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Reduce Of Drug Abuse Among The Youth

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of Reduce of drug abuse among the youth Omondi was one of those people who got down on how to reduce and discourage the youth on has to do away, with the drugs and drug abuse. He collected the data from different regions, meeting count many people who are affected and those who are not, by doing so he came up with a perfectly idea on how to reduce but not to stop. He dried so much to fulfill his mission but he could not make it because of so many things the ideas was playing football and stop being idleness in the society at the beginning the ideas seemed to be so interested with it and they really supported him. Quite unfortunate everything was not the same again and Omondi liked finance and support from affiliated and injected people. The clear of stopping people from being idol help to reduce the chances of attracting old and also raping people since people were engaged and they could not get that time to waste was and to do the bad things. Something bad happen when himself was found dead by the people who went against that idea, since so many people thought that the ideas behind him was to get money for her own benefit, and his ideas is being used today. Read more.
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Spare The Road And Spoil The Child

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of SPARE THE ROAD AND SPOIL THE CHILD After finishing my primary school education, I used to hang with my friends who were school drop out. I remember one saturday they took me to a dance in the social hall in our community till late at 8.30 p.m The same day my mum had travelled from upcountry. When I arrived home she was so furious for my late coming. She gave me a thorough beating that I was a grown up and needed to make decisions on my own. Hence I told my mother that even if she bet me how much, I won't continue with education as I wanted to become a maid. That day together with my dad they sent me down down and asked me what kind of a life I wanted. I told them I wanted to be free from their cultures as they didn't allow me to do what my peers did. They bought a counsellor for me the next day who adviced me politely. Today I am greatful because of my parents without their determination to ensure I grew up well, I wouldn't have made it to university. As I finish the university am happy to be different and to have made the right choice. Read more.
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