at Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Shahadra. She has shown remarkable improvement in her behaviour since she started treatment which is still conituing.


  • We are planning to do training program on counselling for our staff so they can offer day to day counselling by themselfves.


  • A medical camp was organised by B.K. Hospital and Kheri Kalan Hospital at KM in the month of November. Everyone received a thorough check up and we are happy to report that the feedbacks from the doctors were very positive. This is largely down to the healthy and nutritious food at KM.



Sports and fitness


Sports activities such as fitness exercises have become an everyday feature at KM now. In addition to this we have also started football and badminton training.

All the children go to the district stadium for practicing different sports, 15 of them are taking football training twice a week with professional coaches.





  • Indu and her friend visited KM on New Year to spend time with the children. They did a story telling workshop with the children which brought thrill and cheer. They also distributed sweets and gave new books to the children.


  • On 17th October UK based couple Brian Philips visited Karm Marg and they donated shoes to the smaller children. The visitors appreciated the upkeep, presentation and manners of the children. Jugaad handicraft, paper unit and screen printing also attracted their attention.




Staff Improvement


Staff meetings have been held regularly in the last quarter. At these meetings we can all present our problems, our diffculties and work together to sort out these differences as well as streamline the activities within the team. Since then the output has shown a marked increase without compromising on the quality of our work.





Being the time of the year when most of the sales take place, Jugaad has seen a buzz of activity this quarter.


There were a number of exhibitions where we participated showcasing all products we have developed over the course of the year. Jugaad is now a well known brand and people wait to buy our new designs which are launched this time of the year.

Unfortunately, inflationhas taken its toll on the market this year, we still managed to do good enough business though its has been less than last year.


Jugaad started its own shop in Delhi. Our aim to is to experiment and sell our products regularly to raise funds and become more self-sustainable.


All the young adults visited our stall to gain exposure, on how to become an entrepreneur. They loved to see different groups working on a small scale and helped wherever possible in production, packing and selling.


The children painted tin boxes, used for small plants at KM as well as at our exhibition stalls. Abdul, Kulsum, Shama who are very good at painting did an excellent job.

Oct 14, 2013

Newsletter June-September 2013

Karm Marg News letter July to September 13

The new beginnings that started at Karm Marg last quarter have started blossom in this quarter.

The registration of Karm Marg has brought with it the needed recognition in the government departments as a Child Care Institution. The positive feedbacks from the children regarding the care, food and environment at Karm Marg have brought us appreciation of the Government. The proof of this is that we are now at the top in their list when it comes to assigning new children to homes.

We are proud of this recognition and appreciate the sincere efforts put in by all at Karm Marg.

Important update

The good reputation of Karm Marg with Govt authorities however, has brought new challenges with it. Children are being sent regularly by Child Welfare Commits for short stay. Some of these are converted to permanent stay due to two reasons, first, the restoration efforts of the child by the government does not materialize, secondly and more importantly the child feels very comfortable, secure in the homely environment at Karm Marg.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter it is difficult for us to take care of new children who are in the habit of running from home. This comes as a surprise even to us as we were experts in taking care of children off the streets who are strong free and very intelligent but, at the same time have many behaviour problems and suffer from trauma. In the last years we have become used to working with children who are staying with us long-term are used to a home kind of situation. Most of our old staff who was working with street children in the past has changed. We are having to once again train our new staff to deal with these children and are sure that within a year they will be perfectly trained.

In the short time of their stay at Karm Marg we use every opportunity to provide them with counselling and other help as needed. These children are very insecure and hesitate to take part in productive activities. They need more time in reaching a comfort level where they feel at home. Activities such as sports, craft, painting etc. at Karm Marg help the existing children to form bonds with the new ones.

Long term counseling and trust building efforts are needed for them to stay at homes such as Karm Marg. The fluid situation that arises due to short stays also affects the existing ones and a huge effort is needed to make the situation stable.

From Home

In the beginning of July we decided to get Identity cards for all our children, young adults and alumni. Once they leave KM they face many problems with opening bank accounts, applying for ration cards, driving licenses, passports, any kind of govt. benefits or even to rent a room without proper identity proofs. On the 9th September we organised an Aadhar card camp for all the children, staff and alumni of Karm Marg. Everyone associated with KM was invited also some of the villagers came to get their cards made.

Our next step is to open bank accounts for all the children above 14 yrs of age.

Total children present at home – 33 (Girls : 15, Boys : 18) Youth above 18 receiving skill training and higher education – 5 New Children, short stay – 9 New children, permanent stay – 2 Children restored with their families - 4 Runaway–1 Direct Beneficiaries in this quarter – 54

On the 17th September we had a visit from children and youth from a small tribal school in Jharkhand through the Manzil exchange program. They stayed for a night. We all learnt a lot from one another about each other’s culture and ways of life. It was the first visit to the big city for the children and youth from Jharkhand and they were quite thrilled by this new exposure. They played Anishtakshari and had dinner together and all the children enjoyed each other’s company.

On the 10th of July, Karm Marg organized a Child Protection committee meeting. 7 elected members were present at the meeting. They came from different NGOs in Faridabad district.

The main focus points for discussion were child rights, protection of their rights and responsibilities, to protect their rights to survival, food, shelter, medical care, education, Rules & Regulations of children protection committee.

An internal meeting of child Protection committee was held in July, all the three appointed members from among the children used this meeting to resolve any issues.

Rajkumar and Vipin along with Divyapraksh went to an art fair in Delhi on the 15th of September. Rajkumar and Vipin enjoyed themselves and were very impressed by the art fair. They also gained a lot of valuable knowledge.

All the children enjoyed themselves and want to do more of these kinds of more exposure trips.

The Shop a well established store in Delhi, that sell handicrafts, home furnishings and clothing, started an initiative to give exposure to our children to printing and embroidery on a large scale. 25 Children participated in this workshop. We divided the children into three groups, they went to their factory to observe and to try their hand at block printing, screen printing and tie-dye printing. Each of the participants printed a piece of cloth which was stitched by the shop tailor into a shirt. The children were thrilled to see clothes made out of their own paintings. They are now saving these clothes for the Dushehra festival celebrations in October. The children also made bracelets, key chains and earrings for themselves. The entire workshop ended with a delicious lunch served by Kabir and Aishwarya . We are very grateful to Kabir and Aishwarya and the entire staff at The Shop for their warm welcome and helping the children to learn new skills. They also are also open to taking those youth who are interested for further training.


With the beginning of the monsoon we started to take preventive care of the children. Nonetheless some of them fell sick with viral fever. As they had learnt during the summer vacation they made natural mosquito repellents with the help of our staff and care takers.

We have also started making soaps, shampoos and cleansers for personal use on a regular basis. And also had success with self made remedies for stomach problems, antiseptic creams and eye drops.

Raju our special boy fall sick regularly and needed lots of extra care, this time he was found to have high thyroid in August. He is taking medicine as per the doctor’s advice.

Abdul was finally diagnosed with TB and has started his treatment. He is taking his medicine regularly and the treatment will be completed in the month of October 2013.

A new boy, who recently joined KM, has also tried to run away repeatedly, He is also attending counseling sessions.

A new girl came to us in the beginning of July, she suffering from physiological disorder problems and is very unstable. As we don’t know her past it’s very difficult to cure her. She is receiving regular counselling and medicines. We need to observe her constantly as she is in danger of running away or committing suicide. She has already run away a number of times each time she was found and brought back. All the staff and children are very alert and careful while dealing with her. We expect the continuous counselling and individual attention that is provided to her will build her trust and confidence.

Education and career

Indu with Veena’s help has designed and put into practice a new model for non formal education. These methods strengthen the basic knowledge and skills of the children. The children, especially the smaller ones are able to learn and understand much better now and there has been a significant inmprovement in their grades at school.

The educational technique uses art and craft to explain English grammar, maths and natural phenomenon and help the children grasp them easily. Indu uses crossword games with emoticons to figure out the names of each emotion in English and Hindi; find missing letters; make new words and pronunciation. They also invented games and stories to identify colours and plants as well as to spell their names correctly. The children like these sessions very much and have been participating with great interest and enthusiasm. They now want us to organise many more similar sessions.

Vipin and Shyra who are in 12th take extra tuition in science subjects, in return they help the younger ones by conducting extra tuition classes for them. Indu started doing Math’s tuitions for the senior students.

Mr. Thomas has started English communication and computer classes. The children participate in groups divided according to ability and age.

Our special children are gaining confidence as they learn more new skills. They are now able to write their names in English and Hindi, as well as recite the whole alphabet. Mahua started communicating in sign language. Raju started speaking short words for the first time, Though he cannot pronounce them properly yet, he is able to make people understand what he is trying to convey. Manu is learning the skills of an office assistant. Poonam and Anamika are good at cooking and at the same time they learning how to take care of sales. Their teachers share their pride at the progress made by our special children during the parent teacher meetings.

Vikranta is training with a friend who has started an innovative street food stall. As he is more interesting in computer and electrical repair work we will try to enroll him in a course or find a good apprenticeship that he can start in October.

Sports, activities and Celebrations

Indu also conducted a workshop where the children could learn traditional styles of Indian painting such as Warli and Madhubani.

August this year saw a number of festivals

On the occasion of Eid (9th Aug) they organised a special lunch. The older children with the help of the staff and Shabila made special Kachoris and Sewian. On the 15th of August we all celebrated Independence day at home. The national flag was hoisted and every one enjoyed special refreshments.

The Rakhi festival was on 20th Aug. On the 18th they made their own rakhis. The girls got to choose whom they wanted to nominate as their brothers and tied rakhis on them. A special lunch and lots of sweets were served.

Children also celebrated Janamashtmi, Krishna’s birthday.

The children at KM have always been interested in sports, every day they do regular exercise and play games. This time we collaborated with the district sports club, who provide the venue and a coach. Our children can now learn field sports like football, badminton, tennis etc.. They go every Saturday and Sunday to the Haryana district sports club (Khel Parisar) to play football and badminton.

This quarter we started showing films to the children on a regular basis. We make a selection of films which are different from Bollywood such as animations and documentaries. The movies are accessed on websites dedicated to children. They have seen films on the Indian scientist and ex President APJ Abdul Kalam who came frorm a similar background to many of them. They have also seen animations based on nursery rhymes and children’s stories. Most of the children, especially the smaller ones, enjoy these movies and want to see more.


An old friend and volunteer at Karm Marg came visiting again and taught the children new rope tricks and games. All the children were very excited to learn tightrope walking and enjoyed themselves.

A new volunteer Hanne from Norway came to Karm Marg for a week’s stay. During her stay she thought the children how to make different kinds of Pasta. Everyone had a pasta dinner that evening. She also gifted DVD player to the children. Hanne had a wonderful time at KM and enjoyed her stay very much. She hopes to visit Karm Marg again in the near future.

Staff improvement

Regular staff meetings are held every month to discuss problems and improve the quality of work. Staff leadership and accountability are a major part of these discussions.

A one day orientation program was organized by ICDS and conducted by ICPS on 30th Aug. The program was regarding collaboration between govt agencies and NGOs. Amrendra and Divya prakash represented KM.


As our salary grant comes to an end this year we are focusing on generating more income from Jugaad. As we now have more and better paid staff, generating more funds is tough job and needs a lot of time, dedication and hard work.

season. As this is the main time for annual sales, we look forward to higher sales and feedback from We have completed our new pricing and are working on a new catalog, website as well as online market ventures to promote our products. We also have a new range of products ready to be introduced to the market in October on time for the festival our buyers.

Number of women and youth benefited by Jugaad - 90 (doing production)

Number of young adult under training in Jugaad – 27 (part time 4 hours to eight hours in a week depend what time they get after schooling and other activity)

In Screen printing -10 In Paper Unit – 13 In Stitching unit – 4

Special achievement

As some of you may know, Uttrakhand the Himalayan state north of Delhi experienced devastating floods this year. The damage to property and lives has been so extensive that all the relief efforts of the Government are not enough. With the help of our friends we started a small initiative to help people affected in Uttrakhand, this is joint venture between three NGOs, Karm Marg, Kadam and Samoolan. We collected around 32 lakh rupees and other relief materials such as tent, medicines, rain coats, and blankets. All the relief materials are distributed with the help of the local NGO Agaas Foundation. A part of the funds are used to help children to buy stationery, school dress, school bags and other school related materials so they can start going to school. Most of them lost all their belongings in the flood. We are also working with our local partner to plan and start long term sustainable initiatives for the future because most of the people who are affected lost their sources lively hood as well as the earning members of their family.

We are committing ourselves for a year and once the sustainability and lively hood work gets underway, we will gradually withdraw.


Generate Fund for Salary Full time Counsellor Need a small car for daily need mainly for medical purpose and taking short stay children for govt department.

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Jul 8, 2013

Newsletter April-June 2013

On the 24th of April after a long wait we finally got the license to continue to run our home. This is a major achievement for Karm Marg as it means that we can now help more children.

This quarter has been one of new beginnings at Karm Marg. A new beginning for the children we were able to take in, a new beginning for the staff that have joined us and a new beginning for all of us together. We look to grow further from here, over the days and weeks to come with the help of all our supporters.

Total no. of children at home – 31 ( 17 boys and 14 girls)
Youth (above 18) For skill training and studies – 4 (1 boy and 3 girls)

In May Rihana, Sanjana and Shabana were sent to us for short term stays by the CWC.
All three of them are from Jharkhand and had been rescued by the police from homes where they were being forced to do domestic labor. They have a number of behavior problems because of the trauma they have suffered and will need lots of counseling and attention in the days to come. Sanjana has been rehabilitated with her parents in the beginning of June.

We got permission from the CWC to take care of Geeta. She will now stay at Karm Marg till she is 18.

The Boys adjusted well to their new dormitory and are very happy there.
New batteries and an inverter were installed for the boy’s room, so they can have electricity when power is cut off.

June is the month of summer holidays. We have organized regular activities so children can learn new skills  and have fun at the same time. Some children went to their homes to meet their parents and relatives. For the children who do not have anywhere else to go, this is a very emotional time and we took extra care of them with lots of workshops, outings and daily chats with them so they don’t miss their families.

As usual we are facing a few problems with adolescent children, especially the boys. They are not taking an interest in their studies or other daily activities. We are counseling then and talking with them regularly.

As per the child welfare guidelines we have formed a child protection committee at the Karm Marg. This committee consists of one child one staff member and one member from the board. The committee’s main duty and responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of the home and to protect children form any kind of abuse. We have always been practicing this at KM since we started, we used to come together every week to discuss all the problems among the children and with the staff openly.  Now, as per the government regulations, this committee has been formed, every month a meeting is organized by all the NGOs in our area to discuss the problems and find solutions.

A health camp was organized by a Govt. hospital called “B K Hospital” on the 17th of April. A team of doctors visited the campus, this included an eye doctor, a general physician a gynecologist and a pediatrician. The children received a general health checkup and were given medicines and tonics where needed. The results of the check up were duly recorded in each child’s medical file.

In mid May two doctors form the same hospital visited to control the cleanliness and hygiene in the campus.

An MSc (nutrition and health) student from Manav Rachna University conducted a workshop attended by all the children . The Purpose of this workshop was to help the children understand the importance of health and hygiene and to learn how good health is connected with good hygiene. The also learnt new ways to maintain health and hygiene.

Mahua and Anmol were admitted to Hospital on the 16th of May with high fever. They were diagnosed with Malaria and received the required treatment.

Manu went to Naz foundation for a complete checkup because he was not feeling well.

Education Carrier

 Pooja, Kusum and Jitender got admitted in the Govt. school after completing their primary level education from a private school. It has been a little difficult for them to adjust to the new atmosphere, but they are now settling in.

Geeta our new girl joined Paramhansa private school in lower KG.

Activities and Celebrations

 There were a number of learning activities for the children.

In May Rukshar, Pooja and Babli Participated in a story reading session organized by the Hindustan Times.

Our special children, Anamika, Mahua, Poonam and Raju and Manu built of their cooking skills and learnt new recipes.

Indu and Pooja with the help of Veena organized a series of workshops for the summer holidays.

Abdul, Bharat, Geeta, Pooja, Raju, Rihana and Manu went through vocabulary building exercises. We made our own games out of waste computer keyboards.

More cooking sessions where the children learn how to make Namak pare, sambhar vada, pakodas and salads. Most of the recipes were used ingredients from our vegetable garden.

We had workshops to learn toy making from scrap and embroidery.  We also conducted a workshop about handling emotions.

Pooja and Indu helped the children complete their holiday homework.

The ‘Let’s Walk Gurgaon’ group organized a nature walk in the Aravalis that included a trek down to Bhardwaj Lake. The children were treated to a sumptuous lunch, camel rides, singing and dancing. Everyone had lots of fun.

Volunteers and Visitors

Karm Marg had a number of interesting visitors who came with a number of creative ideas and activities for the children.

Ankit Chadha conducted a story telling workshop where the children learned about how to make and tell stories.  The children were divided into different age groups and they made up stories, which they shared with their group. They enjoyed the workshop very much and continue to make up stories.

Beate Arnold from Germany stayed with us for two months starting the second half of April. She led a number of fun activities like juggling, sports, trampoline jumping and meditation with the children. She also conducted outdoor sports activities with the children. Beate has a lot of experience with children and she adjusted very well at Karm Marg.

Vidushi, a mass communication student, came to Karm Marg to do her internship. She thought the children how to  make finger puppets and how to tell stories with the help of puppets. The children were divided into four groups, each group developing and presenting one story. The children had a lot of fun learnt a lot as well.

Our long time friend Ramavtar came visiting in the second half of June. The children accompanied him into the village and the neighboring areas to learn about the medicinal value of herbs and trees. They learnt how to make Antiseptic creams, eye drops, hair oil, mosquito repellent and digestives (Churans) out of  ingredients found on our campus itself.
Ramavtar also helped the children identify the birds in our area. He also told them about their habits, what they eat, what their nests look like, breeding times and how to handle injured birds.
Ramavtar also held a workshop with the older children and our gardener about the benefits of organic and natural farming. He also taught them how to make compost form different kinds of biodegradable waste.

Neha and Jaspreet came to celebrate their son’s birthday at KM.

Khedi villagers organized a lunch for the KM children and on the same day Mr. Mittal from Palwal treated them all to dinner.

Skill training and Jugaad

Laxmi joined Aurobindo Ashram for a vocational course in food processing and baking.  She was earlier working at a café in Hauz Khas.

Deepak has completed his first year at art college.

Ruby and Basant got another 6-month extension for their respective training programs in advance course.

Meena from the SOS village,  a well know NGO working with children all over India visited us with two of her wards, to learn about adapting the Jugaad model to the SOS village.

A lot of renovation and maintenance work has been done since the beginning of April. We are planning to make more space available for new skill training programs.

We started doing trial runs with our new oven.

Admin and staff

Thomas joined as a music and English teacher. Basic English skills are very important for our children to find jobs in the future. As Thomas is also a music teacher we thought that it would be a good idea for him to teach music to the kids who are interested. He now comes thrice a week two days for English and one day for music.

Pooja and Amrendra (our staff) attended the training session about National tracking system for missing and vulnerable children. The child welfare committee conducts this workshop. KM is registered and has its own home page for this system. The expert team explained the various features and operation of the system. This is a very good initiative by the govt. together with the NGOs they can use the system to trace missing and vulnerable children, to maintain full data about the number of children in each home and prevent any misuse .


Veena visited Europe for fund raising and raising awareness about Karm Marg. She conducted paper bag making workshops at the Capsicum Shop in Amsterdam. She visited Marnix College and interacted with the children who are collecting funds for the higher education and skill training of youth at KM. She interacted with the members of the Soroptimist Club.

In England she visited the Mukti foundation one of our long time supporters. She promoted Jugaad everywhere she went and found new avenues to sell Jugaad products.

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